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One of the critical points of the Google I / O developer conference is always the news about the Android operating system. Still, as we already know, this event is hit by COVID-19. However, the company had confirmed that they would reveal new features that will come to Android 11, through the digital show called “The Beta Launch Show” on June 3. Now it’s also postponed but for the time being. Google has made this decision due to the USA’s protests over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. The company has still not announced the next date of launch but categorically said that they are waiting for the right time.

AppStudio, as an android app development company, has always informed its readers and clients regarding updates and technological improvements. Do you know how Android 11 will be affecting mobile apps in 2020? What will be the new features on the table for users and developers? Let’s dig in details so that we understand Android version Update News.

Android 11 features having Impact in Mobile Apps in 2020

1. Connectivity

It is a fact that 5G connectivity is slowly making its way in the mobile device industry. Android 11 should better adapt to this new connection technology, although Android 10 also supports 5G. The connectivity API has been updated, so top mobile app developers Canada can now take advantage of high speed and low latency even further.

  • It will undoubtedly be a pivotal point in multiplayer games, as well as watching streaming content.
  • The application will be able to better adjust the quality of the connection at all times, thus regulating the user experience for optimal viewing.
  • Likewise, an API that measures bandwidth is also there so that developers can check the speed of uploading and downloading the network without the application needing to poll or calculate its estimate.
  • It will undoubtedly save a lot of implementation time.
  • Also included in Android version Update News are improvements to the call detection service, improvements to the Wi-Fi Suggestions API, and improvements to Passpoint.

2. New Supported Displays

The design of the panel has changed rapidly in recent years, Samsung made curved screens fashionable, and more and more manufacturers are choosing this design in the high-end. Android 11 now supports this new trend, so companies using them won’t have to do the extra work to add support.

With Android 11 features, applications will be able to manage perforated and cured screens using the screen cropping APIs that Google has implemented. It can allow the app to use the entire screen, including borders, for example. In this way, applications like Instagram will be well adapted since the stories are not displayed correctly on all the smartphones on the market.

3. Notifications

Android’s latest versions always pay heed to notification settings, and it cannot be less in Android 11 features. This time, there will be a dedicated section for ongoing conversations. It means that we would have a kind of bubble-like the Facebook Messenger Chat application, but in all the system applications, as long as the developers incorporate said API.

Another essential feature is that if an application supports copying and pasting images, Android 11 will be able to insert images in the notification responses, so we will need to enter the messaging apps less and less. It seems that Google wants the user to manage everything easily from the notification curtain. In the first developer preview, there is support for copying images built into Chrome and supporting pasting images via Gboard. Regarding how do I upgrade to Android 11, you can install the developer preview for now.

4. More Privacy and Security

Android 10 made a massive leap in privacy by including detecting location access in the background. And Google decides to move forward on this highly demanded point, including the notice of background access to the microphone and camera.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 introduces a new manifest in microphone and camera attributes: the applications that want to access these hardware components will have to communicate with it. The system indicates to the user about background usage, as in Android 10 with the location. It is an excellent boost to privacy in the system and a significant factor of Android version Update News this year.

The restricted storage (storage scoped) advances its implementation so that applications only have access to the portion of the space given to them. It implies that an app with access to files will not be able to access the entire disk, only its folders. It prevents information theft between applications, for example.

5. Screen Recording

The screen recording is back, included in the first versions of Android 10, and then removed for no apparent reason. Screen recording is now available on Android 11, with a new icon appearing in the Quick Settings curtain. You must hire android app developer with expertise to use this feature to build unique and innovative apps.

6. Airplane Mode does not Affect Bluetooth

Gone are the days when you won’t have access to Bluetooth when you activate Airplane Mode. Users can now continue to use the Bluetooth device to stay connected with portable devices or smart headphones. If you are wondering how do I upgrade to Android 11? It’s still in the developer state, and we will write a blog after the release of its beta and stable version.

7. Increase Sensitivity to Touch

Google added a new option to increase touch sensitivity in the settings panel of Android 11 features. A user can increase tactile sensitivity before wearing gloves or wearing screen protectors. It is a handy feature that will help users in many ways.

8. Mute Notifications while Using the Camera

A new API set in Android 11 will help users to mute notifications while using the camera. It will be more useful during a video call.

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