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Get Extensive, Innovative Business Mobile Apps to Boost Your Business

In the world of today, smartphones have changed the interaction of business to customers. Develop apps that fulfil all requirements along with the design trends. Our apps deliver the desired results, engage end-users, cover the target market segment to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Types of mobile apps and
programming languages

Like desktop software, mobile applications are designed using a variety of programming languages and frameworks. While the most popular operating systems, iOS and Android, have done a very good job of standardizing the types of mobile app development available to programmers, applications can still vary. There are three basic types of mobile apps as follows:

Process We Follow

requirements gathering

Requirement Gathering

Extract all the requirements needed for developing the mobile application. This will help in preparing strategy for app development.

app structure wireframing

App Structure and Wireframing

After identifying the app’s objectives, we prepare a detailed structure, conceptual layouts and roadmap of application that will help in the development process.

Ui ux design

UI/UX design

The goal for mobile application developers is to design proper UI / UX interface to improve user experiences by making the app interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly.

design prototype

Design Prototype

Developers and designers focus more on aesthetics and user experience.We considers device-specific design intuitive and device to offer specific user experiences.

mobile app development architecture

App Architecture

Define all essential components like MVC Modules, Network Layer, Database Layer, UI Layer and create frameworks.

App Development

App Development

Mobile application development process is mainly divided into following three parts: back-end/server technology, API(s) and the mobile app front-end.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Application must be designed by keeping its quality in mind. We offer 100% bug-free apps to provide an interactive user experience.

App Deployment

App Deployment

This will make your application easy to access from the app store or play store. This will also help in dealing with rapid change in platforms and devices.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

After performing quality assurance (QA) testing, we all provide support and answers to resolve our customer queries.

mobile development post lunch

Post Launch

We monitor Analytics, user engagement and app marketing support to optimize app performance.

Services We Offer

Mobile App Strategy

Our In-house developers can help you in making your business successfully run on every platform. Entire code is basically written in OS-specific programming language. We can strategies your mobile application and boost the traffic for your business by delivering it to the customers as per their requirements.

custom mobile app  development solutions
enterprise mobile app solutions

Mobile App Design

We have highly approached members in our app development team that can bring the extraordinary design in mobile applications. Our experts focus on designing user-Friendly UI/UX interfaces, prototypes and wireframes as per market requirements.

Mobile application development

Nowadays, smartphones are of no use without any application. Whether you are using any platform among Android, iOS or Windows, our developers use the latest technologies to build applications.

mobile application consultation
mobile app ui ux design

Enterprise Mobile App Solutions

We develop an extraordinary design through your app idea. We help you develop and execute high profile yet affordable e-commerce applications as per your business needs.

App Porting

Porting is basically the change of software application so that it can be adapted for use in different hardware environments. Our experts can easily do mobile app porting for you.

widget extension development
mobile app support optimization maintenance

QA and deployment

Our testing team ensures that the final implementation of the application is as per user’s expectation and requirements. We make sure that the app employs all features as per its user adoption.

Support, Optimization, and Maintenance

Our development team regularly checks your mobile app for its updates and optimisation. We have expertise in the code reusability to make it more simple and easy to use for users.

mobile app ui ux design

What sets us apart?

We develop custom Android and iPhone mobile applications that are truly worthy of your brand.
Our mobile app development team provides seamless and high-standard products.

100% Transparency

We maintain complete transparency with our clients to provide them fully updated products. Our development team properly analyse your goals and then brings a proper execution plan as per your business needs.

Experienced Mobile App Developers

Our developers have expertise in developing customise apps as per your business idea. We have successfully deployed many mobile applications for various OS across different industry verticals.

Flexible-Engagement -Models

We offer custom engagement models that help our developers to develop applications at a fixed price and before timeline. We focus on fulfilling your unique business requirements.

Best Resource Utilization

We have an excellent track record of utilizing all the resources required for developing successful and high-quality mobile apps.

Support & Maintenance

Our team is always available for you. We offer support and maintenance of products even after its deployment.

We Deliver On Time & On Budget

We adopt agile methodology to maintain an excellent track record. We deliver projects as per your budget, right on time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Why Choose

AppStudio is one of the popular mobile application development company. Our professional experts always focus on acquiring acquirable results and solutions that can bring change in your businesses. The enhanced brand equity and sales provide more advantages from the efficacy. We deal with each and every client to fulfil the demands of the customers and deliver it accordingly.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


It was a pleasure working with the mobile app development team of AppStudio. The app developers that I worked with excelled in versatile application design and development. I strongly recommend Agile team.. no doubt, If you need a application for Android and iOS platform, then this would be a great team to choose.

  • Raellean Diaz

We have been using AppStudio for a long period of time for game development with them. They always worked on our instructions how we asked. I would recommend AppStudio for your app devlopment service, its amazing to see the team works perfectly in sync delivering best solutions, well done.

  • Behzad

AppStudio has one of the best game developers I have ever worked with them till date. They consistently demonstrate excellent time and app development skills, high quality work, and exceptional attention. Their attitude is always positive and deliver the best service as per your requirements.

  • Tracy Thayne

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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AppStudio Mobile App Development

It is a fact that in recent years the number of mobile devices on the market has multiplied exponentially. This growth is accompanied by the constant appearance of new gadgets and operating systems, which, while adding variety to the mobile ecosystem, create difficulties when developing applications that work homogeneously on the different systems available. In Appstudio we know these difficulties well and how they condition the development of an application. That is why in Appstudio we have a team specialized in the development of applications for both Android and iOS, with the ability to create your fully customized and tailored app for any variety of devices and platforms.

App development is a very complex process that consists of several distinct phases. In Appstudio we accompany you along this path, advising you and carrying out each of its parts. By providing our long experience in projects with similar characteristics, we achieve your goals by optimizing time and resources. We also pay attention to the subsequent development of the graphic material, analysing aspects related to the user experience and the possibilities of adapting the interface to different screen sizes and ratios. In Appstudio we have application developers specialized in the development of native applications for Android, iOs or Windows Phone systems, as well as an expert team in the creation of multiplatform apps.

Mobile App Development Process

  • Strategy
  • Architecture & UX Design
  • Software Development
  • Maintenance
  • Launch
  • Testing/QA

Advantages of Developing an App in a Multiplatform Environment

Developing apps for different operating systems using cross-platform technologies can offer you multiple advantages:

Greater scope of the application

By offering your app to a larger variety of devices and distribution channels, your audience will also be wider.

Save time and money

By developing an application for several platforms simultaneously we avoid duplicating time and efforts, which translates into cheaper projects.

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Unified design on all devices

When designing the application at the same time for all platforms, the design will be transversal to all operating systems and will provide a uniform image of the application.

Easier maintenance

It is possible to solve bugs and update the application centrally and in parallel since the same project generates versions for all available platforms.

Development of Apps in Native Environments

Depending on the nature of the project, and despite working for several operating systems in parallel, it is possible that sometimes the most recommended option is to develop our application with native technology. Native applications allow you to work with the system's buttons and menus, and this aspect can be crucial for the development of applications with very particular characteristics.

In the same way, it is possible that our app makes intensive use of certain hardware elements of the terminal (GPS, camera ...) or have to work closely with native services provided by the platform. It is in these cases when the development in native becomes important, recommending its choice despite the advantages that the development in multi platform environments could offer in the beginning.

Appstudio advises you in the development of your applications, evaluating the convenience of working in one technology or another according to the budgetary restrictions and needs of the project.

Mobile Apps: A Safe Bet

Apps for mobile devices are gradually becoming an everyday element in the business world. They are the ideal tool for any company looking to digitize or enter the world of technology and the Internet, as well as the perfect complement if your company is considering launching a marketing campaign.

If you want your customers to get an innovative and modern vision of your company, mobile applications are a safe bet. They help you to differentiate yourself from the competition, win potential clients, and also, can make work processes within your organization more effective.

If you need an application development company for mobile devices, Appstudio is your best choice. We have years of experience in the sector, years that allow us to offer full application creation services that cover all phases of development of your app with total quality and efficiency.

Our team of designers and developers will work for hand in hand with you to obtain the most professional results.

What to keep in mind when creating an app?

After an exhaustive analysis of your company's needs, and with a special interest in certain key design and usability elements, we can ensure the success of your corporate application project. At all times, our specialists advise you in decision-making, to carry out your ideas with the highest quality and safety. These are the main aspects that we must take care of when developing applications for mobile devices:

An Optimal User Experience

User satisfaction is one of the most important points to take care of when developing applications for mobile devices. For this, we must ensure that factors such as content, graphic design or interface are sufficiently attractive and functional, in such a way that they add value and thus satisfy the needs of our users.

Multiplatform Adaptation

Due to the wide variety of mobile devices on the market, it is almost mandatory to adapt your application to the most important platforms of the moment. This adaptation effort will allow you to access a larger audience. When launching a multiplatform application, we must take into account that the user experience is homogeneous, regardless of the platform on which they use our application.

Attractive and Functional Design

A balanced and rational design is always an element of added value for your application. The use of fresh and original graphic elements can make your app more attractive to end-users. The interface must have an intuitive use so that users can use your app effectively without incurring frustrations that discourage them.

Quality Software Development

We make sure that the programming phase of your application is perfect. Our professionals give their best in each project. In this way, we can offer a professional and quality development service.

Application Tracking

After the implementation of your application and its publication in the main mobile application distribution platform, we begin the app tracking period. We check its correct operation and solve any incidents that may appear.

In Appstudio we offer you our services of design and development of applications for mobile devices. We work with custom developments and are completely customized. We study your company and your objectives to offer results adapted to what you need. We work hand in hand with you throughout the cycle of creating your app so that you get an application that exceeds your expectations.

Our mobile application development services

iPhone application development

As a leading mobile app development company in Toronto, we know what it takes to create a perfect iPhone app. We have already developed over 100+ iPhone apps in different categories. We know what it takes to turn a raw app idea into successful mobile app development.

Mobile app design

We understand the importance of user interface and user experience in an application design. Our UI/UX designers strictly follow Google and Apple design guidelines to develop visually appealing applications without hampering their functionality.

Development of applications for iPad

With the deep knowledge and experience of native iPad application development services, we develop the best iPad applications that add value to your business and the lives of your users.

Multiplatform mobile apps

We are experienced in building cross-platform mobile app solutions for Android and iOS devices. With React Native, PhoneGap, and Xamarin, we offer custom mobile app development that runs seamlessly on multiple platforms.

Android application development

Many of you are thinking of hiring mobile app developers if so. Then you can trust AppStudio for the same. Using the latest technology and industry experience, our full-stack Android developers develop successful Android applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

The cost of developing an application can range from $ 20,000 to $ 500,000. This is because you need to consider several factors, including the application platform, features, application development company, developer title, and more. Simple apps cost less, while complex apps cost more depending on functionality.

Q2. Will you help me upload my mobile app to the app stores?

Yes, of course. We will upload your mobile app to the app stores, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, as our mobile application development process.

Q3. What are the security measures you take to keep the application safe and stable?

We follow a certain process.

  • Request signature-based permissions
  • Do not allow access to the content providers of your application
  • Apply network security measures
  • Constant vigilance of the safe office environment in the workplace

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