What is Extended Reality Technology & its Benefit for Businesses?

Extended Reality

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality are the trendiest terms these days. Each of these “realities” implies a combination of different types of technologies and implies different levels of immersion and interactivity. However, as they grow, the limits that divide them seem to be increasingly blurred.

There comes a need to differentiate these realities although quite similar they sound. Moreover, there was a need to have a certain umbrella above them, so that we can use the similarities of these environments. Here the concept of extended-reality was born! Let’s dig deep so that you hire app developers with full confidence and information.

What is Extended Reality (XR)?

This XR concept stems from the belief that an advance in AR and VR technology is still needed. To allow the creation of experiences much closer to those experienced in the real world. It is a concept that describes the entire spectrum of reality and everything in between. Extended reality technology would diminish the difference between the digital world and the real world. The arrival of extended reality is going to mean the collapse of the virtuality/reality divide.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is the first layer of digital information superimposed, simultaneously, in the real world. Today, the most common way to implement it is through the screen of our phone. From the virtual “masks” of Snapchat or Instagram to the Google Translate, which allows us to translate texts just by pointing the mobile camera at them. But there are also devices specifically designed for this: the best known perhaps was Google Glass. In extended reality technology, AR is proving to be the most beneficial when it comes to catering industries and businesses.

What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

MR can be considered as one more step towards immersion in the virtual world. We can say that the expertise provided by Augmented Reality developer adds a higher level of interactivity. The closest example is the Pokémon Go application. In the app, not only content is projected on the real world, but they are intertwined in him and you can interact with them in real-time. It is worth clarifying that the limits of this category are perhaps the most difficult to define. Some authors argue that for the contents to be considered Mixed Reality they must be indiscernible from the real objects. Others maintain a broad meaning and use MRI to cover everything that is between the AR and VR.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Following the continuum, and reaching almost to the extreme of the virtual world in VR. What is an extended reality without VR? The one that represents the highest level of immersion and where it is practically possible to “forget” about the real world. This requires the use of a Virtual Reality helmet, or HMD (Head Mounted Display), such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR. It is one of the reasons that virtual reality developer has the skill sets of working with hardware. Today there are cheaper devices such as the Google Daydream or the Samsung Gear VR that allow us to run VR content supported by our smartphones.

“It’s more than three decades that we are seeing these technologies in some form or other. It’s time for their convergence,” Mark Zuckerberg.

Benefits of Extended Reality for Businesses

1.   Real Estate

These technologies are being used by real estate agents. It allows the potential buyer to make the first approach to the home by making an immersive virtual reality visit. Being able to see 100% of the property and choose according to their interests. In addition, the user can look in any direction and move between the different rooms without any problem. It is one of the key benefits of extended reality for the real-estate sector.

2.   Advertising and Marketing

Videos with these technologies offer greater interactivity than conventional videos. Since the consumer ceases to be a mere spectator to interact with the environment that the brand offers. Businesses can create everything from virtual visits to retail stores to immersive experiences in the latest car prototypes.

3.   Tourism

One of the significant benefits of extended reality is for the tourism business. Travel agencies are already starting to use virtual reality so that their clients can discover new destinations almost as if they were physically there. There are various tourist mobile apps that integrate extended reality solutions to offer us amazing travel experiences.

4.   Architecture and Construction

Now, architects, engineers, and builders have a wide range of opportunities to do their work more effectively. It also reduces the margin of error thanks to Augmented Reality.

5.   Museums and History

The extended reality solutions and possibilities are infinite. One more step to the history books, since people have the opportunity to tour a city thanks to the application of augmented reality. It offers solutions that allow the user to be in the Roman Colosseum and see people and situations from the Roman era. In museums, the visitor can have a real experience about the characters in the paintings.

6.   Logistics

What is extended reality for logistics? It’s a dream that enables us to effectively manage our tasks and the workforce. Virtual reality offers operators receive information in virtual reality glasses and indicate to the worker the number of units of the products in the warehouse. The spaces where the merchandise can be redistributed or if the product you are choosing is the correct one.

7.   Industry

Nowadays, the extended reality technology is used in the industry mainly to fix machines. Since with its use a person can see what part has been damaged and how to proceed with the repair. This use of AR supposes an important saving of costs since it favors a fast action before the fault in question.

8.   Health

The application of Augmented Reality facilitates the practice of professionals in certain specialties such as surgery. These extended reality solutions allow you to have complementary information about a certain intervention in the operating room before performing it. Allowing you to make a more approximate forecast of how to do the intervention and the problems that you may encounter.

Toronto App Developers are already creating amazing digital solutions by using these novel technologies. However, there are also many amateurs and companies need to be vigilant. In order to get the best results, you must hire an agency offering guaranteed results.

AppStudio at the Forefront of XR

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