How AR & VR are Becoming The Future of The Gaming Industry?

Virtual Reality
AR & VR _ future of gaming Industry

VR and AR could significantly shape our future. A lot will happen, especially in the field of video games. We will tell you what. To find out what influence VR and AR can have on video games, we first clarify what these terms mean. Many people have heard the abbreviations before, but cannot really classify them or tell them apart. The distinction is not that complicated once you know what both mean.

Virtual Reality

The VR creates an entirely separate view for the user that is disconnected from the real world. This is mostly built using VR glasses. These glasses cover the entire field of vision so that the user can see nothing more than the virtual world. Such glasses also include headphones to make the experience even more intense and realistic. Few companies have competent Virtual Reality Developers and designers. You must carefully select them to get the desired results.

Augmented Reality

AR expands the real world with the help of virtual content. A good example here is Pokémon Go. The mobile game uses the camera of the mobile phone to represent the real world and add fictitious characters such as Pokémon, arenas, poke stops, and much more. Of course, you can only see them on the smartphone display.

It can be seen from the definitions of the two terms alone that these technologies offer many possibilities. AR applies to many fields, such as education, medicine or video games. You have to hire a specialist Augmented Reality Developer that can guarantee results and a fantastic outcome. In this article I would like to deal with the possibilities of VR and AR for video games, so let’s take a look at what is currently possible and what possibilities there may be in the future.

Virtual Reality: What Can We Do With it Now?

In terms of VR, there are currently three major manufacturers that offer VR glasses for home use. These are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR. These VR experiences allow players to dive deeper into the game than ever before and experience it from a new perspective.

In addition to smaller mini-games that demonstrate the functionality of the hardware, there are also triple-A titles that have been implemented for VR. Among them are, for example, Skyrim or Fallout 4. So if you are already in the mood for VR and can live with a somewhat hacky control, you should have no hesitation in using VR glasses of your choice. Every other Game Developer is using these novel technologies to provide exceptional entertainment to game lovers.

Pokemon Go Saga

When it comes to AR, a company is at the forefront of development, Niantic Inc. As mentioned above, Pokémon Go from Niantic has brought Augmented Reality to the mass market. It is probably the mix of the popularity of the small pocket monsters and the new technology that has made the game a huge hit.

Before Pokémon Go, in 2012, there was an AR game called Ingress, also from Niantic. It was about collecting so-called “exotic matter” in the real world using the app. The potential for AR is there, and now it’s about maturing the technology. The creativity of the developers regarding new games will also play a significant role.

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What do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Offer for the Future?

What is available so far is not the end of the story, the technologies are still in their infancy and are crying out for further development. When it comes to virtual reality, the next steps are distinct. After all, you don’t just want to see what is going on in the world. You also want to have as much control over your character as possible.

The Future of Virtual Reality

There are already some VR controllers; however, their precision is not precisely on-point. Playing feels very immature. While taking VR gaming to the next level, some additional hardware is required.

I’m thinking of a suit through which the movements can be traced, weapons for shooters and maybe a multidimensional treadmill on which the player can move without having to walk around the room. This ensures that a player always has enough space and does not accidentally run into a wall.

The catch, of course, is money. This hardware would have to be developed first (which probably costs the most) and then refined for mass production. Even if this happens at some point, the end-user will still have to dig deep into their pockets for home use.

The logical conclusion for me would, therefore, be the return of the arcade halls, only this time with VR equipment. This saves the end-user the high costs of the purchase and, if he wants, he can pay a few euros to enjoy the latest technology. Besides, people would physically come together again instead of starting multiplayer matches in front of the PC alone. This is the future of virtual reality, and it’s looking very bright for mobile gaming as well as for other platforms.

The Future of Augmented Reality

Developers face similar problems with augmented reality. However, since the whole thing takes place in the real world, the hardware should be more subtle. Walking around in public with a full-body suit and plastic gun, I imagine it is impractical. As Pokémon Go demonstrated, the battery of the end devices is a problem. If the camera is running and a sophisticated app is used, it is quickly empty.

 Think to get everything out of the AR, and smartphones are not the best choice. A handheld device that was specially developed for AR games could help the technology tremendously. The device shouldn’t be too big, and it should have enough hardware power and of course enough battery life to be able to play with it for at least a few hours before the power bank has to be connected.

Virtual and the future of augmented reality are both still in their infancy, but there are already games for both technologies that are worth playing. With new hardware coming sooner or later, VR and AR can be taken to a new level and provide gamers with entirely new gaming experience. As a game development company, AppStudio is contributing a lot towards the sector with immense dedication.

We have got a fantastic team of developers and talented designers that help us craft sophisticated solutions based on Extended Reality. We have been nominated as the best development agency in Canada and have full command over tech stacks. If you have any idea and want to use AR, and VR to produce amazing results, contact us now!


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