What is the Role of AR and VR in the Gaming Industry?

Virtual Reality
future of AR & VR in Gaming

We live a highly digital life in which our technological world has become the new normal. According to the Digital 2020 study, We Are Social, a creative agency specializing in social media, and Hootsuite, the leading platform in social media management, 59% of the world’s population, that is, is 4.54 billion people, uses the Internet. Also, this report indicates that 92% of cases are connected through a mobile phone. With these growth data, the future of technology seems even more interesting than what is happening today. We are only at the beginning of a technological revolution that will affect every business and every person on this planet.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has become, for some years now, one of the most promising sectors of technology and a field where large companies have set their sights and intentions when generating new income. Names like Facebook or Google are directly involved in this sector with the purchase of startups or the development of products. The Menlo Park company acquired the company Oculus VR a long time ago, with one of the most promising VR projects on the planet (Oculus Rift). The search engine has Google Cardboards, low-cost VR glasses, and with a different audience, or its DayDream virtual reality market, a project of greater complexity.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

It is widespread for people to confuse Augmented Reality market size with Virtual Reality. They are different, and we need to make this very clear. The first includes content projections and other information in the physical world. On the other hand, the second takes people to another new environment created through the computer.

The two technologies need some intermediary to access them, which can be an accessory or application, but the user experiences are different. Virtual Reality market size replaces everything a person sees through totally virtual content. It is possible to enter games and tourist scenarios, for example, and move around them. The connection is made through the Óculus Rift so that the user feels absorbed in the new situation.

In the case of the Augmented Reality market, it adds content to the physical world. In addition to Pokémon Go, another example is the Instagram Stories filters, with animations that overlap the captured image or video. It is also possible to use technology in tourist places. Using a smartphone, the visitor can obtain more information about space or work. And, as we have stated, the uses are diverse. We can use these technologies in a variety of sectors other than gaming like Augmented Reality in real estate and Virtual Reality in the Retail sector.

Role of Virtual Reality in Games

In virtual reality in video games, revenues are expected to be around 6.9 billion in 2020 and $ 11.6 billion in 2025, with 216 million potential users. More than a future development field, it is an almost unstoppable reality. Video game manufacturers such as EA Sports or Activision have understood the value of virtual reality market size for their sector. The hardware manufacturers such as Facebook already had more than 200,000 developers working at the end of 2015 on their Oculus Rift platform in this entertainment sector.

Virtual reality video games can be an opportunity for game creation companies for two essential reasons: the market handles studies that ensure that players could be more involved with VR games. With the purchase of 2.5 games on average a year compared to the usual acquisition of a single game when it is two-dimensional; And second, VR games have a higher cost ($ 60) and more ability to generate income for each unit sold. We have the world’s best Virtual Reality Developers that can guarantee the most cost-effective development process.

Role of Augmented Reality in Games

You’ve probably already heard of the Augmented Reality market (AR). So that you don’t have any doubts, let’s start by understanding the concept clearly, directly and precisely. It is a technology that projects content, such as characters, graphics, and images, into the real world.

An example of AR that was very successful in the world is Pokémon Go. The game shows the virtual characters to be captured in the space in which the user is playing. It is as if the creatures were, in fact, there. It means that the AR market provides a new vision of physical space, created through a combination with the virtual world. You must hire an efficient Augmented Reality Developer to get the best of this immersive world.

What is the Future of the AR Market and VR Market in Games?

The large Canadian and American companies, the giants of the industry, continue to expand their business with new products. Although they are only in the production phase, they are already destined to become a sales success at the time of their launch. Within these projects, the VR market continues to occupy a place of honor among the priorities of developers, who consider it to be the last great barrier that remains to be overcome to provide the ultimate leisure experience to the user. We know it as the fact that the future of AR & VR in Gaming is very bright. To this fact, it must be added that future generations will grow accustomed to controlling the devices in a tactile way, so the analog system of the console controls will undergo a radical change in the coming years. The one known as “Generation T” (a term used to refer to children born between 2010 and 2020, and who stand out for the use of touch devices), will demand in the future the use of immersive technology as an evolution of those devices with those who have grown up.

To all this must be added the unstoppable advancement of “e-sports”, online competitions with a millionaire audience around the globe, and that generates an interest comparable to that of great traditional sports. Aware of the importance of the video game industry, AppStudio is already preparing one of the most anticipated events of the year for lovers of this sector.

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