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What is Frontend Development?

It is the creation of the user interface of a website or an application which is what a user sees and interacts with. The front end includes everything that is visible to the eye, the design, structure, layout, and content. For a website or an app visitor, the front end is the first impression they have of a business, organization, or brand. Therefore, is it absolutely vital to have a user-friendly design that enables a smooth and pleasing digital experience.


Frontend development is handled by a team instead of a single person. The team consists of front-end developers, UI/UX designers, and creative writers. The entire process goes through multiple stages of prototyping and testing before the final version is released.

The Aesthetics of An Amazing Frontend

AppStudio is a front end development agency where amazing visuals are conjoined with the latest technology to produce dazzling frontend solutions.

Integration Capability


Our experts build a frontend that is highly compatible with different application platforms. They are adept at devising frontend and web development solutions that can be easily integrated with third-party services, tools, data sources, and systems.

Scalability Performance


When we talk about frontend application development, we mean flexible technological advancements that offer scalability, high-end performance, and advanced features like fault tolerance and accessible accommodation that improve with time.

Business Continuity


At AppStudio, we undertake an analytical approach when building, testing, and deploying front-end solutions for businesses. We focus on delivering digital solutions that are not only cost-effective but also in sync with your long-term goals.



As an experienced frontend web application development company, AppStudio understands the value of data security. Advanced data protection measures and security protocols are leveraged including the latest data encryption and PCI DSS pre-certification.

Features of AppStudio’s Frontend Application Development

Strong Frontend Expertise


We have been in the business of frontend development for more than 10 years and have delivered outstanding business solutions across various industries and verticals.


UX/UI Design

AppStudio has a dedicated team of highly imaginative designers and developers who can bring the wildest and most vivid ideas to life with their skills.

Platform optimization

Platform Optimization

Our experts can create a fully customizable and incredibly optimized frontend, perform well and can be applied to a wide array of business environment and operations.

Frontend testing

Extensive Testing

All our frontend solutions go through diligent testing to make sure all components are working as intended. Our testers check aspects like performance, visuals, integration, and accessibility extensively.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Applications

We have made a name for ourselves as the leading provider of progressive and next-generation applications that are successful in rising up to the challenges of different industries and scenarios.

AMP development

AMP Development

AppStudio’s front-end development team utilizes Google AMP to speed up loading times, lower bounce rates, front-end, and improve SEO optimization. They can deliver high-quality frontend solutions that offer unmatched features and performance.

Premium Code Quality

Premium Codebase

The code written by our expert developers is optimized, superlative and superior. Thus, ensuring the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of the final product.

Planned development process

Strategic Development

When it comes to frontend development, we employ tried and tested strategies to maximize the output while keeping the overall development costs down. Our team employs advanced project management tools for smooth operations.

Experienced team

Experienced Team

AppStudio is made up of highly talented and skilled individuals who possess many years of experience and knowledge. They are industry leaders and veterans who are capable of thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions.

What We Do?

The various types of Front end solutions we provide are made possible
through our web development technology expertise.

migration and porting
testing and performance
responsive conversion
Ui-ux development
seo performance development
customize js-based
maintenance and support

Our Frontend Implementation Project

Executing the frontend of a web app is a step-by-step procedure from discovery to maintenance.

Discover Discover

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Prototyping Prototyping

  • arrow img UI Design
  • arrow img Wireframing & Prototyping
  • arrow img Branding
  • arrow img Prototype Approval

Testing Compatibility-Test

  • arrow img W3C Compliance
  • arrow img Compatibility Test
  • arrow img Automation

Maintain Maintain

  • arrow img We provide comprehensive maintenance
  • arrow img Offer support services to meet business requirements


  • arrow img Server Testing
  • arrow img Picking Tools and Technologies

Development Development

  • arrow img Environment Setup
  • arrow img Integration
  • arrow img Hardcoding

Delivery Delivery

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Development Stack

When you choose AppStudio, you hire frontend developers who work with the latest tools and leverage the most cutting-edge technology to deliver remarkable frontend for websites, mobile applications, and an array of smart devices. They can outperform the competition with their extensive knowledge of the domain and skills they have refined over the years. This is the foundation on which we have established ourselves as the leading front end web development company in Canada.

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Support is amazing!

AppStudio has a dedicated team of web professionals for helping your business succeed. I have worked with them for many years, and they always deliver results above expectations.

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  • Jack

Great Experience

AppStudio proves the best PSD to HTML conversion service provider we've worked with. We have tried several, but none have exceeded our expectations like them. They are also swift to answer any questions we may have and always see the project through to the end. We never felt dissatisfied.

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  • Lisa


I would like to thank AppStudio for its support and for playing an important role in developing the product. It's been a phenomenal journey. Look forward to taking this Partnership forward and many more years of working together.

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  • Jane

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the Best App Agency of the year.

Our substantial R&D budget and innovation labs, spreaded across North America, ensure that we are up to date with the latest technologies & trends. This has been a key factor in helping us retain the title of the best-in-class mobile application development company.

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Our Best in Class Front End Development

What We Do?


Our team is highly competent and expert in designing quality web pages and mobile apps according to our client’s demand.


We understand the significance of development in our products and have a special emphasis on creating remarkable web content.


We provide an easy connection between all the outputs of your activities that are important for web project execution.


We provide effective optimization to our clients with the provision of back end coding structures to the web pages and will ultimately influence the search engine ranks.

Responsive layout for cross-Device user experience

Today no business can taste success without implementing and integrating software development across devices. Our front end developers are expert in developing apps and pages that are accessible from every platform and facilitates usability. Appstudio delivers outstanding experience optimized for cross device and ease of shifting.


Front end development for mobile apps has been our trademark since our inception.


Appstudio promises smooth performance on all kinds of tablets from different manufacturers.

Personal Computer

We shine at desktop frontend development thanks to our fusion of classic and trendy developers.

Front End Development Company

If you want to compete and survive in the market, there is no other solution besides going for highly-responsive, beautiful, and interactive design.

At Appstudio, we prioritize and excel in design prowess. Our design teams are always accessible by our clients as we believe without an efficient design and usability, the concept of having a mobile app or webpage fails. Our frontend developers pay extra heed to navigation, usability and performance of your project across all devices.

What is front end development?

It is a specialty for web development, which works the web interface and allows the user to interact with our website.

It is oriented to brand language and the web programming language of execution on client computers, without the need for external servers. Almost everything you see on the screen when you access a website is frontend development, the structuring of the sections, sizes, margins between structures, fonts, colors, adaptation for different screens, mouse effects, keyboard movements, visual effects ... This would be the origin base on which the frontend specialty focuses, format content, develop the appearance of the web and manipulate results of data obtained.

Do not confuse schedules

Frontend programming as its origin, will always be oriented to create web interfaces, create interface applications without going beyond what internal programming means (backend development).

What is backend development?

It is focused only on programming languages, oriented to operations, working with internal data, and creating applications that control data from the web database, to be consulted by the user. Creation of functions that perform an action or actions that control the proper functioning of applications, Create operations structures and calculations to return results. It is a specialty more oriented to a less intuitive programming and sometimes somewhat more complex, both specialties are going to be linked, although we will not go deeper because it would already be a topic that comes out of our domain.

Frontend languages

Here we see the languages used in professional development.


HyperText Markup Language, is a markup language, which works with tags for structuring and organizing web content.


Cascading style sheets are cascading style sheets, responsible for formatting the content.


Very powerful programming language, object-oriented and for many years used for the development of web applications and today and face the future of the languages that are spreading and evolving in the field of web development and mobile development. With the quality of being able to be interpreted on client computer and in any web browser and easily interact with HTML and CSS among others.


Another important fact that we cannot miss is the mention of the W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, organization responsible for creating both HTML and CSS standards, if you are a frontend developer you should follow them closely.

Good Combinations

The development of projects for a frontend, in the majority of occasions they will go very hand in hand with the design, this means that it does not hurt to expand knowledge of design theory and control applications such as illustrator, photoshop among others, for manipulation, retouching of images, vector designs, illustrations etc ... It also helps a lot, controlling and mastering server-side programming such as PHP and Python among several.

Keep in mind that this work works very closely with this type of technology and all knowledge is very well received when it comes to developing large-scale projects and not depending so much on the team of programming experts (backend developers).

It is also convenient to have a group of tools for specific professional use such as frameworks, along with special editors among others ... all to give comfort, help save working time and reuse code for optimized development.


Roughly and as basic without adulterating the specialty, I would develop projects formatting and designing the contents, using the HTML, CSS and Javascript languages, described above. Very important to highlight the creation of interfaces with properties of movement or manipulation of structures, all focused on facilitating navigation to the visiting user.

So if you need to give your website a professional, innovative and optimized image, the frontend developer would be the most recommended professional for this job since it is dedicated exclusively to this.

With this you already have a slight brushstroke, since we could extend much more in the subject, but this is only a quick introduction so that you know a little more about this specialty and its basic points to understand what a frontend developer is dedicated to and what is necessary to begin to know what tools you need for your work.