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Viewgem Mobile App

Download the Viewgem app to save more money. So you can experience more of what
life has to offer. Support your local business and discover hidden gem deals on food,
entertainment and service wherever you are


The primary idea is to create this platform to support local businesses.

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Allows customers to find amazing offers nearby on their mobile devices.

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Viewgem application provides an easy to use and user-friendly interface to you.

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We do exercises like prototyping, to map out ideas and visualize features.

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Font & Colors


  • Font:
    SF Pro Display

  • Weight:
    • Regular • SemiBold • Bold

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  • Color

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12px • 16px • 20px • 24px

Final Product

Sign Up

Once you successfully download and install the Viewgem app, the next step is to login or create a new account. To do so, add all the required information and proceed to update your profile.

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In the getting started guide, you can find all the offers that are offered by
local businesses near where you are in one mobile app.

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Onboarding Screen

Local businesses post offers on the Viewgem App, so you can quickly find the closest offer
via the application. See the deals you like and claim.

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