How Much of An Impact Will Coronavirus Pandemic Have On Small Businesses?

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coronavirus pandemic effect on business

The economic impact of the coronavirus is increasingly palpable. We see it in the press, television, social networks …..Many companies have had to lower their production levels, quite a few that have had to close, others have opted for teleworking … In short, in one way or another, they have been affected.

We are facing a real risk and all businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals have to take measures to minimize its consequences. Even sharpen ingenuity to transform coronavirus pandemic effect on a business into a growth opportunity. Whatever you do, the truth is that today more than ever it is very necessary to act to overcome this world crisis that we are suffering. Because to a greater or lesser extent, it affects all companies and businesses. Protect yours now!

How To Overcome The Economic Impact of Coronavirus?

The world is in lockdown but should we just lay still and wait for the good times? No, we have to react scientifically. The answer lies in the use of technology. Use technological advancements and digital products to minimize your losses or even earn a profit. Today’s impact on Small business due to coronavirus is alarming. However, with the correct use of digital products, we can easily overcome this challenge. Below we are going to talk about some digital solutions for popular businesses. Nevertheless, these tips can be used by every business.

Lifestyle Brands and Clothing Business

  • Hire android app developer & iOS agencies to develop modern-looking mobile apps to ensure reaching maximum customers.
  • Integrate your existing mobile apps with Augmented Reality to give customers feel of your clothing or cosmetics products.
  • Apply secure and smooth online payment methods so that your customer can buy products without leaving home.
  • Overcome losses due to coronavirus pandemic by developing modern looking websites and sales channels like online stores.

Retail, Wholesale, Restaurants, Food and Catering Businesses

  • What if people are not coming to the restaurants, take the leisure eating concept to their homes. Create unique mobile apps where people can share what they are eating and recommend the food.
  • Provide catering services to people right at their homes by following necessary sanitation and SOPs. Create the concept of partying with your partner and family.
  • Deliver your products on time by taking everything to the digital platform. Increase loyalty by providing timelines from order receiving to the final delivery. These strategies can lower the impact on Small business due to coronavirus.
  • Use chatbots for unrivaled customer care by catering to an unlimited number of users at once.

Fitness, Gym, Nutrition and Well Being

  • Collaborate with food companies, they are looking partners right now. Recommend your clients their food supplies and earn a commission. With proper digital tools, we can curb the coronavirus pandemic effect on business.
  • People are bored! Create amazing looking digital solutions to engage them in fitness exercise and balance routine.
  • With talented Android & iOS App Developers like AppStudio, create outstanding mobile apps and web apps. Provide features like online memberships, video tutorials of yoga and exercises, experts’ guides, and nutritional charts.
  • Use push notifications to engage your customers daily without creating a nuisance.

Handling Employees Working from Home

  • Today the majority of your workforce is working from home. Use modern digital solutions to make them productive and efficient.
  • With the development of enterprise mobile apps, the corporate sector can lower the coronavirus pandemic effect on business. You can monitor, assign, and review the work done by your team members. It will help you curb losses due to coronavirus pandemic by increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • With IoT development, you can track your drivers, fleet, and delivery workforce.
  • Integrate your mobile apps with solutions like chats, and video conferences to talk with your clients smoothly without disturbance.

Tourism, Education, and Technical Training

  • People have free time. Why not explore this opportunity by providing them paid online courses with the help of modern websites and mobile apps. Partner with Toronto app developers like AppStudio to bring innovation in the education sector.
  • Develop eLearning mobile apps and offer students textbooks, online coaching classes, popular tutors, and motivational talks. People involved in the education sector can minimize the impact on Small business due to coronavirus by using mobile apps with supreme UI/UX.
  • Collaborate with different companies and individuals for videos of popular and unseen destinations. Tell people to travel stories with the use of mobile apps and websites having outstanding Interface.
  • Diminish your losses due to coronavirus pandemic by providing users with online training simulations with the use of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Healthcare, Online Prescriptions and Drugs store

  • Healthcare is witnessing burden and in some places, people are avoiding going to smaller clinics for simple tasks like dental care.
  • Use mobile apps and cater to your patients online by giving instructions, online prescriptions, and necessary precautionary measures.
  • Move towards online drug stores. Take prescription, accept orders, and deliver medicines right at their homes. With the use of digital products pharmacies can lower the coronavirus pandemic effect on business.

AppStudio is Helping Hundreds of Companies in Canada

AppStudio sensed the situation as soon as the situation started getting worse. We have hired talented developers and designers from all over the world by dedicating special teams for every business. We have the full command over the impact on Small business due to coronavirus. Take the help of our experts to develop new digital products like mobile apps, websites, and custom software.

We don’t believe in generalizing but we create special development processes, roadmaps, and strategies for each business. Your business is unique and you require special unrivaled treatment. We have a world-class cloud consultation team with a data scientist. Moreover, we are working on contemporary technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Talk to us! Together we can overcome this crisis and even future proof of our businesses.

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