Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends in 2021-22

Healthcare Development
Healthcare App Development trends

In this technological arena, people solve most of their life problems using their smartphones. The healthcare industry is no exception, especially in our new COVID-19 realities, where it relies heavily on remote services. The healthcare applications industry is thriving.

So, let’s go over the main points of healthcare mobile app development to have a full account of what it takes to create a healthcare app and what distinguishes it from other types of apps.

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest healthcare mobile app trends in 2021-2022.

Types of Medical / Healthcare Apps

Generally, all healthcare applications fall into three categories: Professional healthcare applications, Patient healthcare applications, and Institutional applications.

Healthcare Apps For Institutions

  • Clinical assistance applications with access to EMR and EHR
  • Appointment and scheduling
  • Billing
  • Inventory management.

Healthcare Apps For Patients

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Fitness and wellness apps
  • Mental health apps 
  • Auto diagnosis
  • IoT Products
  • Applications for the care of the elderly and infirm
  • Health management apps like water monitoring, calorie calculator, diet tips, etc.
  • Social networks, health forums, and portals
  • Assistants for pregnant women
  • Women’s health
  • Telemedicine

Healthcare Apps For Medical Professionals 

  • Articles, or symptom lists
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Communication
  • Appointment management
  • Telemedicine

Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost

If you plan to build a hospital mobile app, be sure to include the features you want. Excellent features will make your application complete and advanced so your patients and employees can access everything in one place.

We also roughly estimate the cost of developing mobile healthcare apps in days. Based on this, you will understand how long it will take to create a hospital application. If you want to develop native applications for two operating systems (Android and iOS), you will need to multiply the development cost by two.

However, Android and iOS app developers hourly rates depend on location, so you need to choose the best area to outsource your medical application development project. The fee also depends on your hospital application development company – companies with more experience will be more expensive.

Don’t jump out. Move forward to see what features you’ll need in your medical app.

Healthcare App Development Features

Let’s look at some of the outstanding features that are important to your healthcare app.

Patient ApplicationDoctor AppHospital Information System
TelemedicineSchedule ManagementManaging Doctor’s services
AppointmentDoctor’s profileManaging Patient
Electronic medical recordEprescription Managing inventory
Eprescription Patient recordManaging report


A mobile health app without accessibility is like a fitness app without a training program. Your app should be accessible to people with disabilities, for example, vision problems or color blindness. To make your application available. Also, they give healthcare iOS & Android app developers the ability to implement ingenious features in their hospital applications.

Location-based Facilities

One can easily use location-based facilities to show patients the route to their complete hospital. The best solution is to include indoor and outdoor maps, so patients don’t get lost inside the hospital once they get there. 


Notifications are one of the best capabilities of a mobile application. It can benefit doctors and patients. So, doctors can easily reschedule after receiving a new notification of a patient. Moreover, patients can be reminded to take pills, go to the hospital, undergo a medical procedure, or refill their prescriptions.

Here, in this segment, we will disclose the critical healthcare mobile app development trends in 2021-22. So, have a quick look at it:

IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things has also become widely used in the development of healthcare applications. According to the iOT development agency, wearable devices track and collect the necessary information and transmit it to the system.

It helps create a health app to monitor users’ health and where doctors can easily track the patient’s vital signs. However, IoT goes even further by empowering clinics and the ability to suggest treatments for patients.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence technology is worth your investment in healthcare application development. However, it will reduce the costs of clinic visits and supplemental medical expenses.

Big Data And Analytics in Healthcare App

To manage such a large amount of data, both those related to the patient and hospital records, the Big Data and Analytics application is beneficial. These can significantly facilitate resource management by making use of available statistics to analyze and predict patient flow. Besides, this helps to predict diagnoses and offer the most effective treatments.

Blockchain in the Development of Healthcare Application

Keeping patient data safe is one of the top concerns within the healthcare industry. Almost all app developers expect Blockchain to be widely used in healthcare application development due to its highly secure system. Its patterns allow us to keep all data genuine, transparent, and safe.

Voice Technology

Voice technology comes under the biggest trends in mobile healthcare apps and is increasingly used in all kinds of services and applications. More and more people are discovering how convenient it is to voice their requests and get results right away.

Voice technology in medicine empowers patients and facilitates workflows for physicians and caregivers. For example, an inpatient may ask a smart speaker to turn on the television or communicate with a nurse, or an elderly user may want to receive daily medication intake reminders.

Healthcare providers, individual physicians, and pharmacies can take advantage of the benefits of voice search technology in healthcare app development trends in 2021. Otherwise, reaching the entire patient population and managing their appointments can be a daunting task for caregivers in healthcare facilities.

Internet of Medical Things’ IOMT’

Most of today’s digital health app development trends would be useless without IoT devices like wearables. And vice versa: most wearable technology requires integration with some application.

The range of IoMT applications is quite wide: from remote patient monitoring to smart sensors and medical devices. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, 21% of Americans say they have adapted wearable technology for nearly 70 million people.

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, wearable devices have become something to monitor exercise routines by wearing them on the wrist effortlessly. As per some healthcare android app development companies, the demand will grow beyond simple fitness trackers.

Challenges & Opportunities for Healthcare Apps Development

While competition in the general healthcare mobile app market is intense. However, there are still plenty of opportunities in-hospital medical apps, as not all hospitals offer an app to patients.

But according to a report by Accenture, the demand for hospital apps already exists: 54%. Moreover, the report says many patients would love to use mobile apps to interact with hospitals, but only 2% of patients use them frequently.

What’s Next?

The main reason is that personalized hospital applications do not live up to patients or doctors; because they lack the necessary functionality.

The second reason is the terrible user experience. Most hospital applications are not of high quality and do not provide users with what they need most. However, in reality, both doctors and patients prefer to use third-party application publishers’ applications Instead of hospitals. Do you know why? Just because they better reflect their actual needs.

Furthermore, each has its own rules, scale, technical skill level, and internal processes that require their custom solution. Also, the idea of ​​developing a custom mobile application will pay off because it will fit your needs exactly as it should.

Concluding Thoughts

A great mobile app can be a great asset and reflect your hospital brand well. Our advice is to hire healthcare app development company that will create a secure application for your healthcare business.

There is an excellent chance to beat the healthcare mobile app market competition by adding useful features and developing an innovative app. People who want to use a mobile application to connect with doctors will appreciate your application if it is secure and simple. A secure app will also help doctors work efficiently, saving them time and money.

If you want to develop a hospital mobile app with some great features that comply with security and privacy regulations, please contact us. We provide application development services and guarantee the security of our applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the types of healthcare apps?

All healthcare apps are divided into two categories, such as professional healthcare apps and patient healthcare apps.

Q2. The most favorable countries to offer digital health solutions?

Another essential element is to analyze the market and environment in which your healthcare application project will start. The most important aspect is to comply with all mobile health regulations in whatever country you are heading to. The most favorable countries to offer digital health solutions are Canada, USA, etc.

Q3. Who provides the best healthcare app development services?

If you are searching over the internet for the same questions, you will get so many results. But, as per our suggestions, you should go with AppStudio – a mobile application development company. It is one of the best healthcare Android & iOS app development services providers.


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