Top 8 Virtual Reality Development Agencies Trusted For Prominent Solutions

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

The Year 2020 is the year of the innovation of creative applications. Most mobile app developers have recognized the value of Virtual Reality and have integrated it into smartphone app designing. This technology feature provides better user experience and streamlines the effective communication.

Virtual Reality-based app creation has adopted many businesses and has given tremendous benefits to the construction, real estate, luxury, and entertainment sectors, and is continually working to revolutionize the industry in 2020.

How Is Virtual Reality Transforming The Mobile App Development Landscape?

Virtual reality has revolutionized how business is carrying out. It has also simplified contact between company owners and prospective customers. Many companies, including manufacturing, fashion, and entertainment, have recognized these VR applications’ advantages.

Mobile app development companies & Virtual reality developers are working to enhance virtual reality gaming technology by incorporating this technology into application development. The inclusion of this functionality in mobile apps enables users to view locations and services as actual. This allows them to improve their reputation and revenues.

A Quick Glimpse: Role of Virtual Reality In Different Sectors:

Education sector– Universities use virtual reality applications to make academic experience even better and more interactive. Virtual reality has also made it possible to learn a number of languages.

Corporate sector– Company owners can conduct meetings and teleconferences in a much smoother manner as a result of technological advances.

Ecommerce- People tend to make online shopping and reservations using their mobile phones. Apps make it easier to perform these activities online.

Hospitality sector- People can also gain from applications for virtual reality developed for various industries, including hotels, real estate and tourism. App developers understand the importance of user interaction and have built VR applications with improved user interfaces.

Retail sector– Businesses have benefited from this technology and are creating applications that have helped them market their goods and services.

Tourism sector- The impression of VR users is far higher. You can even use the VR app to take your users on a personal tour even when you’re in a range of geological zones.

Gaming & Entertainment–VR development companies have used virtual reality to improve user interaction with mobile gaming & entertainment apps.

Top VR App Development Companies In Canada Delivering High-end User Experience:


Appstudio is a well-established VR mobile app development agency with an exceptional & validated track record of delivering application vr development services, technical support, IT exporting services to customers worldwide.

As a premium collaborator for customers, Connect with Appstudio team to retain its customers’ confidence across a wide variety of market verticals. This confidence finds in our credibility as a good IT company among leading business and standardization organizations.


Zazz is a leader in delivering imaginative, revolutionary, and powerful Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences through state-of-the-art technology. VR expands the methods and techniques in which the customers interact with any product or services. 

It is essential to hire UX/UI developer from a trusted virtual reality development company. Zazz prepares with the requisite technical superiority and experienced developers to get you into the latest VR experience.


AppVelocity is the major mobile app development company in Canada. With competent mobile app developers who value everything, they can build custom apps as per customer demand. The team also welcomed the latest technologies to provide customers with a wonderful experience.


AppLabb is an award-winning innovation VR company in Canada. Team focuses on strategy, design, and development of smart and innovative app experiences for big, mid-sized, and start-up companies. Their ongoing goal is to continue to enhance the human experience while driving business results for our clients across technological innovation.


IQlance is a one-stop provider of online and mobile app services in Toronto. Having a hands-on history in delivering and integrating state-of-the-art mobile applications and services, they develop customer-centric product development and provide on-going experience.

They have a team of passionate developers and designers who can make your dream ideas a success by overcoming real-world problems for the company and its customers.


Net Solutions is a global development & marketing organization. Their team helps brands leverage development, analytics, and innovation to develop meaningful, customized digital experiences for the Virtual reality future. They focus on mobility, global product development, e-commerce, and user experience (UX) design.

Quantum Mob

Quantum Mob is a Toronto-based consulting firm specialising in beautiful web, desktop and mobile applications. The design works on user-centric architecture, agile design, and highly scalable architecture.

They’re starting each project with our UI / UX developers to make sure the projects come out impressive. The UI with a strong feedback loop helps you to switch from concept to design to implementation without losing touch on change at any point.


Brancosoft designs, develops and delivers creative, user-centric websites and mobile applications. They are all interactive experts, ensuring transparent and strategic results for effective growth.

They develop complex web applications that meet your expectations in every detail and create user-friendly, interacting mobile VR applications for iOS and Android devices.

Closing Words:

We guarantee the VR experience evolves in the near future by incorporating a sense of touch to it. In conclusion, we can objectively state that VR technology still has a decent way to go. But it’s almost inevitable that all of the company’s procedures will turn out to be successful.

From virtual reality entertainment experiences to virtual reality games, Contact Appstudio for veteran in-house application developers. They have the potential to create interactive experiences for multinational corporations and dynamic start-ups alike.


Adil Kazmi is a marketer and blogger at AppStudio, where he combines his expertise in marketing with his passion for storytelling to create engaging content that helps businesses grow and succeed.