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The New Face of Healthcare Amid COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has sparked huge transformations in the healthcare sector. With approx 75% of consumers nowadays preferring some form of remote healthcare instead of seeing a doctor face-to-face, compared to over 12% in 2019.

Why You Need Healthcare Software
Development Solutions

Mobile healthcare app development is the need of the hour. From efficient patient management to real-time patient monitoring, businesses involved in the healthcare industry can make the most of a robust and highly scalable application in many ways. At AppStudio, we use the latest technology, like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, to deliver dynamic mobile apps to equip your healthcare project. Our healthcare software development company can help you achieve digital acceleration, overcome constraints and reap several benefits.

How Our Medical App Development Company Can Help

AppStudio is a reputable mobile healthcare app development company offering end-to-end solutions to startups and enterprises worldwide. We take a systematic approach and create mobile healthcare apps that simplify workflow and eliminate inaccuracies. Our in-depth understanding of the app development process enables us to build impressive healthcare apps on time. Whether you belong to the biopharmaceutical or pharmaceutical sector, we employ our expertise and knowledge of cutting-edge technology to deliver custom solutions that address patient needs and improve your healthcare organization’s efficiency.

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  • rapid project delivery

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Telehealth and Telemedicine Apps

Remote Patient Monitoring Apps

Medical Reference and Database Apps

Clinical Communication System

Hospital Staff Management Apps


Fitness and Wellness Apps

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Expertise

Our medical software development company specializes in building a wide range of applications that enable easy management of healthcare systems in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres. From stunning mobile app design services to robust app development solutions, we have expertise in delivering versatile solutions, including:-

Healthcare Mobile Apps

We offer comprehensive healthcare mobile app development services to create apps featuring wearable connectivity, secure payments, and real-time chat option with doctors.

Radiology Management Apps

We build sophisticated apps that help in medical image analysis, reporting, and result distribution, thus effectively managing a radiology centre.

E-Prescription Apps

Our healthcare app development agency is the best place to build e-prescription apps for Android and iOS devices to simplify prescription management.

Medical Chatbot Development

We are a trusted machine learning app development company with the experience of building hundreds of AI-Powered medical chatbots to reduce waiting times and improve customer service.

Laboratory Management Apps

At our healthcare mobile app development company, we create apps that mitigate the challenges of laboratory management and streamline processes.

Billing and Invoice

Our developers have in-depth knowledge of payment gateway integration, and they build easy-to-access yet safe billing and invoice management apps that help hospitals.

Technologies Powering Our Healthcare App Development Services

AppStudio is an industry-leading name for custom healthcare app development. We know the latest technology at the back of our hands and leave no stone unturned in creating technology-powered applications that save lives. We are a reputable artificial intelligence mobile app development agency and give our best to live up to our client's expectations by leveraging the power of disruptive technologies to build impressive healthcare apps. Our technology stack includes:


Blockchain technology can be used in healthcare mobile application development in many ways. We build blockchain-based apps that enable secure transfer of patients’ medical records, encrypt the data when stored, and help maintain prescription information digitally.

Artificial Intelligence

Our developers are experts at AI-based hospital app development. From automating processes to improving efficiency, our apps streamline workflow and patient experience while enabling smooth processing of patient information.

Internet of Things

Being a reliable IoT mobile app development firm, we make the most of this technology to build feature-rich apps. Our IoT-based applications work with sensors to track the performance of medical equipment and prevent costly errors.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR app development and healthcare are the perfect combinations to create functional and practical applications for medical students and offer high-quality care to patients. We build AR- and VR-based apps that are capable of transforming how healthcare organizations work.

Custom Solutions

We are a leading Android and iOS app development agency providing tailor-made solutions to healthcare professionals and hospitals. We build apps integrated with multiple technologies to offer a complete package to our clients.

Custom IoT Healthcare Solutions, Powered
by AppStudio

AppStudio is among the leading destinations for end-to-end healthcare development services. Our solutions are designed to serve patients efficiently and save lives. At our mobile app development agency, we have hired the best developers in the industry to deliver quality solutions. We are the specialists when it comes to building IoT-based healthcare mobile app development. Our solutions include:

Practice Management

Our healthcare mobile application development experts build multifunctional PMSs for medical and dental professionals that automate important processes.

Medical Billing

At AppStudio, we create HIPAA and PCI compliant payment and invoice management systems that offer high-quality performance and cater to all the requirements.

Post-acute Care Coordination Solutions

At our medical software development company, we build apps for tracking and managing patient data between treatments while providing remote sessions and surveillance.

Continued Medical Education Platforms

We provide highly functional e-learning platforms that integrate the latest technology to provide the best learning experience. Our digital products are specially crafted for your curriculum.


AppStudio’s medical insurance verification software is fast, efficient, and accurate. A digital solution made for saving healthcare practitioners' time by automating the entire process.

Connected Health

Hardware enhancements, made possible by our healthcare software development team. We build wearable technology for smart devices and portable healthcare systems for connected health monitoring.

Implementing the DICOM Standard

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the international standard for medical images and related information. Modern-day healthcare applications that use DICOM are quintessential for clinical use.

AppStudio is a trusted healthcare mobile application development company because we create applications compatible with the DICOM file format and network communications protocols, making them feasible for hospitals and professionals around the world. Our clients can count on us for hospital app development or creating healthcare apps that comply with medical standards.

dicom standard implementation

The DICOM Standard

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Standard is a non-proprietary data exchange protocol for biomedical images and visual medical data. The DICOM format is accepted worldwide for storing and transmitting medical images, thus allowing the integration of medical imaging devices used in radiology, cardiology, and radiotherapy and devices in other domains, including ophthalmology and dentistry. At our healthcare software development firm, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our apps are DICOM compliant.

Advantages of DICOM Implementation

  • Compatible imaging capabilities that store medical information properly.

  • Complete scanning and image reviewing.

  • Single network transfer of patient details and image details.

  • Consistent standard across multiple devices.

Why Choose Our Custom Healthcare App Development Company?

At AppStudio, we focus on delivering the best to our clients and employ our experience and cutting-edge technology to build medical apps that bridge the gap between patients and doctors. That’s why we have earned a strong reputation as the most reliable medical software development company. Whether you choose us for Android app development or building a healthcare app for iOS, we offer guaranteed results that have the power to transform your business.

Security and privacy

Secure Applications

At AppStudio, we emphasize the data protection of every mobile healthcare app development project that we undertake. We understand that medical data is sensitive and highly personal. That’s why we take every step to protect it from data breaches.

Data encryption

Data Encryption

Our applications implement the latest data encryption standards and make sure all information is transferred through encrypted channels. Our hospital app development team sticks to the data encryption standards during the entire application development process.

APIs and integrations

API Integration

Our medical app development services are designed to build compatible applications that can be easily integrated with all kinds of devices. Our team ensures that the application is functional on various platforms and performs as expected.

Technical Support

Technical Support

AppStudio develops medical apps with the utmost care and attention while adhering to international laws and standards. Our custom healthcare app development experts also provide technical support and answer all your queries if any issue arises.

Excellent Track Record

Immaculate Track Record

As a reputed healthcare software development company, we have developed and delivered high-quality digital healthcare solutions time after time. Our cross-industry expertise and global clientele are a testament to our excellent track record.

Timely Delivery

On-time Delivery

Our expertise and agile approach allow us to develop applications quickly without compromising on product quality. Our experts devise custom mobile healthcare app development solutions within the estimated time limit and stick to the highest quality standards.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

AppStudio is a leading mobile app development company in Canada. Here, you get a wide range of digital solutions under one roof. Our services include iOS app development, Android app development, and web app development.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


AppStudio - Unmatched Healthcare Web Application Development Solutions

We are Canada’s leading mobile healthcare app development agency. Well-known for our extensive technology stack and extended portfolio, AppStudio has offered its comprehensive services to organizations, hospitals, and healthcare institutions worldwide. We focus on delivering top-notch services while meeting the industry standards. Our solutions are designed to help our clients stay a step ahead of their competition. Our experts are focused on building digital experiences for startups and enterprises that bring forth positive changes and fulfill the demand of their customers.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Support is amazing!

Can't believe that the Healthcare app devlopment team of AppStudio have huge capability to work so good. Our Healthcare project that was assigned to their team was very well accomplished with great success. Thank you to the team. I recommend others to work with AppStudio.

  • Ethan

Incredible Support

I hired the expert healthcare app developers from AppStudio to develop an updated application for my business of healthcare. I got the services from them beyond the expectations and gained so much profit with the help of the application developed by their team. I am very much impressed with their dedication towards the work.

  • Aiden Scott

Great Experience

We took help from the professionals of AppStudio for developing an app. Their work with us throughout the project was commendable. I would like to thank AppStudio for their support.

  • Leo Poirier

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Appstudio Deliver Remarkable and the Best Healthcare Digital Solutions

AppStudio has championed the cause of developing next-generation mobile and web applications that boost healthcare solutions to increase the efficiency of a business and charitable works. Mobile technology has the potential to impact the financial services sector's competitive edge, operational efficiency, customer experience, and performance. We understand the popularity and have equipped ourselves with the technical know-how and expertise to provide our clients with world-class mobile apps.

When it comes to custom software development, AppStudio follows a process of database design and development that supports data aggregation and business intelligence to facilitate compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our products cater to the needs of different healthcare professionals while our skilled team of professionals makes sure that we provide our clients’ a competitive edge over others. Our team has a strong emphasis on creating innovative products that are capable of providing meaningful and tremendous experience.

Physiotherapy Inc. is a Toronto-based startup. Co-founded by 3 certified physiotherapists, the company's primary goal is to help people accurately diagnose health problems linked to their particular occupational therapy. With years of experience, Physiotherapy Inc's co-founders are well prepared to infuse their expertise to the public and transform the physiotherapy industry.

User Behaviour

• Prescription or over-the-counter drugs

• Alternative Treatments

• Health Insurance Information

• Depression, Anxiety or Stress

• A particular doctor, specialist or hospital

AppStudio has always strived to bring usability and innovation to the digital market where our emphasis is to provide alluring products to the users. Healthcare is the field where user behavior matters the most, one can provide worthy medical-related facilities’ without taking on board the patients and customers.

AppStudio develops apps and custom software that not only provide information to the patients but also play an important role in facilitating them in every means possible. We have created apps for alternative treatments, drug information, and insurance nitty-gritty. With our apps, patients can contact medical practitioners and consult them regarding their ailment without physically visiting the clinic premises. We are working to transform the healthcare industry where our focus is on the implementation of the technology to facilitate both medical staff and patients.

Why Choose AppStudio to build your healthcare app

• Improve Patient Care

• Disease Management and Wellness

• FieldForce Management solutions

Healthcare is one of the most challenging fields where there are a plethora of technologies, however, present healthcare IT infrastructure is often poorly integrated. AppStudio is transforming the sector with its state of the art software and apps by allowing medical practitioners and patients self-service. Improving patient care at a lower cost without burdening healthcare specialists is our main goal.

We deliver some of the following solutions after partnering with HMOs, Hospitals and other healthcare providers.

• Real-time patient monitoring through mobile and desktop applications.

• Utilizing various communication channels to securely transmit data to back-end systems.

• Apps for connecting medical devices.

• Interfacing of medical devices with PC / laptop, mobile device, and gateway.

• Design of gateway for remote data collection.

• Bringing IoT to the service of patients and healthcare staff.

• Interconnecting medical equipment wirelessly for home and hospital usage.

Developing Healthcare applications takes experience, innovation and, honestly, a great deal of determination to start a start-up in a complex and competitive industry. Healthcare remains the focus of government and organizations while it is the field for professionals, not amateurs because lives depend on our crucial decisions. We believe that we can collectively solve healthcare issues for patients and medical practitioners through innovative means.

Why partner with AppStudio to build you Healthcare applications:

• Cross-Platform Development: Appstudio excels in cross-platform development. We never compromise over the usability and peculiarity of apps while offering cross-platform projects.

• App Design and Development: Our design teams are always accessible by our clients as we believe without an efficient design and usability, the concept of having a mobile app fails.

• QA and testing: Not only we do QA sessions after the launch of the app, but we also create mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype.

• Support, Maintenance, and Optimization: With enterprise development, you rest assured that a dedicated team is assigned to your project and they work solely for you.

AppStudio - Best Healthcare Application Development Company

AppStudio's expertise with personalized healthcare software development, HIPAA compliance software, and health records management provides a reliable foundation for offering data analysis, investigating, and business intelligence strategies for security, privacy, and record evaluation. Electronic medical records (EMR), supervision of training, digitization of accounting, payroll, and integration of human resources can improve patient care and practice of healthcare staff.

AppStudio has a decade long experience in handling and creating mobile apps that help swiftly process large amounts of data. Our healthcare solutions deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Key to Success

The advancement of technology is key when it comes to improving patient care, professional work and the entire health sector in general.

The value that technology can bring to the public and private health sector is unquestionable, so a deep structural reform process is already taking place thanks to the new advances. Thus, although some technologies involve a huge investment, in the long term experts are sure that the value contributed by them will exceed the cost of your investment.

Canadian Healthcare System

The Canadian health system is one of the most advanced in the world, which has undoubtedly led to an annual and continuous increase in public spending in the sector, so it is essential to renew the system through investments in early diagnosis technologies and technologies Information, in an attempt to better distribute existing resources that make it possible to obtain a more personalized and more efficient medicine and care.

For these reasons, there is a boom in healthcare technology, both in more technical aspects and in the use of mobile technology. Therefore, technology giants have begun to bet on the health sector, a market with great potential in the coming years, due to the growing concern for health among the population of developed countries, with inhabitants with greater life expectancy and with the decrease in birth rate, exponentially increasing healthcare and health needs.

Rise of Mobile Apps

Application developers for smartphones and other mobile devices gained momentum in recent years and it is increasingly common to find thousands of health applications designed for any aspect, especially those specialized in monitoring the physical activity of a population increasingly active and worried about their health and their diet. Thus, many studies already ensure that one in three users has at least one health app installed on their smartphone.

AppStudio develops medical applications, and custom software that enables hospitals to collect and analyze all the information collected by medical devices from patients with chronic diseases. Healthcare specialists can use the data from their own homes, saving billions of dollars to taxpayers.

Wearables and advances made in the health sector also come into play, so the proliferation of smartwatches will not only serve to manage daily or labor tasks, but also to innovate and advance in the health sector. The monitoring of physical activity is only the beginning, since Tim Cook has already ensured that Apple will bet heavily on applications on its mobile devices intended for the health of its users. But in addition to smartwatches are Google diabetic lenses, which measure the level of blood sugar from the glucose present in the lachrymal.

IoT Healthcare Solutions

On the other hand, the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the health sector, since 90% of entities are already prepared to implement their solutions. Thus, more than 70% of healthcare professionals consider that Wi-Fi connection is the most important technology to implement the Internet of Things (IoT), even ahead of security sensors, bar codes and bluetooth. This is because the Internet of Things provides real-time data, thus improving the operations and experience of patients.

According to the data offered by multiple studies, more than 30% of the sanitary equipment used in Canada is between 6 and 10 years old, and more than 10% is over 10 years old. Therefore, a modernization of technologies in the health field would mean that in the medium term a cost reduction of around 1.5 billion dollars per year could be obtained. It should be noted that the health technology sector in Canadian territory involves a thousand companies, the majority being small and medium enterprises that provide employment to 55,000 people and that last year billed around 8.9 billion dollars.

Thus, the Municipal government in Toronto has launched a web app, a new computer application in health centers that improves patient care. The app allows family doctors, pediatricians and nurses of the health centers of the area to access more information about the clinical data of their patients, thus expanding the amount of data in the Electronic Medical History of Health Centers, which modernizes the facilities and facilitates the work of professionals.

If you are running a healthcare business or indirectly associated with the healthcare sector, perhaps it’s the best time that you start modernizing your company by adopting contemporary digital solutions. From apps, to custom built software and from IoT wearables to the application of AI solutions, Appstudio can do wonders for you!