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We have seen the Ups and Downs in the industry , for our journey started long ago.

AppStudio has been a part of the mobile application development scene for over a decade. We have witnessed changes, have provoked them, and changed ourselves with the flow of time. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we leverage sustained advancements, process orientation, and R&D investments. AppStudio has established itself as one of the best in the region, with a wide array of products and services that are globally acclaimed.

Our Driving Force: Achievements

Here at AppStudio, we pride ourselves in being an achiever. The goals of our clients are our own and nothing brings us more joy than hitting those targets square. We deliver top-of-the-line digital business solutions that are honed to perfection and in tune with your objectives.

Accomplishments Accomplishments Accomplishments Accomplishments

Here's a summary of what makes us different
from the competition:

Our Key Success Factors

We hire only the most most inquisitive minds, driven by critical thinking.

forward icon imageData Driven Decision Making

forward icon imageUser centric Approach

forward icon imageAgile processes

forward icon imageAdoption of the latest technologies

forward icon imageLean operations, but heavy R&D


We listen to our clients and leverage their feedback to improve our services. A win-win we'd say!

Expertise Highly process oriented
Customer satisfaction Committed support
Innovation & Creativity Strong relationships

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Just a few stats - In case you're curious

We believe in diversity, inclusivity and investment into our community. AppStudio has offices & innovation labs across North America, and we're always hiring!

Development Team









Development Team


Architecture Director


Lead UI/UX Designers


Senior UI/UX Designers


UI/UX Designers

Delivery Team


Project Managers


Project Leads


Business Analysts


Key Executives

delivery team


QA Lead


Sr. QA Automation


QA Manual

Leadership & Operations




Manager Operations


Key Executives

Leadership and operations
Hybrid Development


React Native Developers


Flutter Developers

Hybrid Development
Game Development Team


Unity Developers

Game Development Team
Marketing Team


SEO Experts


SEM Experts


ASO Experts


Email Marketing

Marketing Team

Our streamlined Project Development Process

We've iterated, innovated, and developed a process that drives efficiencies for all stakeholders

Our mobile app development team evaluates, analyzes, explores, and provides you with multiple range of solutions.

project consulting
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dot image
project planing

We prepare a blueprint before project delivery. Our App Developers outline a project plan after understanding your business objectives.

We create frameworks and define network, database and UI layers in this stage.

project prototyping
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project development

As an app development company, we follow an agile application development methodology and work closely with each client to develop applications as their requirements.

We have expert testers that do functional, integration, and performance testing of developed applications on actual devices.

project quality assurance
dot image
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance



dot image
project delivery

We carry out a final deployment even after fully developing your application. Our company also provides support and maintenance even after application deployment.

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Keeping up with the ever-changing digital world

Technology is always changing. It keeps on evolving at a rapid pace, consistently and never slowing down. That is why it is up to us to keep up with it, every step of the way. Team AppStudio is always engrossed in learning about new technologies, digital innovations, and fields of study. Our engineers, designers, and writers have a penchant for learning about the latest developments in the industry.

Team of versatile developers

Team of versatile developers

Easy, safe and cheap application

Easy, safe and cheap application

Expertise in all business verticals

Expertise in all business verticals

Integrate app with existing structure

Integrate app with existing structure

Extensively run a beta test

Extensively run a beta test

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android app development company
software development agency

Staying at the top of our game, the AppStudio way

We are a one-stop shop for everything mobile application development-related. We have delivered award-winning products time after time and continue to do so

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

AppStudio’s team has many, many years of experience in delivering effective, efficient, and enticing business solutions across various industries, sectors, and verticals.



We excel at providing customized digital products and services for all platforms. Our developers are adept at working with advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and Blockchain.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

To ensure timely maintenance and updates, we have a dedicated team of talented individuals. They are available around the clock after application deployment and resolve all issues promptly.

Excellent Track Record

Excellent Track Record

With our global clientele and high quality of service, we have created a name for ourselves as an industry leader. Our pristine track record is a statement of our achievements and the AppStudio brand.

Flexible, Agile and Affordable

Flexible, Agile and Affordable

Our development team is well accustomed to the rapid changes that may arise during a project. They are adaptable, agile, flexible, and keep the overall development costs down.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

At AppStudio, we approach things with an analytical mindset. Thinking out-of-the-box is encouraged to ensure the most innovative and creative solutions for your business.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

AppStudio is a leading mobile app development company in Canada. Here, you get a wide range of digital solutions under one roof. Our services include iOS mobile app development services, Android application development, web and mobile app development in Ottawa.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective Continuous Communication

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly Cordial Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Why Choose

We are Canada’s top-rated mobile application developer. With hundreds of chart-topping applications delivered to startups, businesses and enterprises worldwide, we have emerged as pioneers of digital transformation and tactical disruption. Our experts have many years of skills and knowledge under their belt, which enables them to produce top-notch business solutions that deliver remarkable digital experiences.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Excellent Customer Support!

I consulted the team of AppStudio to help me in making my business grow. I was delivered with a wonderful application that is very beneficial for me in many ways.The team has done very remarkable work for this project.

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  • Richard Parker

Amazing Service

Simply a great experience to work with AppStudio. The organization has a team of highly professional and expert employees who are more over inclined to deliver the best of the solutions to you.

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  • Thomson Exer

Amazing Support

Great appreciation to the people of AppStudio for delivering the project. The team is very hardworking and focused on their work. Great professionals to share your project with.Highly satisfied.

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  • Anne

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the Best App Agency of the year.

Our substantial R&D budget and innovation labs, spreaded across North America, ensure that we are up to date with the latest technologies & trends. This has been a key factor in helping us retain the title of the best-in-class mobile application development company.

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in the Studio?

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AppStudio creates a new and leading standard from taking your idea of developing a unique, and tailor-made digital product you were craving for.


We are working day and night to create wonders in the digital world. We work as a team and have developers, designers, engineers, & managers in our arsenal. We believe in diversity & talent that’s the reason we recruit members from all over the world.


We serve every industry with zeal and commitment. We realize that each sector is unique and demands a different strategy. AppStudio has tons of experience in delivering top-notch apps for every industry.


AppStudio’s Culture

We are the top North American company having command posts in Canada. Here we are not afraid to think outside the box and come up with crazy and creative ideas. We work daily to improve the digital experience in general and create mobile apps and services that are brilliant and noteworthy. We believe that a great reason why we succeed in creating magical solutions together with our customers is that we have built a solid foundation and great strategies. In this foundation are the values that govern how we work and permeate all communication with customers, suppliers, and employees.

We specialize in developing digital solutions including software, mobile apps, and integrate them with contemporary technologies. We also provide full maintenance and support services while our clients are very fond of our consultation services.

Unique Concept That Is the Essence of Our Success

Many app ideas usually remain only ideas. This is due to uncertainty and lack of knowledge about technology and how to go about realizing your idea. Our goal is to always be the obvious partner. But to succeed in this we know that it is not enough just to build apps, but it also requires an experienced team and sharp technology. We have developed our own mobile application development platform that allows us to build your app faster and with higher quality than anyone else. Our platform in combination with our talented team provides a unique and unbeatable concept that not only makes your app great but also gives your app advantages over your competitors.

Why Our Clients’ Give Us Multiple Projects

Mobile apps are a fairly young market for us. We started our journey with developing software solutions for almost every type of industry including healthcare and warehouse management software. We are known as the number one choice for software and website development company in Canada. Our creative team designs and delivers web development services with such excellence that has won us numerous awards. With the inception of mobile apps, our android and iOS application development services soon brought a good name to the company. Now we have the credibility of featuring hundreds of apps in top lists.

All Contemporary Technologies Under One Roof

We have helped companies design and develop mobile solutions that provide business benefits and the best user experience. Whether you're interested in apps, games, or web solutions, and think a React Native, iPhone, or Android app, an IoT solution, or an AR / VR experience is right for your mobile venture: hit us a signal. We act on the plank early in the process and share our knowledge of everything from ideas and design to what happens below the surface.

From Ecommerce to Business Integrations

We have delivered customized e-commerce solutions to a large number of companies with integration with existing business systems that streamline the work process. The solutions have included separate login for resellers (B2B) in combination with B2C and connections to business systems. E-commerce is today much more than just an online store because several systems need to interact with each other to conduct effective sales. Therefore, AppStudio ensures that the entire flow is optimized for digital business. If you already run e-commerce today but want to migrate to a more tailor-made solution, our developers can handle that process for you.

The Relationship in Focus

Long-term relationships are everything for us. If your app becomes successful, so will we. It is in our DNA to work structured and methodical and to be service-minded. As an app development agency, we always do a little extra to make your project as efficient as possible.

Punctuality and Delivery On-Time

AppStudio delivers products on time. We believe that there is no use if a brilliant app is pitched to our client customers late. We commit to our clients’ and our developers leave no stone unturned for the success of their digital project. We have integrated scientific management processes within our company that help us manage every project with perfection.


We are a digital agency that works with communication, strategy, development, design, and design of web-based business solutions that help companies communicate and trade with customers, partners, and staff in an efficient, profitable, and easy way. We have traits that are hard to find in the digital market. Our android app development services can take your brand to new heights.


Together we create common goals for each project. We work with constant reconciliations (iteratively) which creates a reliable delivery both in terms of time and business. We never take things for granted and work professionally to produce marvelous results. We hold ourselves accountable that is the reason our apps and digital solutions outshine others.

We Cherish Joy

The true value is created in communion with you. And we live under the belief that glow and joy are one of the cornerstones of success. Of course, we always celebrate success together!

Innovative Creativity

Our employees have a unique drive to find new ways and new technologies to solve your problems. We work proactively and are happy to share creative solutions for your best. No app development agency in Canada prioritizes innovation above all.

Long-Term Commitment

We are committed to your business and look long-term in our relationships. We know our customers' business and listen to the needs and problems that need a solution.


We know what is important and prioritize accordingly. We deliver according to plan through simple routines and forms of cooperation. We remain always on our toes and conduct internal meetings to counter challenges and improve efficiency. Our mobile app development company in Canada is the one on which you can rely on.

Professionalism and Budget Centric Approach

Our clients are everything from small and medium-sized companies to large organizations. Therefore, information security, efficient information management, and cost-effectiveness are natural elements of the work. Got an idea? Don't hesitate, don't get late. Contact us now without any obligation.