Top 10 Android App Development Trends In 2021

Android Development
Android App Development Trends

With the advancement in mobile app technology from the last few years, Android has become the most demanding mobile OS. As per the latest data, about 85% of the market share with more than 3.04 million apps on Google Play Store.

There are multiple mobile applications for all domains, ranging from calendars, social media apps, or complex mobile games, ending with enterprise mobile apps. Android app development companies must be familiar with the latest app development trends while developing applications. Check out the top 8 Android app development trends that you can use for developing android applications in 2021 from this article.

The adoption of Android has brought many changes, and mainly it improves user experience. So, let’s check the latest Android app development trends that can boost your business models in 2021!

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology helps developers to offer decentralized app development services that maintain complete transparency with app users. It eliminates unauthorized access and uses strong security protocols. 

Any Blockchain mobile app development company considers it as the best option for developing finance-related applications for banks, currency exchanges, and much more. As per the recent survey by PWC, about 84% of global companies are using Blockchain technologies for app development. Blockchain offers the following advantages:

  • It reduces data loss that generally occurs while using applications.
  • Deploys data for better performance in case of a network failure
  • Blockchain android apps are more secure and best for data encryption.

2. Instant Apps

Android app developers have been using Android instant apps for a very long time. However, nowadays, they are becoming more and more popular as they allow users to try a game or any application without installing them on the device. As a result, there is no need to download them. The instant apps technology is mainly beneficial for all types of mobile application development companies and eCommerce companies. Moreover, the instant apps do not need extra space on your mobile and even decrease any needless interruptions. The most important advantage is that you get complete access to any app even without downloading them. 

3. Flutter

A new technology developed by Google, Flutter is known as the future of android app development. This framework allows Flutter app developers to build a native interface for iOS and Android platforms. Many developers choose this platform for developing mobile apps because of its features like combinability and flexibility.

Flutter offers the following advantages to app developers:

  • Native design 
  • Easy to learn and use
  • MVP development

Almost all the app developers are including flutter in their app development approach, making it the future of Android development in the coming years.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps the mobile app development company upto a great extent. Many Artificial Intelligence application development companies are using AI technology because of its features like predictive maintenance, face detection, speech recognition, sentiment classification, image recognition, image and text classification, and more. However, it helps developers beyond the app development as it offers them an embedded Artificial Intelligence for developing mobile apps. It helps you to make your apps smarter by improving their performance at each level. 

5. Chatbots

Nowadays, all enterprises are focusing on merging their content and services of their applications with Google Assistant. This integration can offer quicker ways for users to use your app straight in the Assistant. It also allows users to deep-link further to specific features and usage of the application from Google Assistant. Android Slices, an important feature that allows app developers to display your app’s content from the app to the Assistant users. With an increase in the number of Google Assistant users, app integration with Google Assistant is considered very beneficial.

6. APM and EMM

With the rise of mobile app development, enterprise mobile app development considers Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) as two important elements. These technologies reduce a mobile app’s slowness and become an assurance tester of quality for mobile apps. It offers the security and safety of developed apps and allows developers a productive data exchange over multiple mobile devices.

7. Beacon Technology

From retail to hospitality, many industries are already using Beacon technology as it adds superior functionalities to almost all mobile apps. The main advantage of beacons is proximity marketing that enhances the user’s experience within mobile apps. Thus businesses are using it to target potential customers already. It also helps businesses to send notifications and target users looking for hotels and restaurants through their smartphones.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

Smartphones play a very important role in our regular lives as they help us store data about emails, meetings, contacts, and more. With the advancement in app technology, there are several other devices like sports bands, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc., that use IoT techniques. However, this is not the end.

AI algorithms, cloud databases, Internet-connected hardware, and tracking devices simplifies the IoT app development process. However, the app designers and developers can also handle a user interface aspect.

9. On-Demand Mobile App Development

Android apps are famous for enhancing client service and experience. The on-demand mobile app is a growing app development trend that helps Android app developers to develop high-performing mobile apps very rapidly and comfortably.

On-demand mobile app development solutions help various industry verticals like healthcare, enterprise, food delivery, and others. They can easily access the user’s locations and provide the required services. These on-demand applications offer instant services to clients.

10. eCommerce Apps

With the advancement of android smartphones, eCommerce mobile app development services generate half of the revenues. Since the client’s preference for online shopping is growing nowadays, they prefer to use eCommerce Android apps to purchase products and services. The future advantages offer unthinkable advantages to users.

Wrapping Up:

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the latest ideas, trends, and innovations that bring a major shift in the technology world. By going through these Android game app development trends in 2021, we can say that Android technology gets a flawless experience that fulfills versatile user demands.


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  2. So, now when you are aware of these latest trends, its high time to take maximum advantage of these latest iOS App Development Trends to increase your business revenue to a greater extent. iOS developers must focus on integrating advanced technologies to create a more exciting and secure user experience. Laying a focus on Core Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the IoT technology will bring in the great advantage to your business. Additionally, you can consider offering feature-rich solutions in your iOS app such as the integration of wearable devices and iBeacon technology.

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