Top 10 Cloud Consulting Companies in Canada

Cloud Consulting Companies in Canada

Cloud consulting is sweeping the world of IT! This is because almost all companies show interest in cloud computing and seek a cloud consulting partner that guides them to success. You are now well aware with our top 10 compilations, on huge public demand, we present the top 10 cloud consulting companies in Canada. Check it out, and make an informed decision.

Consulting has always been a pillar of most IT service providers, but what makes cloud consultants appear on the “most wanted” lists? Can cloud consulting experts make a real difference in the cloud roadmap of your organization?

Can you move to the cloud on your own?

Are you a large IT company that employs experts in cloud architecture, certified cloud engineers, administrators and other resources with cloud knowledge? If you answered yes, then you can make your trip to the cloud alone. If you answered no, then it is better to choose a cloud consulting partner that can lead a clear path that leads to real results!

In-House vs. Outsource: Why opt for cloud consulting?

Let’s see it this way. What’s your objective?

  1. A) Building your business
  2. B) Move to the cloud
  3. C) Set up a panel of cloud experts

Most companies have only one goal: to build their main business. Moving to the cloud is often one of the requirements to achieve that goal. Creating a panel of cloud experts is not your main goal unless you are in the cloud consulting business!

As more and more companies work with cloud technologies, the industry is growing so rapidly that resources with cloud skills are among the most sought after IT resources in 2017. Most recent surveys show that experience in Cloud is at the top of the list of the most requested IT experts. Naturally, many small and medium-sized organizations and even large companies find it easier and smarter to partner with cloud consulting service providers.

How can cloud consulting experts accelerate your transformation?

While moving towards the cloud, making a bad choice or overlooking something important can lead to wasted time and money. Many companies take to adopt the cloud because they fear the cloud, and for many reasons.

  • They are nervous about losing control of their IT
  • Companies care about security and data protection
  • Contracts and hidden costs

To overcome this fear and help you make a smart move towards the cloud, you need a cloud consulting partner. A partner who has the technical experience, who can understand your needs and migrate your business to the cloud without any problem.

Typically, cloud consulting companies follow a step-by-step approach that includes the following:

  • Identify the key cloud drivers
  • Identify which cloud services are best for you
  • Select the appropriate cloud models and platforms
  • Define a clear strategy and action plan for the cloud
  • Manage your cloud and achieve maximum cloud maturity
  • Identify your key cloud drivers

To achieve the desired results, you must know what you want to achieve. The first step is to determine the cloud controllers, that is, understand what is driving you to adopt the cloud. This step is very important, but many organizations overlook it. Therefore, their initiatives in the cloud are not always successful, and they simply lose track of the trip in the cloud.

Some cloud controllers are:

  1. Increase IT agility
  2. Improve employee efficiency and productivity
  3. Grow your business using cloud computing technology
  4. Reduce IT costs by adopting IT subscription model for cloud services
  5. Improve customer experience

It is important to identify what is leading you to the cloud model. Cloud consulting service providers can work with you and assign their drivers to real cloud solutions.

Identify which cloud services are best for you

For every technological or business need, there is a cloud service (or more than one in some cases) that meets your needs. Knowing what is best for you can help you make better decisions and achieve your goals in the cloud.

One of the main objectives of cloud consulting is to map your needs for cloud services. To ensure that every detail is taken care of, you need cloud experts with years of experience in the industry. It is worth partnering with a reliable cloud consulting company that invest your time and resources in this daunting task!

Select the appropriate cloud models and platforms

Choosing the right cloud computing service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaaS) and the best platforms is a job well done by cloud computing consultants. Should you move everything to the public cloud? What are the criteria that drive you to invest in a private cloud? Is a hybrid cloud model better for your business? AWS or Azure, what is best for your organization?

Cloud consulting service providers help you get oriented through the chaos and align your business with the right cloud model/platform.

Define a clear strategy and action plan for the cloud

Before jumping into the cloud, it is worth defining a strategy and work plan for the cloud. Knowing the current state of your business and identifying the suitability of cloud computing technology is important before adopting the cloud.

Cloud consulting services aim to capture your vision in a well-defined and documented cloud strategy and plan a clear work plan. Having a clear implementation plan can help your business stay focused and complete the journey to the cloud successfully. Cloud consultants help you visualize your trip in the cloud and allow your team to follow the right path.


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