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flutter framework for mobile app development

Why Flutter Application Development Services Will Be Best For You?

Flutter is Google's UI building framework that can save cost, time and effort. Google Flutter is the best choice for mobile app development. It provides a common code base that will fit your multiple requirements and will save time to launch your app on a iOS or Android platform.

Why Choose Flutter To Develop Your
Next-Gen Mobile Apps?

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform framework for building mobile applications for multiple OS. Google has released the stable version of Flutter with the development community that can be used to build engaging UI with great animations.

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Custom Flutter application development services

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Backend & API Development for seamless user experience

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Flutter development for Android platform

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Flutter development for iOS application

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Overall Flutter cross-platform development services

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Voice-enabled Flutter technology solutions

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Data analytics by Flutter experts

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Based on the Dart programming language

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Custom Flutter application development services

Benefits of Flutter
App Development

Flutter application development offers many advantages over
other Android or iOS app development techniques. It is a open source
Cross-Platform and offers following advantages that can make your
applications more useful:

benifits of flutter single codebase

Pixel Perfect Applications

The layered Flutter architecture offers many creative and expressive designs. It also provides better UI & UX to focus-on iOS and end-user experience.

benifits of flutter single codebase

Supports Client Development

Several programming languages guide Flutter developers to provide Hot Reload that allows live edits on the code and manage instant change in the apps.

benifits of flutter fabricate widgets

Superfast Development

Flutter offers a single codebase that saves time for writing separate iOS or Android or other codes. Flutter also brings everything at one place and makes the development process quite easy.

benifits of fltter mobile app faster and better native performance

Responsible Framework

Developers can easily rephrase the content to UI manually using Flutter. It also updates factors in the state and gives a great look with different effects to make the process faster.

Explore Our
Flutter App Services

Our Flutter app development team aims to leave a long-term impression by focusing on modern tech-savvy clients. We consider all your requirements and bidding challenges while developing apps.

Apps for iOS and
Android using Dart

With Flutter you can explore many application codes that offer necessities and bring your app from tech stacks to a hybrid framework. With Flutter one can reach a wide range of audiences by running apps on desktop.

Plugin Development for
Native Communication

Apply several experimental techniques to build an amazing route for your business. Select best Android platforms at the initial level and use the same code after deployment to update the reach in the form of iOS application.

Hybrid App Development

Design the best iOS and Android application for various businesses as our app developers provide quality code libraries and practices to design applications.

Flutter for Desktop

Maximise your customers by applying very less effort, time and money. Flutter for desktop works on a different OS with a single codebase which is impossible for other hybrid frameworks.

High-level Features

Flutter comes with an In-App purchase API that helps in payments, micro-transactions and other subscriptions from various stores. Additionally, it can handle getting location-based services added to your project.

Dart App Development

Flutter uses a specific programming language, Dart that can help in fast app execution and creating high-performing applications, and easy rendering. Flutter has support libraries to render apps for all the widgets developed using Dart.

What are The AppStudio Flutter
Development Expertise?

Our native programming experts use the Flutter framework to develop applications as per your needs. With the Dart advantage and hot reload feature, Flutter provides reliable and easy to use mobile applications for all platforms.

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Identify Requirements
and Challenges in Flutter
App Development

analysis of flutter market trends

UI/UX Design

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Assurance Test
& Deployment

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All time
Support and

Why To Choose AppStudio For Flutter
App Development Services?

Flutter App developers of AppStudio have expertise in all techniques required for
developing Flutter-based apps. Our development team stands out-of-the-crowd
and provides on-time delivery using the best technique to develop Flutter
applications as per your business needs.

Flutter App
Development Industry

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit (SDK) built by Google. It is used to develop cross-platform Android and iOS applications that fills the gap between quality and productivity.

Endless Possibilities that Flutter
in New Age App

Mobile apps designed using Flutter offer many advantages and boost up the app development
process. It allows to build and scale beautiful interfaces as compared to Native apps.

Expedite development speed

Expedite development speed

It enables developers to define focus on look as well as the functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter also keeps XML out of the picture which makes the process faster.

Hot reload

Hot reload

Hot Reload solves all the common problems found in the development process in one go. Flutter also shows the best result as per your code changes on the app screen. It also adds many features to fix bugs and experimenting the app easily.

Reactive framework

Reactive framework

Flutter regularly updates content on your UI that was earlier done manually. All changes done in update variables in your state will be reflected automatically.



Flutter made the Android and iOS mobile app development process very easy. Now, relying down on many designs after due experimentation and reviewing, developers don't have to spend enough time.

Dart benefits

Dart benefits

Enhancement in Dart libraries summarizes the Flutter application development process in a few code lines.

Less testing

Less testing

Use of Flutter means less code that clearly implies fewer bugs. Due to a single codebase, Flutter developers can easily write automatic tests only once and can speed up the quality improvement process.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Why Choose

Our in-house team has many professional Flutter developers, Material Theming experts, and testers and QA analysts. We focus on developing Flutter apps as per industry requirements. Flutter is the ideal option for startups and business owners to launch effective applications as per your requirements.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Always Excellent Support

AppStudio developed iOS and Android app for my business using flutter framework. The app they developed has an amazing UI and it was very fast. There were no issues in the App, they made sure there was no bug in the app before deploying it on Play Store and App Stores. I want to thank AppStudio for the excellent services.

  • user
  • Danis Jonson

Helpful and Friendly

I can recommend AppStudio for their tenacity in solving software development problems, fast responses & all around approach to building software solutions. I'm absolutely satisfied with their work as a whole for the kind of team spirit & in-sync behavior makes my work pretty much easy.

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  • Albert Miller

Very Helpful Team

We wanted to develop the mobile apps but we were short on time. Then we came into contact with the AppStudio team which was an expert in developing mobile apps. They suggested me to develop my apps in flutter which saved a lot of time. The results came out very positive and the Apps were really good.

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  • Jeremy Martin

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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When we talk about the best Flutter app development companies, AppStudio stands out from the crowd. Our experts ensure on-time delivery with the best technique used for the Flutter mobile app. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, we have provided solutions to various industries. Our team aims to make a long-term impression by serving modern, tech-savvy customers by meeting their custom requirements and bidding challenges.

AppStudio- Top Flutter App Development Agency

As we all know, Flutter works with Google. Flutter is a mobile app SDK for creating rich and fluent native interfaces for iOS and Android. As per AppStudio's app developers, it offers the best cross-platform app development by maintaining a single code base.

Features like hot reload, and widget libraries help design innovative native apps in record time. As a leading Flutter mobile app development company, we passionately develop beautiful and functionally rich mobile apps, designed to meet your specific needs.

Why Should You Go with Flutter App Development Services?

The most liberating thing about the Flutter framework is that it provides a local arena, developers can do just about anything Kotlin / Swift / Java does. Flutter's central thoughts merge and identify. In programs using an image, geolocation, device, storage, and Ripple is used correctly. Flutter uses Dart, which is why we made sure to tailor Dart for Toronto app developers to build fewer workarounds needed in many ways.

Our top release for Flutter web app development focused on helping you develop apps that run on iOS and Android. So we have to keep traveling. We develop an excellent Flutter app with functionality and passion, designed to meet your business needs. Our dedicated Flutter and Android app developers help worldwide develop new and compelling applications for their customers, all in record time.

Best Flutter Developers - Our Expertise

Our dedicated flutter developers are technology conscious. Also, our developers can be a helping hand for your various projects, such as IOT development, mobile application development, etc. To increase your brand equity, we use ultra-modern technologies, tools, and industry-leading approaches to trends.

Everything you need to inform us of your need, and our dedicated and experienced high-performance flutter developers will create a scalable, technology-rich application.

Why Require Flutter Developers for Your Project?

AppStudio is known for its various achievements in the field of Flutter application development. Despite the recent existence of Google's Flutter compared to other frameworks. Also, we have managed to get used to its operation method, thus becoming the leading company in the development of Flutter applications.

You can hire app designers in Canada or worldwide from our company to extract the smartest solutions for your various cross-platform development projects.

Hire Flutter App Developers

Leveraging the Flutter framework features, the trending mobile cross-platform technology, we offer a range of Flutter application development services for mobile, web, and desktop devices. Our team uses their knowledge of Flutter architecture.

Moreover, create applications with a flexible user interface and more to help you deliver quality to your users and improve your revenue. Have a mobile app project in mind? So, let's discuss your project with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take to develop a Flutter application?

The time taken to create an average application that works on Android and iOS in Flutter is approximately 200+ hours. The time required to develop an iOS application is 400 hours and 200 hours for an Android application.

Q2. What companies should use Flutter?

Businesses that need fast and fast mobile app development should opt for Flutter because Flutter offers several features that allow developers to build cross-platform applications for iOS and Android with excellent performance, user interface, user experience, etc.

Q3. How much does it cost to develop a flutter application?

As development time is different for each platform, we determine the cost of developing the Flutter app based on our resources' total hours and multiplying it by our hourly rates. The price varies if you opt for cross-platform development instead of choosing to develop two native applications.

Q4. What is the Flutter app development?

A portable UI toolkit from Google used to create the best quality native experiences for the web, mobile, and desktop in record time. Flutter is a free, open-source, and works with existing code used by organizations and developers worldwide. Additionally, for developers, Flutter speeds up mobile app development and reduces the complexity of app production.

Q5. What is a flutter developer?

A faster way to create beautiful mobile apps, Flutter lets you create a single mobile app that merges your development investments with one purpose. It also offers more features faster that iOS and Android can configure at the same time with low maintenance costs.

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