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Financial solutions and apps are not like other apps. Customers and companies have serious concerns and reservations. Few of them are:

• How can mobile apps increase the usability for customers and revenue for companies?

• Which technology suits them? And how they must roll out the solutions?

• What is the roadmap and will their customers adopt an innovation?

• How to overcome security glitches and loopholes?

Our service offerings include:

• Multipurpose finance mobility solution

• Stock trading digital solutions

• Digitization for the banking sector

• Portals to handle employees

• Landscape analysis

• Infrastructure-readiness assessment

• Road map design

• Product evaluation and vendor analysis

• Mobile Application Development

User Information

• Realize superior returns

• Compare Investment Products

• Financial Planning

• Industry and Business Analysis

• Robo Advisors

Apps related to finance are subjected to much more security and regulatory requirements. Banking sector and financial services industries have to follow strict guidelines such as recommendations from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), the Gramm – Leach – Bliley Act (GLBA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), New York State online safety obligations for monetary utility businesses.

Having said that, not every app need every available compliance certificate. Not only newbies, often experts are not aware of the recent changes in the legislation. However, our analysts can help identify:

How and where exactly mobile apps fall in scope for various compliance jurisdiction

Security issues that are a hindrance in getting compliance and how to fix them

How to use evaluation records to show reasonable prudence

Data Security & Privacy Assured

Appstudio is not new in handling mobile banking apps. That is the reason we are aware of mobile banking app threat landscape. We incorporate our knowledge and unparalleled experience gained by industry research and customer-facing mobile banking app vulnerability assessments performed by our analysts. We partner with leading organizations to help them recognize the expansion of mobile technologies within their enterprise and seek ways to securely integrate them to further enable their workforce and achieve business goals by:

• Recognizing the capital and services, impacted by mobile technology mplementation.

• Creating a mobile security approach to fit correctly with the general approach for safety and enterprise plans.

• Selecting techniques and enforcing checks to satisfy company needs-defined demands as well as specifications for adherence.

• Understanding the effect and the procedures required to sustain it throughout the organization.

• Guiding companies to implement state of the art technologies to overcome glitches that irritate customers.

• Enhancing usability by offering innovative designs and appealing color schemes.

Our Approach to build Fintech Apps

Proactive Approach

We believe in prevention rather than cure. By implementing our in-house proactive research development process, we eliminate risks and errors.

Agile Process & Mindset

Time is money. Appstudio management has integrated such SOPs that help our developers and designers to complete projects in given timelines.

Lean Strategy

We present a lean strategy where everything is done to increase the company’s customer pool by offering cost-effective solutions.

Compliant Practices

We have experts that guide us through the regions and platforms compliance regulations. Security tops our priority when it comes to the development of fintech apps.

What about Financial Regulations?

Regulations are why financial services can be a tough industry to break into.

Our Fintech application developers have extensive experience working in the domain of financial application development. By utilizing the latest technology solutions and industry best practices, we build efficient, attractive and commercially viable financial applications.

Why partner with AppStudio to build your finance applications:

Innovation: We are a team of consultants, designers, and developers that focus on creating innovative applications for companies that change the game in the financial industry.

Implementing modernization: With the increase in decentralized blockchain-based systems, we develop apps to give digital solutions to banks that operate with traditional currency and cryptocurrencies.

Striking Designs: We are experts in UX design (user experience) creating custom developments for banking.

Prioritizing your needs: We adapt to the needs of each project. Our Fintech application development team will guide you according to your needs.

AppStudio Finance Development

Many issues affect corporate finance, its treasury and the necessary economic and operational control: cost management, changes in regulation and legislation, risks, closing agreements with suppliers and systematizing relations with them and with banks. There always remains a need to optimize balances and treasury management to obtain profitability. However, these tasks must be carried out while encountering great challenges that are amplified every day. Although it’s difficult to develop financial solutions and apps, Appstudio is doing a remarkable job here thanks to its brilliant team members.

The development of products related to finance is a very complex process that consists of several distinct phases. In Appstudio, we accompany you along this path, advising you and carrying out each of its parts. By utilizing our long experience, in projects with similar characteristics, we achieve your goals by optimizing time and resources.

If you have a business, large or small, you know that it is necessary to take care of profitability and do everything possible to increase it. It is here that the current advancement of technology and its concrete application to finance make Fintech solutions increasingly attractive to companies.

Segments with demand from Fintech The tools they offer are divided into four broad segments that respond to very specific demands of companies:

Operation tools and payment methods Customer Knowledge and Big Data (large-scale data intelligence) Security and identification of people Electronic Money Of these four groups, I want to refer in this note to the first, to a segment that is defined as SCF (Supply Chain Finance).

One of the advantages that FinTech companies have for users of financial services is that at the heart of their business model, is the focus on customer needs. For these companies, the adoption of their technological financial solutions is a guarantee for their business model to generate more profitability and move towards full maturity.

New technological solutions that cater to the demands of users of financial services The innovative financial services offered by FinTech solutions disaggregate the service model that banks have traditionally offered and restructure them, focusing on “niches” of the financial services market in order to meet very specific user demands.

As soon as the disruption is applied in the companies that offer financial services, new features begin to appear in their products, as these focus on satisfying the needs of users with agility, flexibility, simplicity, customization, and affordability.

Among these technological financial solutions is BilliB, the only SCF (Supply Chain Finance), which combines agreements for prompt payment and payment financing in a single space. This solution focuses on meeting the demands of the financial directors of having an agile, flexible and simple tool to optimize the management of the working capital and obtain greater profitability.

BilliB adapts to the strategy that the CFO wants to follow. As a solution in the cloud and using a collaborative model (Revenue Share), it is a very affordable solution for all types of companies that have solvency and wants to plan their treasury to extract higher profitability, generate EBITDA and finance bill payments.

The world of Fintech has just begun and open a world of possibilities previously unthinkable for companies. The great driver is the current culture of being "always online" thanks to the great development of new technologies.

In Europe alone, 20 million businesses still do not accept payments with credit or debit cards online. And this is just an example of the great opportunity to obtain greater profitability that opens up in this segment of tools both for the company that offers the product or service and for the end customer.

The challenge of creating innovative and sustainable business models Banking faces important challenges. In the near future, the banks that will survive will be those who care to innovate, those who know how to offer value-added services to their clients supported by financial technologies and in greater customer orientation. The latter will be able to use ad hoc applications or, more likely, integrations in business processes will succeed.

These new sustainable business models will make it possible to achieve financial profitability, although, in the short term, it is necessary to invest in the construction of the technological models that support them. Perhaps, in some cases, it will be precisely the bank that takes them on a scale that allows them to achieve, or increase, profitability.

AppStudio with Superior Services With a strategic vision, at AppStudio we accompany you in the co-creation of solutions for a successful transformation towards the new digital world, putting at your disposal all our capabilities and experience, our innovative and disruptive vocation, and the most solid business partner ecosystem of the industry.

Our solutions for Banking are based on automation, information and communication availability, cost reduction and increased security, to build faster, more agile and efficient systems, which will ensure you achieve a larger market segment in front of your competitors.

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