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Android App Development That Delivers Next-Gen Business Solutions

AppStudio offers custom Android app development services for startups and businesses. From full-stack development to traditional Android development, we excel in crafting end-to-end applications that are built to cater to your distinct business requirements. We provide next-generation digital products, made by our expert developers, with the most advanced technology and years of experience in the Android app development domain.

Android App Development

High-end Android application development for all platforms

As an award-winning Android application development company, we have pioneered the art of developing scalable apps for every platform.

Our Android App Development Process

At AppStudio, we have developed a streamlined development strategy that allows us to maximize our productivity while minimizing efficiency loss. Our Android development cycle consists of:

  • Ideation and Planning

    Ideation and Planning

    Our Android developers get familiar with your project idea and your goals in order to devise the most suitable development approach and product features.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design

    A concept design is defined by a team of expert designers, including the icons, graphics, animations, buttons, and other design elements.

  • Architecture


    AppStudio’s team works on the MVC modules, develops the application framework, and creates the different layers of network, database, and UI.

  • Development


    Our front-end and back-end development teams come together to build the core functions of the Android application as well as the server-side elements.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    During this stage, we put the developed app through its paces and conduct rigorous quality testing. AppStudio’s skilled QA team checks all the features and the app’s performance.

  • Play store Submission

    Play store Submission

    Once the app passes the QA checks, our team submits the application to the Google Play Store as well as handles the enterprise distribution-related tasks.

  • Post Launch

    Post Launch

    AppStudio provides all the necessary updates and periodic maintenance services. Our team monitors crashes, bug reports, user engagement, and retention among many other post-launch services.

Superlative App Development, Powered by Groundbreaking Innovations and Technology

AppStudio focuses on the utilization of the latest and most sophisticated digital tools when it comes to developing next-generation Android applications. As a reputed Android mobile application development company, it is our motto to deliver the best and nothing else.

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Our Android app development services are powered by flexible and innovative programming languages. With the help of languages like Java and Kotlin, they develop featureful applications that deliver an amazing user experience.



We at AppStudio employ the industry’s best tools and technology like Android SDK and NDK kits during our app development process. We make sure to hire Android developers who can work with the latest tools that enable the rapid development of apps.



Integrated Development Environments (IDE) are the cornerstones of our reputed Android development services. We make use of Eclipse and Android Studio for their automated functions that allow us to produce top-notch digital products.



AppStudio is an Android application development agency that is blessed with highly creative and imaginative designers. They create mesmerizing visuals, layouts, animations, and other design elements based on Google Material Design.



Our expert Android development team uses high-performance databases like SQLite and Active Android to store and fetch data. This allows them to speed up the development process, improve the app’s performance and minimize any data loss.



A general-purpose, open-source, statistically typed modern programming language. Our skilled developers use it to build robust cross-platform mobile applications that perform remarkably well when compared to Java-based counterparts.

Our Android
App Development

Native App Development Hybrid App Development
Native App Development

Native App Development

Developers mainly develop Native apps for a specific platform. Native applications can be best suitable for:

  • To increase performance of your application.
  • To build an app for one specific platform.
  • If you have chances for scalability on the same platform in future.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Canada’s favorite Android Developer

AppStudio is the leading Canadian Android app development firm. We have delivered hundreds of creative applications to some of the world’s top brands and businesses. Our Android development services are regarded as one of the best in the market. We have been in the AI app development industry for years and over the course of time, we have honed our skill to perfection.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Support is amazing!

Partnering with AppStudio has provided a cost effective and efficient solution to meet our IT needs. They consistently demonstrate 100% commitment and tenacity to complete the most challenging projects.

  • Jack

Great Experience

AppStudio is the team you should work in - hardworking, honest and reliable. However, it has been great to work with AppStudio to improve my business and I look forward to more prosperous years with this great team.

  • Lisa


I appreciate the support that AppStudio has to offer. Their team is very receptive to making improvements and adjustments. Their commitment to client success and fair pricing make them the right partner for future projects.

  • Jane

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Our Android Development is Trendy, Modern, and Resourceful

Although Java is the most preferred one, there are various quality languages that help in creating a sophisticated game or an app. You can apply different tools while playing with contrasting platforms. At Appstudio, our developers excel in creating Android apps and projects by executing creativity rather than just going about the same old beaten path. However, we make sure that we follow clients’ guidelines and industry's tried and tested parameters. Android development is peculiar and even puzzling as it looks like a simple and easy job but possesses many errors and bugs if not handled efficiently. We champion the cause.

Technology We Use In Our Android Apps

Android Studio

Our developers use Android Studio for making our app development processes manageable, It acts as a set of tools for the rapid creation of applications in Android OS. The interesting thing about this Integrated development environment Software is that it automates some functions so that developers can concentrate on the purest design of a native application.


Developed by Google, Flutter is a popular UI building framework that saves cost, time and effort of Android developers. Our flutter app development offers you mobile apps that run on mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase. It saves you the cost of hiring separate teams for each app as your business requirements. This common code base platform is best for your versatile requirements for apps on an iOS or Android platform.

Material Design

Material design is a comprehensive tool that helps designers for designing visual, motion, and interaction design across various platforms and devices. You need to follow the guidelines defined in the material design specification to use material design in your Android apps. There are certain patterns and APIs that our developers use while designing interfaces for your app.

Android Kit

SDK is the acronym for “Software Development Kit”. The SDK combines a group of tools that simplifies the android app development process.


Our developers consider Java as a leading technology for mobile apps. We develop from simple to complex applications using Java. Our Java application development services help all types of industries, including enterprise, healthcare, social networking, entertainment, etc. Our team provides a comprehensive technical expertise and domain knowledge in developing cross-platform apps with the latest technologies of Java.


Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that acts as an alternative to Java for Android App Development. It is multi-platform, i.e. can help in easily executable on a Java Virtual Machine. It is a language that runs under the Java Virtual Machine and improves the development speed of the whole development process.

Not Restricted to Android, Unrelenting Always

We began building high-quality Android apps when the very first Android launched and we haven’t stopped since. Innovation and change define the mobile landscape, and Google’s Android remains at the forefront.

Innovation and Custom Built Android

We develop professional Apps (mobile applications) for companies or startups trying to maximize their earnings. That is the reason, we rely heavily on innovation and customization instead of just going for a template. Our management and developers get in touch with the clients and comprehend little details. Appstudio integrates your project with a mobile app that helps create new business opportunities.

Android App Development Services

  • UI/UX Design
  • Dynamic android app
  • Consulting services
  • QA & testing
  • Android App Porting App Development
  • Widget Development
  • Support & Maintenance

Our Android App Development Approach

Native App Development

Native apps are developed for specific platforms and can be written in any language that platform accepts. Android is one of the most popular platforms and our Android developers have vast experience in delivering versatile Android development services. It helps us to develop high-quality native apps as per your business needs. Overall, native apps provide a better user experience but are more costly to develop than other options.

Hybrid App Development

We are a leading Hybrid app development company and offer extensive expertise in creating solutions to meet versatile client needs. We develop feature-rich and innovative android apps and help businesses to drive traffic and maximum returns on investments. Hybrid apps are less expensive than native apps, don’t require a browser, and can leverage device APIs; however, they’re slower than native apps and are not customizable to individual platforms like native apps.

Futuristic Android App Development

Appstudio is a renowned Android app development company with vast knowledge and experience in delivering high-performance, feature-packed, and digitally disruptive mobile experiences. We can develop robust, stable enterprise-grade, and highly configurable native mobile apps on Android platforms. Our team aims not only to make your concept of an app a reality but also to help your company attract more consumers, operate more effectively, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Why AppStudio for Android Application Development ?

Your rivals are using a modified Android application development service. Considering many Android mobile clients are not children's toys and encouraging them to use your application includes further complexity! Would you like to think through every problem like that? The mobile app developers from Appstudio can help you overcome all the obstacles in your Android app development , even in contract spending plans!

Appstudio Development Process For User-friendly Apps

Hire a developer from us and get our skilled Android application developers for your dream project, experienced in new technologies, and have the knowledge to deliver according to your needs.

Android Application Development Company?

Your rivals are using a modified Android application development service. Considering many Android mobile clients are not children's toys and encouraging them to use your application includes further complexity! Would you like to think through every problem like that? The mobile app developers from Appstudio can help you overcome all the obstacles in your Android app development , even in contract spending plans!

Appstudio Development Process For User-friendly Apps

Hire a developer from us and get our skilled Android application developers for your dream project, experienced in new technologies, and have the knowledge to deliver according to your needs.


At the outset, our mobile app development team & flutter app developers identify the project's objectives, perform specifications, in-depth review, and evaluation to provide full documentation and prepare a roadmap for the mobile app project's design.


With packed-stack mobile app development experience, industry-specific expertise, and architecture skills, Appstudio customizes android app development services to meet every company's unique needs.


To ensure reliability after delivering the mobile app, we provide full maintenance and support services. It comprises support for mobile applications created by Appstudio, update & improvement, performance monitoring & security testing, OS and server transition.

Agile Execution, Submission & Maintenance

We have a team of experienced Android and iOS developers who follow an agile approach during every stage of Android Application development while adhering to standard guidelines. Get a maintenance period that can be extended according to your long-term needs.

Why do you need Android Application Development?

If you are looking to recruit Android application developers, in that case, we have an entire group of Android developers who have a definite order on programming languages like Kotlin, Java, C, C +, HTML, and CSS to develop top of the line applications for phones, tablets, gadgets that can make worn, and Android TV. Our Android developers build apps for nearly all App Store classes, including Education and Learning, Health and Fitness, and Travel.

Our Topnotch Android App Development Services

We'll handle the entire Android app development cycle from app ideas to development to deploying apps on the Play Store. The following Android application development services that we provide are as follows:

Custom Android Application Development

Our mobile app development agency offers you a fully customizable Android application to serve your target niche better.

  • Enterprise-level application
  • Widget Development
  • On-site and Off-site Android Applications
  • Native Android and Cross Platform Applications

Android Game Development

We provide game development on Android platform. Our talented team of mobile experts provides you with an extraordinary 2D / 3D Android game development experience through a suite of advanced game technologies.

- AR Developer
- Kotlin, Unity, Python, etc. Expertise
- Adopt the Latest Game Engine
- Development of applications for Education, Sports, etc.
- VR Developer
- M-commerce Android Application
Take advantage of advances in mobile technology in the context of your online business and organize interactive and user-friendly M-commerce applications.
- Online shopping Android application
- Travel & Fitness app
- Salesforce Android app development
- POS system integration

Hire Android App Development Company

We focus on creating quality-based Android apps that can take our customers' businesses to the next level. We, as an Android application development company are very familiar with business ethics, and we also have experience in this area like no other. Hiring an Android app developer from Appstudio will allow you to get a job fast, at the most affordable price.

We hire designers and engineers to make your custom Android app a total success. We are known as Canada's leading mobile app development firm providing effective services worldwide. Not all companies associate design and development with the package, but we will make our clients happy and strengthen our relationship. So, contact us to get a quote immediately, and let's work together to make your dream come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Choose Appstudio for Android App Development?

Our Android app developers strive to remain the best while facilitating you a precision-based Android app that's smarter in today's competitive world. Take a look at some of the advantages of hiring Appstudio for Android app development:
- Committed and trained developers
- Function for agile approaches

Q2. Can you Create Android and iOS Apps?

Yes, we have highly-skilled teams of Android and iOS app developers who develop innovative mobile applications. Our dedicated app developers know the formula for creating Android apps that witnessed over a million downloads.

Q3. What are the safety measures you're taking to keep my mobile app idea safe?

We will enter into a strict confidentiality agreement with you to ensure the safety of your smartphone application concept.

Q4. How do you allocate resources for my Android application development?

We have several SMEs in our business development and analysis team. So, we will start by looking at your app idea - its sectoral sector and the technology stack it needs - then allocating the most suitable Android app developer with experience in your chosen industry.

Q5. Do you offer post-completion expert assistance?

Yes, our company always believes in happy and satisfied clients. That's why we provide you with dedicated post-completion expert support. In this period, we take care of application performance and all kinds of bug resolutions.

Q6. What tools and technology do you use for Android app development?

To develop Android applications, we use the following tools and technologies:
- Tools & IDEs: Android SDK, Android NDK, and Android Studio
- Programming Languages: Kotlin / Java, XML for Designing
- Database: SQLite & Realm

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