What is PWA? Why It is Better than React Native?

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The popularization of smartphones has led to the emergence of mobile apps. The app stores are full of applications for all kinds of needs, from listening to music or playing to controlling finances. An app is nothing more than a computer program specially designed to be used on a mobile device. As with conventional laptop or desktop software, apps are developed for the operating system they are going to be installed on.

There are various types of apps from Native, Cross-platform, and web apps. A new popular option is to go for a progressive app abbreviated as PWA. Let’s understand what is web application? What are PWA apps? And why are they better than other types and frameworks especially from React Native apps?

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps take the best of web apps and native apps. That is to say, they take little use of resources and that they work with the web applications browser, and they take the integration with the native system.

In other words, answering what is a progressive web app? It runs in the browser but is capable of sending notifications to the system, allowing that integration that conventional web applications lacked. Hence the name. This allows a progression from the browser to the desktop. A smooth progression! AppStudio is developing every kind of PWA app in Canada with its regional offices in many cities. Our Toronto App Developer team is accredited well in the whole of Latin America tech scenario.

Advantages of a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

It Uses Fewer Resources than a Native Application.

When I refer to resources, I’m talking about space, ram, battery, and processor. These do not need to be installed on the device; they simply depend on the browser, both for interaction with it and for integration with the system. This allows only resources to be used for said browser, but not for an additional application. That is the reason that the benefits of developing a PWA using React Native are in trend.

No Need to Install.

This is a pretty strong point. No need to install, and therefore accessibility to it is much faster than with a native one. This advantage resembles what is web application providing. To access it, simply write the address of the site and that’s it. This means that they do not have to be updated. It is the same company that updates its progressive web application, so by entering the site we will have the latest version of it. Moreover, there is no need to open a browser and type the address, PWA apps are just opened as any app from its icon.

It is More Secure than a Native Application.

By not being hosted on the device we are preventing malware, information theft, among other things. It is a rather important advantage and It’s quite similar to what is web application deliver to the tech scenario.

It is Simpler and Cheaper to Develop than other Cross-Platform Options

Opting for a PWA could lower costs because with the one you can do without developing a desktop or mobile application. In other words, by developing a progressive and responsive web application, you can totally dispense with creating an application for Windows, Mac, Android, or progressive web app iOS. This would mean that developing the web, you would also have the other platforms covered. It would kill several birds with one stone.

Now as you have understood what is a progressive web app and its benefits, let’s have a look at challenges and how to avoid them:

Challenges at PWA

It is not only important to have control of what PWA is and what it can do for you. There are also some challenges in PWA that need to be considered when choosing it. Take note:

Cross-browser Support.

Although Chrome, Opera, and Samsung’s Android browser all support PWA, others like IE, Edge, and Safari have yet to extend their support. It’s significant to hire a web designer that knows how to maximize your reach and user experience.

Limited Functionality.

PWA does not support any hardware that is not HTML5 compliant. However, certain businesses can still explore the vast benefits of developing a PWA using React Native in 2020.

Limited Legitimacy.

Since there is no central download store for PWA, they lack the sense of legitimacy and trust that native apps from the Play Store or App Store generally provide.

Cross-application Login Support.

Native apps have the ability to communicate with other apps and authenticate logins (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).  PWA is the advanced form of what is web application. However, it still does not have the ability to communicate with other installed applications.

Why are Progressive Web Apps Better than React Native?

React Native

React Native is a framework that helps us create efficient cross-platform mobile apps without compromising UI and UX. Developed by Facebook, React Native is cost-effective and provides experience quite close to the native world. We have developed award-winning React Native apps thanks to our React Native App Developers and designer team.

Pros over PWA Apps

  • Better performance and hardware usage
  • Native device APIs are efficiently used.

Cons over PWA Apps

  • PWA apps are cost-effective compared to React Native
  • progressive web apps has better reach to low-end devices
  • PWA apps are meant to utilize mobile and desktop worlds.

There is no absolute winner between React Native and PWA apps. Both development options are filled with amazing benefits, however, enterprises should choose wisely. In certain conditions, PWA apps are more beneficial and quickly produce results without taking much time and budget. Along with React Native and PWA, Flutter app Development has also proven very vital for cross-platform success. If you are confused and need an expert opinion, talk to our experts without any obligation. With a few specific questions and details, we will help you make an informed decision.

Is React Native A Progressive Web App

The competition between PWA or React Native apps will probably remain unsolved. However, for some time because one of them is useful for different purposes and its use will be influenced by your expectations and needs.

The progressive web app development company says these apps are getting more and more recognition as they get better at delivering native experiences on mobile. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses, startups, or companies focused on lowering development costs.

Native apps, at least for now, are an option if you need to use device features such as push notifications, geolocation, camera, etc. However, these are useful when developing platforms where regular updates are required, for instance, e-commerce companies and news publishers.

PWA is Future

We cannot say that PWA will kill native applications in the future. But there is still growing interest in this approach in the community. Is React Native really the future of Mobile App Development? The answer is in affirmation! We can say that PWA apps are in the learning curve and soon to become a more major hit in the coming years. We are seeing multiple benefits of developing a PWA using React Native in 2020, thanks to effective methodology. The salient advantages of PWA apps are revolutionary, and these apps have the potential to transform the mobile apps industry.

It has become the fact that progressive web app iOS is getting cheaper and the most used option instead of a Native approach. For all these reasons, companies should appreciate its potential and adapt to this new technology that is already a reality. Most users who have a mobile device usually have it connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can have progressive web app iOS and android developed at the same time. What do you think? We will advise you never to miss this opportunity.

If you need help to implement it, have the best ones, and forget about headaches. AppStudio is the only company in Canada having serious resources, talent, and a fantastic portfolio. We deliver exceptional PWA and other apps in record time with the guarantee of the best results.


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