Top 10 Android Developers in Calgary

Best Android Developers

The new generation of mobile phones allows for many things. There are no major limitations for the use of technology as there are applications of interest to all social groups: students, businessmen, officials, police, firefighters, housewives, etc. That’s right, the services they offer are adapted to the needs of each one. Check out our extensively researched compilation of best android developers from Calgary.

If you are running a business and want to get benefit from android app development, you are in the right place.

List of the Top Calgary Android Mobile App Developers

Why a Mobile App?

Technological processes have excessively influenced people’s lifestyles, implanting themselves at work and leisure. The services offered by the different existing applications adapt quickly to the needs of each one, facilitating day today and contributing to achieving increasingly complete and complete independence.

The trend of the use of mobile devices grows exponentially (EGM, 2013). This fact makes the mobile applications market more alive than ever and is increasing year after year. And it is that the purpose is evident, we all want to stock up on any interesting information at the moment, without waiting and at our fingertips.

Therefore, the mobile application landscape offers significant benefits to all who want to participate in it.

Pros and Cons of different Mobile Applications

Knowing the different advantages & disadvantages will provide you with valuable information to make the right decision.

  • The owner applications can use all mobile resources, both software and hardware: camera, Bluetooth, GPS . No need internet connection to operate, have updates and disseminated widely. It can only be used by those people who pay and are more difficult to market.
  • The native applications are compatible with many mobile phones, easy and economical to develop, and are compatible with most search engines. They are limited to a single operating system, the user must pay for some updates and must be developed by experts.
  • The hybrid applications are often free to use, lower cost to develop them, responsive to the different devices and can be distributed widely. In contrast, its development is usually quite complex.

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Android; The Most used Platform

Thanks to the fact that it can be installed in most of the current devices on the market, it makes Android stay present in the most powerful phones in the world, being an important bet for manufacturers and cell phone operators since regardless of the potential or benefits of the device, Android can adapt perfectly to all kinds of needs. On the other hand, other types of operating systems are forced to lag behind more obsolete cell phones or limit themselves to a certain brand.

Developer Community

Android has the world’s biggest developer society and the biggest flow of activities, contests, events, and conferences, as well as various lines of interaction such as blogs and formal chats to promote involvement and cooperation. On the other hand, the modifications or improvements do not depend on a small team of developers but instead have the support and support of all the world’s developers.

Free software

Android is free software and is released with an Apache license, which makes it a completely free operating system for any developer to modify and improve their code. If there is a programming error, it can be detected and repaired quickly, since there is no legal obstacle when modifying the internal code, or depending on someone to request authorization, you can also publish the new improvements and the new code and help improve the system for future versions without relying on distributors or manufacturers.

Android gives the owner of a phone complete freedom to install whatever they want from Android Market or standalone Apps. Thus, without limiting the user, or imposing proprietary software, music, files or documents can be installed directly from the USB cable as if it were an external disk. The same freedom has the developers being able to make applications or complements without having to ask permission from anyone to offer it to the users.

Calgary and Android Development

After the recent boom of utilizing technological means especially the mobile apps, Calgary has slowly but smoothly started to come to the surface with a good name. The app developers here are not only cost-effective but also very talented, thanks to the cool immigration policy of the province. While Canada is at the forefront of the technological advancements, the administration of Calgary city is making sure that they get their due share. If you have decided to hire android developers from this city, in our opinion you will not regret it.


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