Top 10 Blockchain App Development Companies in Canada

Blockchain App Development

In Blockchain application development, the technology behind bitcoin appears massive with its decentralized open-source ledger. The distributed ledger aims to conduct secure transactions between holdings over a network that everyone trusts.

Blockchain in mobile app development has unlocked the roadblocks in terms of data storage security. The decentralized structure makes the storage of data in applications safe enough for everyone in the chain. Also, the technology looks promising for paid apps. We have the leading blockchain app development agency in our hands, and here are the top-ranked contenders.

Choose The Best Blockchain Application Development Company

The application building process begins with defining the problem to resolve it while developing an application. From designing the architects to exploring additional issues, requires a lot of experience to develop blockchain applications.

The Blockchain mobile app developers listed below do it all while developing the apps for clients. Here, we have the best service providers offering exceptional development services to clients. Let’s take a look at the list of top blockchain developers.

List of the Top 10 Canada Blockchain Development Companies


AppStudio is a world-leading mobile application development company based in Canada. They were founded in 2009 and had a team of over 50+ employees. Moreover, experts specialize in blockchain application development and custom software development. They primarily work with mid-market clients. Thus, you can check AppStudio clutch review to know more about them.


Zazz is a digital company founded in 2012 with less than 100 employees. They offer Blockchain application development, application testing, and IoT development solutions from their offices around the world. They work with small and medium-sized companies.

Bitswift Technology Solutions, Inc.

Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc.’s journey from the best mobile app development firm to now a blockchain app development company is as impressive as the suite of services. Plus, their blockchain developers are another reason for its splendid growth in a short period. 

Brainsmiths Labs 

Brainsmiths Labs includes a team of highly trained software development experts who have in-depth knowledge of Ethereum, smart contracts, and distributed application development. Furthermore, their talented team of developers stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

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Gyroscopic is a leading blockchain technology company. They focus on harvesting Blockchain technology to enable progress to Web’s next generation. The blockchain development company has a perfect mix of the world’s leading blockchain experts.

Aversan Labs

Aversan Labs is another blockchain application development company that has experience working with distributed ledger technology, including blockchain programming. Furthermore, the blockchain solution companies have helped the mobile application development agency to reach a new apex.

Apparrant Technologies

Apparrant Technologies is a Blockchain Application Development agency to deliver exceptional value to clients. However, their brigades are aware of all the technological advancements that occur in related technology. The blockchain development firm’s customer-oriented approach helps many blockchain tech startups.


Blockstream is an innovative blockchain service provider. They focus on providing versatile and high-performance blockchain solutions for startups and clients. However, Their prominent developers focus on real-world business applicability. Moreover, the blockchain development company develops a fast and scalable custom blockchain.

Decentral Inc.

Decentral Inc. has already made its mark in the field of blockchain technology companies with offices globally. Also, the company strives for the best. Furthermore, they aim to produce innovative solutions with the help of their cutting-edge web and mobile solutions.


ITM house is a Blockchain app development company based in Canada with several offices around the world. Their team provides managed IT services, web development, and mobile app development solutions to clients. Additionally, they specialize in artificial intelligence, IoT development, and blockchain services.

Quick Glimpse on Blockchain Definition

Blockchain is known as the best-distributed ledger technology. It creates a history of digital assets unalterable through the use of crypto hashing. An analogy to understand blockchain technology is a Google doc. When we create a document and share it with a group of people, the record is distributed instead of transferred.

However, it creates a decentralized distribution chain that gives everyone access to the document at the same time. So, check out the top 10 Blockchain companies mentioned above to hire Blockchain development Company without any hurdles.

How Blockchain Works?

When a block consists of new data, it adds up to the blockchain. Blockchain, as the name suggests, consists of several chained blocks. However, when a block adds to the blockchain, some things must happen:

As we know, in many cases a block will potentially bundle thousands of transactions. So, your Amazon purchase packs into the block along with other users’ transaction information.

Also, the block must be hashed. Like an angel earning wings, once all transactions in a block have been verified, it must be given a unique identification code called a hash. The block receives the hash to a recent block and adds to blockchain. After processing, the block adds up to the blockchain.

Final Words

Here, we have compiled a report on blockchain application development companies that have their global identity. The companies listed here have prominent blockchain architect, and that is why we have included them in this list. All of these companies have been offering impressive blockchain services. So get in touch with us for getting free estimates.

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