Riding The AR Wave

Augmented Reality
Riding the AR Wave

Mobile phones are being used in a variety of diverse contexts in our day-to-day activities. The ubiquity of smartphones allows them to be applicable in almost any sector. Nowadays, there is literally an app for everything. Recently, apps featuring ar wave are becoming popular.

Augmented reality(AR) is the feature that  allows consumers to experience a reality based on their personal needs and desires. In the past, it has been used mainly for military, industrial and medical applications. But recently its application for commercial and entertainment is far outweighing. Let’s see some of the examples where AR has been successfully implemented

  • Customer engagement

AR has become a powerful marketing tool, offering the ability to literally reshape the way brands interact with, monitor and track customer engagement. By using this special feature, brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé are gaining a new product dimension, and interactive marketing channels that consistently drive engagement. The more prominent campaigns have created well over 2 million interactions, with active usage that surpasses all other digital mediums. AR enabled phones can also be used in retail stores where customers can try how an item looks on them without even wearing it or to demonstrate the detailed functionality of an item.

  • Navigation

Most phones can be used as maps to navigate while driving but by using some apps with AR,  it is possible to use the phone’s front camera, GPS, and sensors to direct a car driver’s attention towards danger with colored signal warning of green , yellow and when the driver is in the danger zone, the app will pop out a red warning. In this way, drivers  can be given real-time surrounding information that they can only see on the windshield.

AR is not only limited to outdoor navigation and is also being used in indoor environments such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals or exhibition halls where people are usually not familiar with the floor plan of the building and find it therefore difficult to get to the desired destination in time. With a help of a mobile device with AR enabled the app, it is possible to solve this problem by supporting users to navigate accurately with a reliable localization system in almost every corner of the building.  

  • Gamification

Gamification is applying game design techniques and mechanics to engage and motivate people. The most important elements of a game such as desire, incentive, challenge, achievement/reward, feedback, and mastery make gamification an attractive marketing strategy to engage and enchant customers. With the help of AR, mobile apps can be designed in such a way that customers can be reached even when they are not on site, and can allow them to interact with your brand in a different and exciting way and make them compete for top scores on the leaderboard and earn reward points.

These are only a few of recent developments of augmented reality application in mobile and how it brought the technology into different venues. AR is expected to be the leading technology over the next few years with endless potential applications from basic everyday activities to businesses. Augmented Reality enabled apps are set to drive the future of commerce, as a result it’s wise to be on the front seat.


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