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App Store and Play Store
App Development Business News
2 min

Important Requirements to Publish Your App on Google Play and The App Store

Every developed application is to be launched on Google Play and the Apple App Store. These platforms help developers to distribute and promote Read More

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Augmented Reality (AR) Apps for Android and iOS
Augmented Reality
5 min

The Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps for an Immersive Experience

Augmented reality is a game-changing technology that helps us escape from the hustles of our lives. AR apps can open up a world Read More

Cost of Game App Development
Game Development
8 min

The Factors That Influence the Cost of Game Development

The mobile game development niche is continuously growing and thriving. There are already upwards of 2.5 billion mobile game players worldwide, with this Read More

Impact of Blockchain and Decentralization in the Digital Economy
Blockchain Development Business News
4 min

The Impact of Blockchain and Decentralization in the Digital Economy

Thanks to technological advancements, the world is changing rapidly. It has become quite convenient for us to communicate, travel, build, among many other Read More

Medical Imaging Software
Artificial Intelligence
8 min

How AI is Changing the Game in Building Advanced Medical Imaging Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging is the talk of the town. AI, particularly machine learning technologies, has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Read More

wearable app development cost
Wearables Technology
4 min

Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits and Cost of Wearable Technology

In recent years the wearables industry has crossed major leaps and became a mainstream sector. Businesses are investing in wearable technology more than Read More

Latest DeFi Trends
Financial Development
5 min

Top 6 Innovative DeFi Trends of 2021

The rise in technological advancements has successfully captivated the world, and 2021 is an absolute eyewitness to these. The pandemic has been a Read More

Fintech and Banking APIs
API Development Financial Development
6 min

Role of Banking and FinTech APIs in Revolutionizing the Financial Sector

Embracing and acknowledging digitization is pivotal in the present era. Every sector needs to streamline its methods and techniques to keep pace with Read More

React Native vs Native
React Native Development
5 min

React Native vs Native App Development: Which Will be The Best Choice?

The clash of React Native vs Native app development has been a talking point for quite some years. A large section of users Read More

API Development
API Development
6 min

Your Absolute Guide To API Development: Tools, Types, and Best Practices

You might have come across the term API several times, especially when hiring app developers for building mobile or web apps. But have Read More

Web Application Security Testing
Web Development
6 min

The Significance of Web Application Security Testing

Web apps have become an essential component for businesses. They are hassle-free, easy to use, and 24/7 accessible. But  the abundance of web Read More

Fintech Mobile Application
Financial Development
5 min

A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing a Fintech Application

Fintech applications, like mobile payments, investment management apps, and crowdfunding apps, are growing. Fintech technology is among the fastest-growing industries in the world.  Read More

Event App Development
Entertainment & Event Development
4 min

How to Build a Robust Event App

Event management is a lucrative business if you know how to deliver top-notch services to your clients. Since it is a growing market, Read More

Wedding Planning App
App Development Entertainment & Event Development
4 min

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning App Development

Are you a wedding planner? If so, you probably have a lot of responsibilities. From choosing the right venue to decorating it, you Read More

DevOps for Mobile App Development
5 min

The Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development: A Comprehensive Guide

In 2020, the number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide was 218 billion. And, the revenue generated from mobile apps is expected to be Read More

E-learning Medical App Development
Education App Development
5 min

E-Learning Medical App Development: Cost, Future & Covid-19 Impact

The education sector has undergone a drastic change in its approach as more resources have been made available to make it prosperous. Among Read More

Machine Learning VS Data Science
Data Science Machine Learning
4 min

Machine Learning VS. Data Science – What Should be Your Choice

Data science is an approach to extracting insights from data & ML is a set of techniques that enables computer technology to learn Read More

Benefits of Mobile App Over a Mobile Website
App Development
4 min

How Mobile Application Benefits Your Business in 2021?

In today’s technological era, mobile app users are growing by quantum jump. It is believed that approximately 80% of the population lately uses Read More

Mobile app development
App Development
4 min

Top 8 Omissions to Avoid During Mobile App Development in 2021

Have you ever thought about why your application is not successful even when it is designed with all the necessary application development parameters Read More

Yoga App Development Costs
Healthcare Development
4 min

How Much a Yoga App Development Costs in 2021

According to The Good Body, more than 300 million people around the world practice yoga. Imagine this figure from a business and profit Read More

Reasons Apps Fail Tips
App Development
4 min

Top 3 Reasons an App Fails & Tips to Make it Successful

Thousands of apps are continually introduced in the mobile app market. At least Google Play and Apple’s app store boasts 5 million apps Read More

RPA Trends in 2021
Robotics Process Automation
5 min

Future of RPA: Top 10 RPA Trends & Future Forecast to Watch in 2021

The pandemic caused industries around the world to suddenly switch to remote workforces to protect employees. While that transition brought with it several Read More

On-Demand App Development Process
On-Demand App
6 min

On-Demand App Development: Process, Features & Cost Evaluation

On-Demand app Technologies have been designed to meet our daily needs and make our lives more comfortable; apparently, they have successfully fulfilled their Read More