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Artificial Intelligence is a sophisticated and unknown digital technology that its complexity is only comparable to the fear it generates among the population. These fears clash head-on with economic reports because it estimate that the development and implantation of Artificial Intelligence will affect $ 13 trillion in world GDP by 2030.

In this blog post, we will discuss artificial intelligence details and the list of top AI developers in Calgary. Before delving into how Artificial Intelligence works and the data that revolves around this science, let’s remember its concept and meaning because it is very essential.

What is AI Technology?

By definition, Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of a machine to think by itself. The technology used by an artificial and intelligent device works through a series of algorithms that provide it with the ability to interpret, decide, and solve problems autonomously. They are fundamental concepts that define what is AI technology because they are the building blocks.

Characteristics of conventional and computational artificial intelligence

To understand what Computer Artificial Intelligence is, we must remember that the study of artificial science encompasses two different schools because of their prominence:

Conventional Artificial Intelligence

Also called symbolic-deductive, it is the one that tries to understand and repeat human behavior from the analysis of statistics.

Computational Artificial Intelligence

We call it subsymbolic-inductive because it seeks the development and interactive learning of the artificial system and does so using data and parameter modifications.

Three characteristics that the use of AI to improve human systems offer us complete security because of their automation. These are:

  1. It improves competitiveness because it builds an enterprise.
  2. Offer innovation to the sector
  3. Develop new skills.
  4. Technology that acts like a person helps us because they think like us or even better.
  5. They are artificial systems capable of repeating tasks emulating man, as robots do today. They are the so-called Systems that act like humans.
  6. Technology that behaves and thinks like a person.
  7. It is a system capable of making decisions, learning, and solving problems. It does this by imitating the behavior of a human’s nervous system thanks to Artificial Neural Networks. These networks and neuron systems think like humans.
  8. Technology is capable of reasoning in situations as a human being would because it drives machine learning.
  9. This is where so-called Expert Systems are included—these Systems reason because they are autonomous and with a brain.
  10. Artificial technology allows you to act as a person would.

This system integrates Intelligent Agents. Different types of Artificial Intelligence work as organizations of “Rational Agent” or “Systems that act rationally “. With these software, you can see clinical results or virtual agents that analyze patterns on the Internet. As AI drives transformation, it helps companies predict plans. AI is the most unique innovation of this decade because of its multiple benefits.

Artificial Intelligence in Various Sectors

Using Bots or ChatBots, Virtual Intelligence has arrived

Bots are intelligent virtual systems made up of software with AI algorithms that are located in the network or Cloud. Chatbots are another of the computer applications that, hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence, are transforming the service sector. Its development is possible thanks to the increase in cloud storage capacity. The analysis of a large amount of information and the advancement of Natural Voice Processing (NLP) are the fuel behind AI.

Although it has many other uses and applications, developers integrate AI in the Customer Service area of companies. Therefore, yes, you are already speaking to Artificial Intelligence. The bots are digital solutions capable of managing thousands of calls at the same time while offering recommendations for the products or services they have.

AI in Banking

In the Banking sector, it is the tool to carry out a profound transformation of the workforce. We see as giants in the banking sector as Desjardins Group, a leader in Canada, has replaced PromoBot with tens of thousands of employees. Companies like AppStudio are focusing on the positive role of AI in the banking sector. The financial institutions are gaining in efficiency and speed with the attention given to customers. ChatBots stands out for the breadth of services they can offer and their ability to learn as they interact and analyze, offering alternatives to users.

Environmental and climate change; all about Artificial Intelligence

In the fight against climate change, artificial and digital technologies have a lot to say, and Artificial Intelligence aims to take the lead. We have seen quite good AI solutions as it is transforming environment studies.

An ambitious Microsoft program called IA For Earth drives more than a hundred projects with which it tries to face some of the existing environmental challenges. Among them is utilizing Artificial Intelligence for the state of the cultivation fields, and the control of plagues and viral infections. The latter consists of a system of acoustic sensors that capture the belly of each of the elephants that inhabit the Congo. Similarly, the future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector is also very bright and impactful. Through advanced algorithms, the AI Machine Learning system can individually identify them and monitor their movements.

Top AI Development Companies in Calgary


AppStudio is the leading AI developing agency with contemporary skills and efficient team combination. The company has produced unusual AI solutions, thanks to its unique approach and fantastic strategy. AppStudio is among the best Artificial Intelligence Developers with up to date knowledge and research facility. The company has already transformed businesses in Calgary. The best thing about them is that they even take projects from startups and SMEs.


Zazz is another company with an amazing portfolio and AI-centric development techniques. The company excels in machine learning and adopts modern technologies to produce innovative products. It is by far the best development company in the United States and one of the tops in Calgary. The company has expanded its operations and now provides AI development services all over the world. The company has also received global recognition and awards because of their excellence.


AltaML is the youngest company in this list of best AI developers in Calgary. The company has not received much recognition but has adopted an agile development process. AltaML has hired sound professionals and expert AI specialists.


CHATA uses machine-learning techniques and deep learning processes with data science. They have incorporated Artificial Intelligence in various sectors, and we praise them for their QA testing before the final launch. The company has specialized in catering warehouse management and eCommerce because they have the leading developers.


Cybera has answered what is Artificial Intelligence and provides competent services at a meager price. Although the company has not gained much experience in Canada, the company has always satisfied their clients. They deliver amazing products by using every types of Artificial Intelligence because they have expertise over latest libraries.


VizworX has become a brand in Canada thanks to its efficient management of AI resources. The company uses the latest frameworks and integrates every type of Artificial Intelligence for profound results. It is a worthy company for beginning level startups and small industries.

How did you find this article? Remember that the list evolves continuously because we frequently update the development agencies. Do visit our blog for the latest information about Artificial Intelligence, its benefits, and applications.


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