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How Salesforce Proves Beneficial For Small Business in 2021

by appstudio January 5, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
Salesforce Application

Salesforce had grown to be more than anything we could have imagined when we first conceptualized it. Having a robust yet efficient CRM system continues to be standard practice in all areas. In a dynamically evolving organization, a relationship management platform becomes essential if trying to remain competitive. More than 20% of high-performing small business […]

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Salesforce Plans To Acquire Slack For $27.7 Billion

by appstudio December 15, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes
Salesforce Slack

Salesforce has confirmed that it bought the Slack team collaboration platform in a deal worth $ 27.7 billion. Salesforce says it plans to merge Slack with Salesforce Customer 360. However, a tool introduced in 2018 that will allow companies to connect Salesforce apps and Maps teams. Also, it helps to reconcile data sources across organizations, […]

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Top 10 Salesforce Application Development Companies in Canada

by appstudio September 11, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Development has become a significant change today. By combining important scheduling, Salesforce is used across multiple business segments to achieve successful operations. However, a Salesforce development company can support your Salesforce implementation. With hundreds of Salesforce development companies on the market, choosing the right partner is easier. So, here we have selected the top […]

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