Top 10 Android Developers in Edmonton

Top Android App Developers

Very surely you have heard about this operating system that is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, and probably even use it; if you haven’t heard of him, what planet do you live on? Yes we are talking about Android. If you are here to have a look at best Android developers in Edmonton. First have a look at list, then we will talk about some of its nitty-gritties.

List Top 10 Android Development Companies in Edmonton

Although this is a system already used by millions or billions of people around the world, most likely most do not know about its beginnings, its main characteristics, its updates and generalities that we should all know. Basically, Android is an operating system that was designed inspired by Linux, a free, free and cross-platform system. It was created in the first instance thinking about mobile devices that had a touch screen, but quickly evolved and reprogrammed to optimize its use on tablets, televisions and even watches.

What is probably more attractive about this operating system is that it is completely free, that means that both to program it and to include it in a phone can be done completely free of charge. That has led him to be very popular among developers and manufacturers. Android offers a complete application framework that allows you to create innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment.

Android Development is not Easy

Both experts in the field of mobile applications, such as newbies or newcomers know that being an Android programmer is not easy. In fact, becoming a successful programmer takes time and effort. The most newbies in Android application development are the ones that pay the most attention when looking for work and creating applications. But also the most veteran Android programmer must be attentive and updated to be able to make competitive apps in the market and not be left behind.

It seems obvious, but in the world of new technologies, everything changes very quickly. So you have to be aware of the possible developments that may appear. From updates in the operating system, new features on mobile devices, trends in mobile marketing, app designs that will be carried out this year, etc. All this influences the way of programming and developing a mobile app, so it is important to be updated in every possible way. A good way is to follow specialized channels, especially online.

The approach and personal situation may be different, but it always ends with the same phrase, one that we have heard hundreds of times around here: “I ‘m looking for Android developers, where can I find them?” Generally, finding top android app developers can be a difficult task if you are not involved in the ICT sector and the mobile world. But today, thanks to the Internet and platforms like AppStudio, the task is very easy for us.

You may have encountered this article when doing this search, on a website that doesn’t sound like anything to you and written by a person you don’t know at all. Well, dear reader, we can help you, or at least we can redirect you in your search for programmers.

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If you are based in Edmonton, you should know that it’s the city which is showing extraordinary concentration level for the digitization, app developments, platforms like android, and the whole ICT sector. The Alberta ICT Council (ICT Council), as a major aspect of its procedure to build up its very own long haul program technique, has included Alberta ICT part partners in dialogs to recognize qualities and shortcomings in the field. Throughout the most recent year the ICT Council has built up a program dependent on five activities: Sector Awareness, Sector Alignment, and Access to Capital, Access to Markets, and Access to Skills. Inside this system, the chamber connects with makers, merchants, and shoppers of ICT with the target of lessening creation hindrances and advancing imaginative applications for ICT.

Some experts evaluate that this region has Oil and Gas resources second only to the KSA which surely signifies the city’s financial future. Moreover, the petroleum assets mean engineers and scientists which makes the area rich research and development, the same is the case with Edmonton. Edmonton is a hub of technology, research, and universities, not only in Canada but also enjoys a unique position in the world. Last year, Google held a workshop there for the local entrepreneurs, to teach them professional skills regarding app development. Google was also all praise for the policies and strategies the city has adopted to elevate the technology sector. “The level of research here, especially the command and competency while securing the ever-increasing ecosystem is indeed amazing. I think for us, Edmonton is an apparent option,” said Google Canada communications head Aaron Brindle.


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