Best Facial Recognition Apps in 2021 Available on iOS & Android

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Best Facial Recognition Apps

In recent years, face recognition technology seemed more like a science than a technology used from the mobile. But now we are seeing a growing landscape of applications employing facial recognition for various use cases.

Moreover, this technology becomes more prevalent. Also, one thing is exact: face recognition technology is having a positive and impactful effect on our society. Furthermore, facial recognition applications are currently used to protect personal information from cyber attacks, minimize false arrests, and help diagnose patients.

Here, in the upcoming segments, we will reveal the best face recognition apps on mobile devices that are transforming the world.

Quick Glimpse on What are Face Recognition Apps?

Face recognition software uses biometric technology, which works with a deep learning algorithm. However, specific facial features identify by these algorithms, which compares to the pre-stored face impression.

According to Artificial Intelligence development, the face’s identification carries using still images from far or near or by the video frames. The accuracy and quality of the software define its effectiveness altogether.

The next question that arises is the application of this technology. Every top Android app development company uses facial recognition applications, whether private or governmental. These organizations use this software for security, support, surveillance, registration, data protection, etc.

What is The Use of Face Recognition Applications?

A face recognition application will use your camera to detect face features stored in a database. According to competent experts, while some people like facial identification apps to create realistic emojis, others prefer these programs to keep their phones safe. Regardless of what you decide to use, you need to launch the best face recognition apps on your phone.

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Top 10 Face Recognition Apps That Will Rule 2021

Here, Appstudio, a leading mobile application development company, disclosed the best facial recognition apps for Android and iPhone, and giving you complete knowledge while choosing the best face recognition app to meet your needs. Let’s have a quick look:


Have you ever faced challenges putting names to faces? Then Luxand face identification is an ideal application for you. However, it brings a face recognition feature to the limelight known as the Face SDK. It is the best option for surveillance, biometric identification, and much more.

Moreover, it permits you to add names to images and use the application as a photo gallery for when you need it. Luxand can identify faces in live video footage, along with the person’s gender and age. Luxand is one of the most sought-after facial recognition apps currently in the app store.

What You LikeWhat You Don’t
Fun for developers to experience.No in-built face unlock feature.
Extensively compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.Limited uses for non-developers.


Face2Gene is a revolutionary healthcare application that uses face recognition software to assist physicians in clinics and hospitals. However, it helps to diagnose patients with certain genetic disorders and their varieties using bioinformatics.

According to AppStudio, a leading mobile app development company, the proprietary algorithm that Face2Gene uses compares patients’ faces based on morphological patterns. Also, it occurs in syndromes and similar diseases to diagnose your genetic condition or disease.

What You LikeWhat You Don’t
The website includes an extensive blog, FAQ, and other resources.Only available to licensed medical professionals.
Face recognition app free for iOS and Android devices.Unable to use for self-diagnosis.


Blippar is an augmented reality (AR) face and objects recognition application. Some professional app developers claim that Blippar can use its extensive database to recognize objects such as landmarks, animals, and food items. It is regarded as one of the best free facial recognition apps on both platforms.

Moreover, Blippar has a face recognition system that you can use to recognize people, which use to identify people, but in a more personal way, rather than for law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, it is entirely dependent on Blippar’s database and not on an external one.

What You LikeWhat You Don’t
Play AR games.Not always accurate.
Identify animals and plants in the wild.Promising concept, but still requires advancement.


Log Me is an online photo directory powered by free face recognition software. However, the app helps you connect with people you may know by identifying their faces and offering their details.

You have to upload a photo to the application, which will extract the face (s) and compare it with other photos stored in its database. The iPhone application development agency will provide you with a list of profiles that best match the faces detected in your photo.

So by using face recognition to find someone, you can connect with them in no time. Moreover, the application allows you to upload images directly from your social media accounts. It is, at present, considered as one of the premier facial recognition apps for iPhone.

What You LikeWhat You Don’t 
Find out what celebrities you look like.Occasional crashes and Buggy performance.
Send private messages to other users.Privacy issues, as anyone can upload a photo of anyone.

iObit Applock

iObit Applock protects your privacy and data security by blocking private applications and system settings. However, it has a face look and a fingerprint lock system to unlock apps without a password. The application uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize your face and unlock the application immediately. With a rating of over 4 out of 5, iObit Applock is in the position of taking the supreme status by being the best facial recognition app for Android. 

If your private apps are locked, then no need to worry about people seeing your content from notifications. Because it also hides the notification data. Moreover, it captures the image of the snooper and notifies you by email.

What You LikeWhat You Don’t
Reactive customer supportUninspiring app themes
The pro version is an excellent valueConflicts in poor lighting

Frequently Asked Queries

Q1. Are the face recognition apps for Android and iPhone authentic?

Face recognition applications cannot be perfect, so it shows potential matches to be accurately stored in its database.

Q2. How does the face recognition app collect user data?

It uses biometrics to capture all of a person’s facial features and add potential data to its database. Moreover, if you want to know anything, let’s discuss with our experts. We will always be there to help you!

Q3. How can face recognition be optimized?

Companies can use it in banks to issue identity documents and is generally associated with biometric technology. Hire Android Developers who can develop a sturdy facial recognition app for your business.

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