Top Gaming Development Companies in Montreal

Game Companies in Montreal

Currently, the prediction for the coming years is that the mobile games market will continue to grow, without haste but without pause, while PC and browser-based games will weaken somewhat. Console games will stay on the same line.

Today, we will discuss the importance of game development in these times of Covid-19 & will also present a list of the best mobile game development company.

The Importance of Game Development

During the last years, we have seen how different titles have come to Android when it comes to games. In a short time, we went from the classic Fruit Ninja & Apalabrados to complex games with high graphic demands such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite for Android. Large companies see in the smartphone a potential element to develop their titles & that the power achieved by some of them allows developers to unleash their work.

Today, we tell you about the importance of video games in these times. It is beyond being a mere hobby in our spare time; they are an entire industry that generates millions and millions of dollars a day.

As we can read on Forbes, Supercell generated over $ 4 billion with Clash of Clans in the time it has been in Apple’s app store, & other games reached $ 3 million in its first week. we told you that Google would stop entering 50 million dollars because Fortnite is not in the Play Store, simply incredible figures that demonstrate the money that moves the video game industry in a device as everyday as the smartphone.

The profile of the mobile player has completely changed, and is that the potential that devices currently have, allows you to enjoy a quality experience, without having to resort to other platforms. Almost a third of the human population is a player on smartphones, recording games of more than half an hour. The figures are increasing, letting a snowball roll that will not stop.

Several companies have realized this, and have decided to launch mobile gamer markets. For many, they are nothing more than smoke and marketing by sharing most of the components with the traditional high-end, but the truth is that the peripheral add-ons, cooling, battery and software add-on modes help a lot when playing, and it is consistent that there is an audience willing to pay for this type of device.

What is the Future of Game Development in Canada

Talking about mobile video games is not just talking about PUBG Mobile, Fortnite or Asphalt 9. Deliveries such as Alto’s Odyssey or Monument Valley – a game that will soon have a movie – make the mobile an ideal platform to squeeze the most of the smartphone’s capabilities, thanks to the simplicity of the touch controls, the closeness of the eye to the screen, and the habit of playing with headphones, enhancing the listening experience. To answer What is the future of game development in Canada, we have to dig in some details.

According to a study, 62% of mobile gamers are women, and over a quarter of players in the United States are over 50 years old. We have seen IoT game developers producing some fine games for both platforms. This breaks the stereotype of the adolescent mobile player, and that is that the video game industry attracts all kinds of profiles.

Studies published in 2015 show how playing video games encourages the growth of gray matter in the insula , the structure of the cerebral cortex related to desire, emotional and perceptual circuits, among others. The activation of the hippocampus, involved in memory, is also greater when we are playing, according to a study carried out in NPR. We can’t correlate casual gaming with direct brain benefits, but there are samples of how video games stimulate it.

When playing, the memory, reward and pleasure circuits, among others, are activated. Video games are a source of pleasure and a challenge for the brain, which must sometimes solve complex situations that would not be found in real life.

The Salient Aspects of Mobile Gaming Industry

The figures that move the industry of the video game on Android are higher than the income from paid applications. The potential of this sector is on the rise, and it represents a golden egg hen for companies.

  • Much of the profit comes from iOS devices, but if we have to listen to the gurus of the world, Android will reach the top position of the podium before 2023.
  • The game that generates the most income right now on iPhone every day is Clash of Clans, taking the lead with a narrow margin over Fortnite (games that you surely know well if you are reading this).
  • The Finnish company Supercell, which is also behind the Clash Royale, which also needs no introduction, develops Clash of Clans.
  • It will not be surprising that most of the income generated by these games comes from in-app purchases, representing 40% of the total.
  • Second are the video ads, those that jump when we least expect it &make us wait a few good seconds before continuing the mess. These represent 30% of the amount.
  • For comparison, applications in general get the most thanks to video ads and advertising banners, whose presence disappears when you buy the application in question, but having them free is very sweet.
  • Virtual Reality is having a hard time gaining momentum , many people have heard of it, but they think it is too expensive, and Augmented Reality (Pokémon Go for example) may well outperform it next year, given that it is growing at a much higher rate.
  • Both fields are expected to remain almost exclusive to the world of video games, although many people will use them to watch entertainment events in no time.

List of Best Developers in Montreal


AppStudio is among the leading and prominent game developers in Montreal and Canada. The company has produced some of the trending and enticing games that have earned millions for clients. AppStudio has received the award of Best Game Developers 2020 by Silicon Valley because they have implemented the best practices in the gaming industry. They have command over the latest frameworks and blend innovation with contemporary technologies.


Zazz is another company with great potential to build top-notch mobile games. The company has also developed console games but they get their popularity through the versions of the mobile game. We have seen them nominated as the best iOS game development company. Zazz has footprints all over Canada and has created multiple regional teams that are completely independent.


Morpho is a new startup that has collaborated with major mobile app development agencies to produce some of the famous brands in the game sector. The company is looking to expand and recruit talented designers and developers. Morpho utilizes modern libraries and tools to create different types of mobile apps. In the digital scenario, companies like Morpho are making a difference because they are highly flexible.

Stem Co

Stem Co has the expertise to handle small businesses while producing mobile apps. However, the company has already started producing quality fun games. They have collaborated with international partners and are working to create sophisticated arcade games for iOS and Android.

Sports Venture

Sports Venture is the youngest mobile app development company in Canada that has achieved brilliance using the latest technologies. The company integrates Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in mobile games because they have the experience to handle them for consoles. Sports Venture deals with the specific segment of the gaming industry and working to be the number one in that.

Top 10 Game Development Companies In Canada

We can produce enticing games within record times because we know the importance of time for businesses. We have always prioritized our clients and mobile users while working to bring transformation in the digital sector. Our capabilities have made us famous Game Development Companies in Toronto and Montreal. Contact our experts for more knowledge and a complete roadmap.

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