Top 10 Game Developers in Vancouver

Game Developers in Vancouver

Games are receiving massive popularity in 2021, and it will remain in the trends for upcoming decades. As a company, you should invest in game development and use this medium to earn revenues. At AppStudio, we have always helped business people and companies with unique strategies and market prospects.

In this blog post, we will cover the games development popularity and its impact on the current economy.

We will also share a list of the best game developers in Vancouver 2021.

Mobile Games amid Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on all of our lives since the shutdown began in March 2020. If you had to isolate yourself for health reasons, you were not working at all or working from home, it suddenly meant that everyone has more time than ever. Even if his days were busy, the fact that there were no entertainment venues open at night, that he had to find something to do right now. You must hire Best Game developers 2021 to ensure rapid growth and positive turnovers. Of course, for many people, this involved using technology to keep themselves busy. One technology sector that has really helped in this regard is gaming.

Although new game fans entered the industry as a result of the need to do something fun during the crash, it was those who already played that changed their habits the most. But what effect has COVID-19 had on our gaming preferences?

What is the Process of Game Development?

A big noise in games right now is playing on your mobile phone. This sector within games generated annual revenues of around $ 49 billion in 2019 and constitutes a large part of the total market. It’s easy to see why, as you can play games wherever you want, on increasingly sophisticated phones like the Vivo X50, and play when it’s most convenient for you. More and more people have started playing on their mobile phones due to the impact of COVID-19. This is an answer to what is the process of game development. As with online casino games, much of this is because more people are home and have more free time to occupy themselves. With many games free to download, it’s easy to see why more people have adopted this habit as the weeks went by.

More people Play Longer

The pandemic has affected not only what we play or what we play, but also how much time we spend playing. It’s fair to say that COVID-19 has seen the gaming industry rise, and much of this is because more people have more free time to play. Many millions, for example, have been temporarily out of work on the licensing plan, and thus have been able to have longer gaming sessions for more days per week. This saw leading gaming company Activision Blizzard report that more than 400 million people played their online game Call of Duty in the first quarter of 2020. Playing for more extended periods, more frequently, has become a new habit for many people during blocking.

More Game Streams are Being Watched

A significant change in gaming habits about blocking has not only been in how what or where we play. COVID-19 has also caused a massive increase in the public for streaming games on platforms like Twitch. Players seem to love anything to do with games, even when they don’t play themselves. This has seen the audience for watching streaming games or tournaments jump about 8% over the block. The Future of AR & VR in the Gaming Industry is very bright and welcoming. Naturally, the numbers to see weekdays have also increased, because people are free to look during the day, where they might not have been before. Will this habit continue after the crash? The audience figures for streaming games increased anyway, so it seems reasonable to think that the trend will continue.

Not everyone has a console or PC Gaming, but they will have a Smartphone in their hands. In fact, these revenues are expected to cover some US $ 72.2 billion at the end of 2020, an increase of 13% over last year, making it easy to see how quickly the market is growing.

Top 5 Famous Game Development Companies in Toronto

Best Game Development Companies in Vancouver 2021


The company has brilliant minds and effective strategies. Because they are investing in the latest frameworks, they are at the top in mobile game segments. AppStudio is among the famous game development companies. They integrate technologies like VR and AR to offer premium and enticing game experience. The company has its footprints all over Canada and offers game development services globally.


Zazz is another successful brand with a strong portfolio and a fantastic experience of handling big brands and enterprises. The company has initiated a unique, AR-based platform that is offering innovative games at affordable prices. They have the best iOS games developers and integrate novel technologies to bring transformation in the games industry.

Cubic Time

Cubic Time has achieved new milestones recently be developing hardcore console games in record time. The company is thinking of creating mobile games to balance its revenue and target the mobile digital world.

AllGames Inc

AllGames Inc is a new company but with an effective strategy towards the mobile games sector. The company is looking to hire some talented developers to capture their market share.


CodeBring is also a leading mobile game development company in Vancouver with intelligent minds behind it. The company has successfully targeted enterprises and helping them secure profits.


Bluecode is an international game development company that has initiated its services in Vancouver recently. The company is looking to handle console-based games with an effective strategy. That is the reason; it gets included in the list of famous game developers.


RedInc is a famous brand in Europe, and they are providing their services in Vancouver too. The company is an offshore agency but highly capable of delivering quality products. It is among the list of famous game developers.

Amore Co

Amore Co is another company with brilliant developers because they believe in silent satisfaction and up to date technology. The company offers premium proposals in the least amount of budget. They are looking to expand their services in Asian countries.

VRWorld Games

VRWorld Games is a specialist company that handles VR projects and integrates top-notch technologies to get the best results. The company is expensive but promises unique products that provide a competitive edge over others. They are among the list of famous game developers because VRWorld is investing in novel technologies.

Vintage Co

Vintage Co is a startup having competent designers and developers. Their owners come from established brands and promise to use their skills for active iOS game development. Vintage Co services are cost-effective because they are new in business and have recruited the average resources.

If you are looking to find new ways to counter Covid-19 losses, contact our experts. We will provide a complete digital roadmap and investment options without any obligation!

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