Top 5 Mobile App Development Technologies to Develop Faster in 2022

Mobile App Development Technologies

Nowadays, Mobile apps play an important role in our daily lives by managing all day-to-day activities. Almost every business needs mobile app development services to enhance their market value and to make them available for their target audience. You need to opt for some mobile app development technologies to make your app faster. It is very important to choose a perfect mobile app development tool as it is a one-time investment.

There are several trending technologies that you can select to make your app design more responsive. Though mobile app development is fast and accessible, to make it more faster, you need to apply some technology. Fortunately, there are a lot of accessible tools any mobile app developer can use to enhance the performance of a mobile app during its development.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Tools to Reduce App Development Time

Selecting the best Android and iOS app development tool plays an essential role while developing any mobile app. You must select the tool that can simplify the development process. To ease this process, we have mentioned a list of the best technologies for mobile app development 2022, highlighting their key features.


Flutter is a popular mobile app development technology based on the DART programming language and helps promote the fast performance of applications. It is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google that improves the speed of your app, offers attractive UIs, and fixes bugs in a millisecond.

This SDK offers multiple plugins and enables the development of mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Given below are some of the main features that make flutter app development best for your mobile applications:

  • Simple Setup with Excellent Documentation
  • Least Coding Required
  • Custom UI Widgets
  • Faster Time to Market 
  • Less Development Cost


Being one of the best mobile technology for mobile app development, PhoneGap allows developers to develop high-performance mobile apps. One can quickly develop cross-platform mobile applications for both Android and iOS phones and tablets using this framework.

Adobe PhoneGap is a standards-based, open-source development framework that helps developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. PhoneGap simplifies the iOS and Android app development process by building apps via HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Following advantages make Phonegap the best framework for mobile app development:

  • Cross-platform Compatibility Cost-Effective
  • Better Access to Native APIs 
  • Large Community Base 
  • Flexibility using Web Technologies 
  • Robust Backend Support 


If you are looking for developing an iOS app, then Xcode is the best mobile application design and development technology. Apple’s integrated development environment helps iOS developers develop software for MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and tvOS. All iOS apps are developed using Swift language because of its multiple features, like a multi-paradigm and compiled programming language. Developers prefer to use Xcode because of the following reasons:

  • It comes with a source editor
  • It provides a version editor for code modification
  • Highlights live issues in coding
  • The interface builder is built-in


Xamarin is the best and popular platform to build native mobile applications. Developed by Microsoft, it is the safest software that prevents unauthorized access and avoids unexpected termination of service and critical security threats. Given below are some of the main factors that make more than 1.4 million developers to use Xamarin for building a mobile app:

  • Platform-specific IntelliSense makes coding simpler
  • Ability to develop high-performance shared libraries
  • Easy cycle of build, test, deploy the final build of application
  • Simple to use enterprise or social authentication, offline sync and push notifications features


Developers consider Sencha as the best technology for rapid mobile app development. It helps developers create a native application compatible with the latest versions of both iOS and Android OS. It is the most suitable tool for delivering enterprise app development services. Mobile app developers can use HTML5 to code Android or iOS applications. 

Why Choose Sencha?

  • Commercially integrated UI widgets for menus, toolbars, and lists.
  • End-to-end testing solution for Ext JS
  • Single code paradigm across all components
  • Good community strength


Choosing the best mobile app development technology to develop an app faster is quite a complex process. It is very important to know all your requirements before beginning the development process. 

So, before you venture out to seek the best mobile application development technology as your business needs, create a set of your requirements. Compare the features of the tools and then select the appropriate one. Besides, if you are facing any problem in the development process, connect with the mobile app development team. We always consult our clients to understand these techniques better and deliver the best app development services for their business.


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