Top 10 Android Developers Toronto

Toronto is located on a crossroads dating back to aboriginal times with excellent harbours with many rivers. The economy grew based on the settlement of Ontario. During the late 19th century, Toronto became the centre of railways and the supplier of goods to Ontario. These days, Canada is renowned for software development companies with extensive portfolios. There are several top android developers in Toronto, attracting clients around the globe.

Toronto grew at a faster rate than the other great centre of Canada at the time, Montreal, and surpassed it in the 1970s. Shipping by water was instrumental in Toronto’s early growth, but this has diminished to the point where the harbour is lightly used by industry. The area around Pearson Airport, the country’s busiest airport, has become one of the largest industrial areas.

Toronto certainly seems to have the tech world’s, including mobile app development companies attention now. Local scientists and android app developers built a lot of the early fundamental technology for AI and blockchain. It was recently announced that Collision, regarded as North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, will call Toronto home from 2019-21.

Here is My List of Top 10 Android App Developers in Toronto

Tips to keep in mind before hiring an App Development company:

Applications are available for everything we deal in our day to day life. So, if you already have an app concept and want to have an application for that, then for the task, you have to choose the right from top mobile app developers list for finally achieving a market-ready application.

Portfolio check:

When recruiting top mobile app developers, the first thing you must do is testing their portfolio on the Internet. To get a more in-depth insight into their perspectives and expertise in the industry, you can also contact the service provider to share their portfolio and job samples.

Experience matters:

Find a software development company that has a team of experienced developers. Examine if they have platform experience and platform app-building skills.

Client satisfaction:

Build a checklist for recruiting an app development company, and then you can contact their former customers to hear about their experience of working with that company.

Technology check:

Ask them more about the technology stack they used to create mobile apps before recruiting an app development company. To build software on any platform, the organisation can use the newest technology and agile development methodology. 

Delivery timeline:

Before handing over the project to another company, ask them if they have enough developers in their organisation to build and produce the same mobile app at that time. 

Wrapping up:

Finding the right mobile app development company is not a trivial challenge. It’s incredibly confusing for clients who trust the company to build their mobile apps. So here, for the quick overview of the customers, we tried to list top 10 Android developers in Toronto with substantial portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Name some of the best android app developers in Toronto?

Toronto is a hub of the finest android app developers such as: AppStudio, Zazz, FreshWorks Studio, Noto SOlutions, Techugo, Insignia Software Corporation. RightLabs Inc.Fission Media and many more.

Q2.What are all factors to consider while choosing an app development company?

When you are hiring an app development company, make sure that you check their portfolio, years of experience, type of technology they use and number of industries they have worked in. This will give you a clearer picture of the app agency and you can move forward with the process.

Q 3.Why should I hire AppStudio as my app development company?

AppStudio holds a proven track record of delivering robust, high-performing and scalable app development solutions to an array of clients. We infuse digital transformation in your business to skyrocket your profit figures.


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