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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared platform for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust. The technology seems to be quite complicated but its core concept is very simple and easy to understand. A blockchain can be defined as a type of database that helps users to understand what a database actually is.

Blockchain can bring a radical change in the decentralization, immutability, and transparency of your business. We, at AppStudio, clearly understand the growing potential and experience of integrating blockchain with various mobility solutions. We offer the best blockchain app development services for startups and enterprises. We provide various services like developing Smart Contract, Cryptocurrencies and Auditing that help businesses to grow in the market.

Our Blockchain Development Services

We are a custom Blockchain development company and we provide multiple Blockchain development services that include:

Blockchain Banking Solutions

Blockchain Banking Solutions

Our team resolves all the enterprise problems of the banking sector. Our blockchain developers enable various payment integrations through cryptocurrencies. We promote smart contract blockchain banking solutions by enhanced payment delivery methods, security transactions, transferring syndicated loans and many more.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Our team focuses on many Blockchain development services like Custom Cryptocurrencies, architectures, hash algorithms, etc. We mainly use advanced decentralized web technologies and use BaaS from Oracle, AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts Development

Help your business to keep track of all the terms of an agreement and provide its fulfillment at every step. We use the latest Blockchain technology to implement smart contracts or crypto contracts. Our team establishes a chain of accountability as per your organization and business needs.

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency Development

We provide you with a unique cryptocurrency using Blockchain that helps your business for intellectual property protection on various e-trading or crowdfunding platforms. Our team also provides additional benefits like mobile payment services, compliance and reporting, and even provides usual e-commerce interfaces along with blockchain app development.

POC Development

POC Development

Our team provides many Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) development services for the Blockchain projects. POC basically helps businesses, usually startups, to determine a project’s application and functioning. We use POC services to check the feasibility of projects across multiple industries like financia, insurance, healthcare, etc.

ICO Development

ICO Development

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a fundraising mechanism that plays an important role in the Blockchain community. We provide many ICO-related services using blockchain like from conceptualization of the token design to final website deployment.

Private Development

Private Development

Our blockchain app developers are expertise in providing many private blockchain development services as per your business needs. We provide many advanced exchange trading platforms that can enable your company to utilize all the private blockchain development services through purchase and trading.

Superior App Security

Superior App Security

We ensure all the security measures while developing a blockchain application. Our development team focuses to eliminate the chances of data tampering and to deliver reliable, transparent and stable applications.

Simple Design & Architecture

Simple Design & Architecture

We offer simple and elegant app designs that increase customer satisfaction. Blockchain apps are beneficial to use as it remotely controls all the critical business operations that take place in the network.

Our Expertise in

We are a reputed blockchain development company that covers various blockchain development domains. Some of the main industry verticals that we cover are:

Digital Identity

We provide many digital data services that can easily monitor the way users access those data and track digital identities. Our blockchain developers have expertise in providing the best customer (KYC) solutions as per your need.

Trading Desks

We integrate data from various cryptocurrencies exchange platforms and automate all the trading process to track all the digital assets and trade fees. Our team provides different solutions for portfolio & stock tracker.

Solution Design

We deliver holistic solution designs to encompass people, process, operating model and technology to enhance your business.

Distributed Data Management

Our team develops decentralized data storages to provide excellent access controls and optimum security. Our blockchain developers offer various additional services like blockchain-based IoT solutions, supply chain management, digital asset & access management, and many more.

Why Choose Us for
Blockchain Development Services?

AppStudio is one of the leading Blockchain development companies. We have many versatile Blockchain developers who provide progressive and high-octane applications at cost-effective market prices. Along with this, we provide complete transparency to offer customer-centric service to our clients as per their business requirements.

Experts on Blockchain and Business


Our development team provides custom blockchain solutions as per client needs. We provide you developers that know what exactly your business needs, not just code.

Deep Development Skillbase


Our blockchain development experts bring skills and experience in specific blockchain-relevant techniques. We always try to deliver best-in-class solutions across many platforms and libraries.

Highly Focused Team


We exactly focus on your requirements i.e. what your business exactly needs and then we identify the right tools. Our expert developers focus on developing highly advanced Blockchain-based applications that fulfil all your crypto-based requirements.

Code Transparency


Our developers use transparent, independent and easy to understand code so that any developers can work on it. We opt code that is helpful for making any future updates without much technical help.

Strong Technology


We use blockchain technology for developing a highly reliable and secured blockchain application. Our developers focus on delivering 100% accurate and high-quality solutions.

Robust Strategies


For cutting-edge Blockchain technology, we adopt the latest strategies and methodologies to maximise the benefit that a business can achieve quickly.

Our Blockchain Development Process

We follow some standard steps to develop any Blockchain-related services. Check out the process we generally follow from below:

Research & Analysis

Our blockchain developers carefully analyze your business requirements and identify the best processes to provide appropriate blockchain solutions.


We build functioning prototypes to demonstrate and test functionality of the blockchain solutions suitable for you.


Our blockchain developers use the latest development tools and methodologies to build your custom blockchain solution.


AppStudio provides regular updates and assistance to install new features and upgrades in your app.

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Blockchain Technology’s Key Benefits

Blockchains technology is here to stay. It comes with many benefits which are common to many industries. These Path-breaking benefits will redefine the way we work. Below are some of them.

Experts tell us that blockchain is a technology that is changing the game. Here at Appstudio, we are aware of the potential and benefits of this technology and hence always recommend it. Below are some of them.


The biggest advantage that blockchain technology offers to your company is the creation of a transparent business system. This will improve communication with both your employees and with your clients since traces of all transactions made are always secure and available. Any modification to public Blockchains can be seen publicly by each party, ensuring transparency. Each transaction is immutable; it cannot be deleted or modified.


Because of its digital signature and encryption, Blockchain is regarded as an extremely safe system. The arrangement is intended specifically to be safe, comfortable and forgery-proof.

Reduced Cost

Blockchain can overcome many issues, including safety and track maintaining. But how it can reduce expenses is something much more attractive to many. Forget about charges and commissions – there's no need to reward intermediaries as the mechanism is decentralized.

Increased Efficiency

To become a digital intermediary, the blockchain validates each transaction in a fully automated way. In this way, eliminate any manual task that exists. Therefore, the result of eliminating intermediaries and automating tasks is an increase in efficiency and speed.


Blockchain is an excellent use case to track any product along a supply chain and ensure that the information is true. The blockchain offers greater transparency and traceability.


Audits can take place in many ways. They might be in the type of economic audits, compliance audits and legislative audits and blockchain technology can be introduced to them all. When blockchain technology is applied, the whole system becomes auditable.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Our experience allows us to assist our clients in Design, implementation, and administration of blockchain networks for cloud and on-premise environments, resistant to vulnerabilities, with high availability and performance. Appstudio offers reliable and cost-effective blockchain app development and solutions.

• Wallet Development Solutions

• Blockchain Technology Consulting

• Distributed E-Commerce Solution

• Blockchain IoT App Development

• Private Blockchain Development

• Decentralized Application Development (dApps)

• Crypto Exchange Development

• Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is continuously contributing to the digital transformation of companies. With blockchain two parties can make an exchange without the supervision or intermediation of a third party, reducing or even eliminating the counterparty risk. 33% of companies are already using blockchain technology or are considering its use shortly and 78% of those who are already exploring it do so in response to the changes that are produced in their sector or to develop new business models. Blockchain is also benefiting IoT due to its transparency and security.

Banks have been the first to explore this technology with the intention of building the next financial industry standard. After banking, the retail, energy, and logistics sectors are the current markets where this technology is beginning to be used. Recently Appstudio has been classified as one of the best blockchain app developers in the region thanks to our team and skills.

How Blockchain works

Now that you know what technology is, you should know how it works. The process is not complicated, but it involves more people. It is no longer the bank in which you must certify the transactions, but a group of users.

It all starts when from A you want to make a transaction for B. In the network this transaction is represented as a block. This is transmitted to all parts of the network, that is, to the nodes that are connected, to approve their validity. Once this is done, the block can now be added to the chain, becoming a transparent and indelible record. Finally, money moves from A to B.

In this process, the nodes do confirm that in effect who wants to make the transfer has sufficient funds to do so. If so, all 'write down' the transaction and certify that it can become part of the transaction block. This block is going to get bigger to the point where it doesn't admit more transactions.

Once this is done, the blocks will be permanently registered in the blockchain. This means that they cannot be modified without altering the other blocks that are linked to it, something practically impossible because in order to complete an operation like this it would be necessary for most of the nodes to validate it.

It is transparent and at the same time private

With this technology, transactions are more reliable for two reasons: they are transparent and also private. And it is that the movements, although they cannot be modified, are integrated into the network as a whole and are public, that is, they can be seen without problems by each of the parties. At the same time, the data from the transactions made between the parties are private. The flow of information does not exist because the design is based on a block of chained codes.

The data is impossible to falsify

Another great advantage, which makes it even more reliable, is that once the transaction data has been recorded, these are impossible to falsify. They are immutable, that is, they cannot be modified or eliminated. This is possible because it works with different forms of data verification, therefore, the alteration of transactions by third parties is practically impossible. In addition, the database has a history with each of the operations since the creation of the technology.

It is an immediate process

With banks, you have to wait a while for a transaction to be completed. With Blockchain, as there are no intermediaries, the process is immediate. The computer system used for operations works 24 hours a day, every day. Since the information is transmitted and saved automatically, it is not necessary to wait.

Decentralization of the Internet of things (IoT)

Most Internet of things platforms are based on centralized models, that is, that only one company controls the connected devices. However, it is a poorly functioning system, as the popularity of this technology increases, it becomes more necessary for teams to exchange data with each other quickly and autonomously.

Registration and verification of data

This technology can not only be used to store financial transactions in a secure and immutable way. It can also be used to store any other type of information, thus generating an incorruptible distributed record, which also stands out for being safer than traditional databases.

This application can be used in several sectors. In clinics and hospitals, for example, it can be used to create a record with the medical history of patients. It can also be useful for the protection of intellectual property and creative digital products such as electronic books, music, photos, etc. It can also be used for vehicle or property registration.

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