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What is Enterprise Application Development?

Enterprise application development process is becoming more agile and collaborative specially for providing IT solutions to develop applications. Developers work with both internal business teams and external agencies of the company. AppStudio not only develops enterprise apps, we also provide best solutions to enhance the business growth and improving the employee productivity. Our custom Enterprise Application Developers focus on delivering solutions as per your business requirements. We are working as the fastest growing Enterprise Application Development Company.

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Enterprise Application Development Services By AppStudio

We offer diversified, quick and efficient solutions for developing custom enterprise applications as per your business demands.

AppStudio works on various leading and major platforms, like native and other cross-platforms to develop responsive applications. We provide services from small startups to large enterprises and enable them to handle all the challenges through scalable mobile applications.

We provide comprehensive enterprise app development services as per your mobility requirements. Our developers may help you in migrating any existing applications, enhancing functionality of the application and to make it compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices.

Our team can also integrate your enterprise application with any third-party APIs, data, and other apps. Our developers are expertise in algorithms and leveraging their skills to integrate apps with the business processes and software without any problem.

Process We Follow

Our team follows a well-defined development process for effective enterprise apps. We follow the steps given below to deliver the best quality app as per your requirements:

requirment analysis process of enterprise app development
Analysing Requirements

Every enterprise app development process starts with identifying the exact goals and business requirements as per your business need.

platform selection process ofenterprise app development

Once your target audience is properly analysed, our team determines the right platform and technology that will be best while considering the budget and timeline.

designing prototyping process of enterprise app development
Designing & Prototyping

Our designers implement the latest methodologies to prepare a prototype that will help you to know how your app will actually work.

ui ux design process of enterprise app development

As a reliable enterprise app development company, our developers try best to deliver user-friendly and intuitive design to provide an amazing user interface.

product management process of enterprise app development
Product Development

Once we prepare the design as per your requirements, our developers move to the most challenging phase for developing the enterprise apps as per your specifications.

testing n deployement process of enterprise app development
Testing & Deployment

Once the application is ready to release in the market, our quality analyst team tests your application to ensure it is bug-free. We then deploy the final app for users and audiences.

support n maintainance process of enterprise app development
Support & Maintenance

Bugs are inevitable but preventable. Our team provides support and maintenance of your application even after app deployment.

AppStudio offers an all-rounded Enterprise Mobile App Development Services as per your business needs

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions and services can help in smoothing the enterprise processes, and can make your app faster.

mobility strategy and consulting under enterprise app development
Mobility strategy and consulting
mobile application development for enterprise
Mobile application development
user experience design enterprise app development
User experience design
modernization of enterprise application
Modernization of application
digital asset management enterprise app development
Digital Asset Management
in app analytics enterprise application
In-app Analytics

We Protect Your Intellectual Property from Unauthorized Access

Our development team opt for the latest tools and techniques to prevent third-party access. We apply the latest process to maintain a Transparent and Trusting Relationship With You.

non disclosure agreement-of enterprise app development
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
complete github access of enterprise app development
Complete GitHub Access
transfer of code ownership enterprise app development
Transfer of Code Ownership

Our Capabilities To Improve Business Efficiency

Being part of a leading enterprise app development company, our developers offer customized applications that can work on multiple platforms. We use advanced strategies to develop enterprise mobile apps as per your requirements.

business workflow process of enterprise app development
Business Workflow Process

Our team uses the latest technologies to deliver enterprise applications as per your business needs.

third party software integration under enterprise app development
Third-party Software Integration

We can integrate many third-party softwares with your enterprise software solutions to improve your customers’ experience.

iot integration under enterprise app development

We help organizations to integrate various IoT advancement techniques to increase significant bits of knowledge.

crm cms enterprise app development
CRM and CMS Development

Our enterprise development team integrates all the CRM and CMS functionalities that can help you with best customized solutions as per your requirements.

What Sets Up Apart?

AppStudio works as a leading enterprise app development company. We offer incomparable support and expert solutions as per varying clients needs.

Enhance Employee Engagement

We provide multiple options by which your employees can easily connect with each other and share files online through our enterprise software solutions. Our developers are expertise in working on mobile apps and thus saves a lot of their time.

Quality User

Our designers provide a unique and amazing user experience that makes users more friendly with the new software solution. We make sure that all the features are as per your organization and our team helps your employees to utilize them easily.


We make sure that the applications are delivered to our customers as per their budget. Our team regularly discusses with you regarding your needs and then prepares the best strategy to provide you a solution.


Once the product is ready for deployment, our team takes care of your product maintenance even after its delivery. Our team will help you as your technology partner even after its deployment if your enterprise app does not respond well.

Improve Customer Experience

We value our customers and make sure that they don’t face any problem while using the application. Similarly, the apps are developed such that the customers may not face any problems while navigating and exploring all features of the developed app.


We apply the latest methodologies to deliver the lowest long-term cost structures and best possible outcomes for clients.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Why AppStudio For Enterprise App Development?

AppStudio deeply analyses all your requirements to revolutionize how enterprises build, deliver and manage modern custom applications. Our team also focuses on improving the business agility and fostering innovation.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Great People

We wanted to start our business by giving our project to the experts and we gave this responsibility to AppStudio. They completely understood our requirements and provided us the best solution for the same. We are so much satisfied with their services.

  • Luca Anderson

Incredible Support

We started our business and did not know to whom we should give our project for developing an app. After doing research, We found AppStudio a reliable company and gave them that project. We are happy with their services. Kudos to your team.

  • Nathan Lee


AppStudio has developed an application that is best suited for my organization. The team is very focused and aims high. It feels great to work with AppStudio. All their services are highly recommendable.

  • Connor

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Enterprise Development Core Services

Product Design

Here at Appstudio, we prioritize and excel in design prowess. Our design teams are always accessible by our clients as we believe without an efficient design and usability, the concept of having a mobile app fails.

App Development

Enterprise apps are typically business-oriented tools and their aim is not only to improve efficiency but also to increase revenue. In general, the complexity of these tools requires specialized skills and specific knowledge of each sector or each type of business. Fortunately, Appstudio excels in it.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the established engineering method to obtain software in a cost-effective manner that is reliable and works on a variety of devices. Our engineering team is our asset, Appstudio has employed the best software engineers to ensure premium quality.

Innovation Management

Without innovation, no business can survive and face new market challenges. We help in developing innovations and next big ideas in your companies by creating powerful and states of the art innovation management systems.

Innovation Computing

Computing innovation has a profound impact on the businesses as it provides the necessary peculiarity feature. Appstudio excels in non-physical computing software like apps and our in-house team always remains thirsty for every possible computing innovation.

Project Management

We are not only an app designing agency having just developers. You can dispense off all the stress, hectic and extra workload by hiring our project managers . We manage your projects efficiently by incorporating your suggestions, sending timely reports and always meeting the deadline.

On Demand Staffing

If you want to acquire our on-demand staffing service, you are more than welcome. We provide the best developers, engineers, IT professionals that enterprises can hire and then assign them different projects.

Enterprise Platforms

We develop professional Apps (mobile applications) for companies or startups trying to maximize their earnings. That is the reason, we rely heavily on innovation and customization instead of just going for a template. Appstudio integrates your project with a mobile app that helps create new business opportunities. We develop apps and systems for every available platform including desktop, mobile, wearables, TV, tablets and Auto.

Non Disclosure Agreement

This type of confidentiality agreement is usually used on certain occasions to ensure the protection of certain types of information in a business relationship. While working with Appstudio you enjoy complete peace of mind because what you share with us remains with us. We sign an agreement before starting any project and abide by it.

Complete Git-Hub Access

GitHub offers access control and multiple collaborative characteristics for each venture such as bug tracking, task inquiries, assignment management, and wikis. Appstudio provides enterprises with complete access to the repository so they get real-time knowledge and updates.

Transfer of Ownership

After all the work is done and our clients get satisfied with every aspect of the enterprise apps, we start the process of transfer of ownership which provides them with all the rights. However, that doesn’t mean that we vanish. We are always there if you need any tip or maintenance job.

AppStudio Enterprise Development

Opening or running a business has become a task to which a series of variables must be incorporated for achieving success and development. The term enterprise development is very popular among companies and entrepreneurs. While all use them, few comprehend it. The truth is that this is about the means or ways that a company and its personnel achieve skills or abilities to optimize all the company's resources, product innovation and other processes for the business to grow. Appstudio has got what it takes to lead your company to success.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

It is a software for planning Company Resources. This type of software can be applied in purchasing management, sales management, accounting management, human resources management, production management, and stock planning and management in the logistics area.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM aims to keep clients and potential clients in a database, with whom you can communicate or generate campaigns to launch commercial and promotional actions. In addition, it works to reinforce sales and offer personalized and higher quality customer service.

Call Center

Customer service is one of the key points for the success of a company, which is why little by little new communication channels are opened via WhatsApp, chat through the web, applications for mobile devices such as Line, email, Contact Form. If all this is well integrated into the CRM, the results will be seen in accounting at the end of the month. That translates into happy customers which in the future, can be materialized in sales.

Decades ago, when the first company, computer connected to the Internet, lost the screech of the wired connection through the telephone line, we considered that silence modern. Today, technology has raised standards and much more is needed for a company to be considered modern, and even cool or fashionable.

More Technological Solutions

Technology solutions, gadgets, and applications, we talk about some of these elements that a company must have to classify it as modern today. Something that has to do with company culture, a collaboration between workers and the way we use the devices, in particular, the smartphone.

The culture of companies is changing, from vertical hierarchies to horizontal structures; projects with teams instead of fixed departments; or chat conversations instead of conference calls or phone calls. And at the center of this change is the digital transformation and its solutions, which foster the previous points.

The Internet, more than a solution or a tool, has become the default communication channel, the company's support and the gateway on which everything else is built.

The Innovation

Today we continue to use the phone to call and email to inform, but virtual meetings and video calls have more and more weight (Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts ...) in a business landscape in which teams are distributed across the globe, changing not only the company’s culture but also what we consider as such.

What were once the web portals with a small description of the company, and access to email and calendar tools, today are branded web platforms. These have proliferated, especially in those large companies with many workers seeking access to specific content, company news, internal communication, and even specialized magazines or training courses.

The bulk of business-oriented applications focus on productivity, time savings, and performance maximization. We see this trend in both local operating systems, browser extensions, apps on mobile devices and cloud software. However, the way to approach its use is social, it is based on dialogue and collaboration between professionals.

Some of these applications are well known: Asana, Trello or Wrike for coordination and assignment of tasks, or construction of equipment; the folders and collaborative documents in the Google Drive or Dropbox cloud that allow us to work in the same virtual space; or chat systems such as Slack or Hangouts that help us communicate.

Benefits of Enterprise Apps

All of them have two particularities that we highlight:

• Increase work productivity thanks to flexible management.

• Promoting collaboration between different professionals.

These applications focus on increasing people's communication, but also on more effective communication. To see two concrete examples, Asana sends emails when someone interacts with our work without disturbing the rest of the classmates, and Trello allows at a glance to check those projects and tasks that require our attention. Solutions such as these facilitate teleworking and what has been called smart working.

These technologies are especially attractive due to the great transformative power they have in organizations, but also because of their low cost. Many of them are free, and premium plans are usually affordable due to increased equipment performance.

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