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Why Businesses Should opt Virtual Reality Applications

Businesses are growing competitively with every passing day, Virtual Reality apps can give a distinctive presence to your business and in results improve customer experiences. We create advanced Virtual Reality Apps as per your business requirements. Design magnificent applications as per trending technology for all platforms.

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Industry-Specific VR Solutions

virtual reality for real estate

Real Estate

VR enables you to enjoy a portfolio of your homes directly from the comfort of your office. Virtual reality offers experiences that allow people to conceptualise and understand what’s difficult to imagine from a picture or detailed description

virtual reality for learning training

Military And Defence Training

Virtual reality enables users to immerse in a virtual, yet safe, world. This is ideal for use in the defence sector by providing valuable experience of dangerous or life threatening environments to military personal and defence contractors.

Virtual reality for marketing

Marketing & Ads

We build engaging, exciting and remarkable AR solutions as per your product release, advertising and corporate event. It can also increase revenue and the user base of your product.

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Public Attractions

Virtual Reality opens up a whole world of new possibilities for museums, zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. It provides you with amazing experiences that guides visitors to immerse themselves in science, history, nature or entertainment.

Virtual reality for entertainment


We develop AR solutions for entertainment use or to improve traditional programming content. Our AR-enabled solutions can help you provide valuable insights along with the engaging content

Our VR Solutions

Our team of VR developers have expertise in providing Virtual reality solutions
to all types of firms including from startups to unicorns. Our developers
develop VR applications in the following fields:


Provide customized VR applications to match the unique requirements as per your business. Our apps provide services like virtual fitting rooms and conferencing applications, and many more.

vr ar game platforms
virtual reality application development


Develop amazing gaming experiences using the innovative VR technology. Our gaming experts create gaming apps with the power to mesmerize. VR enabled experience provides valuable insights along with enhanced user experiences.


Creative and interactive visualization solutions help business growth in many ways. It mainly includes storytelling, presentation, data analysis, training and different ways to control operations

vr educational games apps
interactive virtual reality experiences


Build amazing marketing and promotional tools including Virtual Reality features. These include live product demos, virtual presentations, and more. Our experts can build apps to boost revenue and enhance the user base of your product.


Develop VR applications for entertaining social experiences that can be extended across various devices. We ensure that the client’s business must gain high social experiences.

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interactive walls loor vr apps


We provide Virtual Reality services for your business that supports the HTC VIVE platforms to enable “360 degree room-scale VR”. Manage consumer experience with fully-tracked motion controllers to access latest technology.


Our talented VR app developers create Virtual reality applications that support Oculus Go to provide social, entertainment and educational experiences to users.

htc virtual reality development services
oculus go vr developers


Virtual Reality in Healthcare helps professionals to deal with new real life situations. Prepare delicate procedures to capitalize on business and technology opportunities.


360 virtual tours can help in your business growth to new heights. It offers many ways to create emotional connection with your customers by previewing sites online like with 360 virtual tours. This is considered as the latest content marketing strategy and an important element to business.

google cardboard vr platforms

Software Toolkit

VR Engine

Unity 3D

Unity 3D

Unreal Engine (UE4)

Unreal Engine (UE4)

3DS Max & Maya

3DS Max & Maya





React VR

React VR







3D Modeling



3Ds Max

3Ds Max



Substance Painter

Substance Painter



Armor Paint

Armor Paint

Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer

Unbound Alpha

Unbound Alpha

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch

Our Virtual Reality
Development Services

VR is a specialized technology, and our Virtual
Reality app developers have cultivated skills and experience
in the domain. We offer following services:

Don't Let Your Unique
VR Software Lose The Race

The VR market is estimated to reach $20.9 billion by 2025, but your best
chance to outcompete rivals and get your VR software out there is now. With
ScienceSoft’s VR competencies and expertise in product development, you are
guaranteed to deliver a one-of-a-kind, high-quality VR application.

Develop VR software
from scratch

Win the market with your original and innovative VR application.

Modify existing VR

Make your existing VR software more competitive by adding cutting-edge features.

Introduce VR in
existing software

Extend your user base and raise engagement by adding VR to your software.

Why Us For Your VR App Development?

We are a full-service iPhone application development company and we provide you end-to-end support
from conceptualisation, feasibility assessment to design, development, testing and release.


Hire an experienced VR Developer or team to develop applications for various mobile platforms and technologies. Our experts have in-depth understanding that can provide excellent user experiences and high-quality as well as well-tested products.


Creativity plays an important role, especially in Virtual Reality Apps to keep it stand apart. Our designers offers a complete combination of skill and creativity to produce immersive user experiences with every VR Solution we create.


Our team has a client-centric approach that helps each client with unique challenges and objectives. We understand your requirements and address it in the best way for growth of your business.


Our team works with agile methodology to deliver quality applications as per your requirements. Meanwhile, we also offer constant communication and regular reporting support.

Technical Support

We have a technical support team that will answer all your queries, provide you consultation every step of the way and craft the best possible solution to render a delightful experience.

Timely Delivery

Our adoption of agile methodology has resulted in an exceptional delivery track record. We deliver projects right on time while adhering to the highest quality standards.

We are trusted by brands
you believe in

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Why Choose

AppStudio provides highly experienced VR Developers that have expertise in using various mobile platforms and technologies. With in-depth understanding, our team brings the capability of delivering high-quality and well-tested products. Our agile methodology helps us to focus on delivering the quality solutions within the predefined timelines. At the same time, we use the best development practices and high standards as well along with maintaining constant communication and regular reportings. Read More..

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Support is amazing!

AppStudio has introduced me to a great feature of Augmented Reality for my startup. This gave me a better and live experience of what I am up to do in the market. The AR development team briefly discussed the features that should be added to make things perfect. I would like to thank them!

  • Pearl Sandy

Incredible Support

To grow your business more with a good customer attention then you should introduce Augmented Reality features in your platform. For this the team of AR developers at AppStudio has done an incredible job. The dedication of the team has delivered me a very attractive application with interesting features.

  • Terence

Great Experience

The developers at AppStudio worked and built an application that helped me in getting more attention from the audience targeted. I am highly satisfied with the work by the team.

  • Harper

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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