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Some Awesome Clients & Brands

We think of ourselves as a strategic business partner rather than an independent contractor, our clients feel the same.

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Rise of On-Demand Apps

Insights by AppStudio

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On-Demand Apps

Insights by AppStudio

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5 Things...

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Mobile Strategy

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Amy Macedo

AppStudio Client

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AppStudio Client

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty.

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app development company
app development company

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The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol.

What We Did With mobile app development company

mobile app development company

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This age belongs to technology and you should make informed decisions for your new projects. AppStudio’s Blog provides the latest trends, guides, and key knowledge about contemporary technologies.


We always stay on top of our game while delivering top of the line products. The digital world is evolving at a rapid pace, therefore, app development companies in Toronto need to be vigilant and up-to-date. We are always at our toes and apply new development strategies and technologies to deliver unmatched products. Welcome to AppStudio!

Android Development

As a mobile app development company in Canada, we have created a unique method to develop unique and smooth native android apps. We develop such apps that look custom-made for each android device out there.

IOS Development

We have got sharp and senior developers who leave nothing to chance. Developing apps for the world’s most premium platform demands supreme talent and professionalism. We have both, we deliver apps for iPhone or iPad with Swift or Objective-C. AppStudio Ios app developers Toronto do it with passion and in the most solid of crafts.

React Native Development

Using web technology, Javascript, and React as tools and a common code base, we create agile mobile cross-platform solutions that quickly make your app available to both Android and iOS users.

Web Development

Of course, as the full-stack agency, we also cover the world's most used protocol, Https: //… Or the web in everyday speech. We deliver stylish, rich with captivating UI/UX and effective web-based solutions.

Creative Designs and Delightful User Experience

We believe that creative designs are the essence of any digital product. Whether it’s an app, website, or software, our excellent designers make no mistake. We give the design part importance as we know that a well-designed digital product can create wonders. Our apps have smooth designs, enticing color pallets, amazing UI, and fluid navigations. Users are the ones that make popular or fail the whole project that is the reason we create an enthralling user experience.

We Integrate and work With Contemporary Technologies

AppStudio Toronto is no ordinary company. We have teams dedicated to every technology that you have heard of. We have here built a powerhouse that has all novel technologies. Our app developers Toronto are technologies specific and we dedicate a lot of revenue to comprehend every technology. Our integration process includes:

Together We Create Amazing Things!


The work begins with analyzing and identifying your needs. This means that we can identify target groups and create a strategy that goes all the way. We then create a joint project plan for the delivery goals in the project.


Based on the analysis, we present a visual concept proposal. The result is an overall draft for function and appearance for your solution. Here we have a dialogue about solutions, objectives, and delivery plans.


After analysis, design, and concept work, we are ready for development. We as a mobile app Development Company Toronto work continuously with feedback, tests, and reconciliations within the project group.


When we in the project team agree that we have achieved our goal and are ready with the delivery, we launch. Of course, we celebrate by inviting you to the cake.


Through strategic management, technical support, and user support, we take full responsibility for the solution. We work proactively with a focus on business benefit and development opportunities in the form of web boards. Feel free to go with you.


Together we create success. We celebrate victories and further develop solutions to new heights. Together we create fantastic things. Beyond Talent, We Are Toxic.

What do We Offer?

Holistic Perspective

Each specialist involved in your project is fully informed about how their contributions affect the product we are trying to create.

Perfect Composition

According to how your needs look, we assess the best technology to complete your product and then pick in the appropriate specialists to work with.

Compatible Culture

All individuals are highly motivated and focused on your project, with a clear understanding of the importance of business culture.

You have Full Control

We decide from the beginning several meetings that run throughout the development cycle, where we inform you about how the project relates to the set framework. The work will be divided into several stages, which will allow you to keep up to date and make changes within the framework at all stages.

Project Management Expertise

Depending on your priorities, we will choose the management framework that best suits your business goals.

You can benefit from a product-focused development, with high flexibility that adapts perfectly to your business goals. You have the opportunity to make assessments of the product as the development progresses, and the focus is to get the product to the market as quickly as possible.

If you choose a project-based approach, you will benefit from the productivity benefits, and get the best results for your budget. All milestones are achieved on time and the result is following the requirements set by you.

For us, digital branding strategies are about courage, transparency, presence, and movement. and above all emotions. Because it's about people.

We Will Help You

  • Develop a wow feeling with your customers
  • Find the right idea, concept, and tonality
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Create, relaunch or reposition your brand
  • Package communication uniformly