Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity While Working From Home

work from home during Covid-19

There are a large number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. All authorities have announced several social distancing measures to keep the general public safe. Although private offices have not received similar orders, many employers take similar steps to protect employees by asking their staff to work on home ideas and policies.  

If you’re a corporate employee working in a typical office function, the chances are good that you can adjust to the opportunities to work from home during this critical time, with the right tools.

How do you manage productivity when working from home?

You need a good laptop/computer and a reliable internet connection to get started. Also, once you have that, there are some excellent tools and software that can keep you in touch with your team and keep your work flowing. Read from top to button for finding the impact of covid 19 on small businesses. Also, how to keep your productivity high while working from home jobs.

Top 5 Essential Apps For Working From Home Jobs

Working from home is not that difficult. However, we should thank several must-have productivity tools from home that can help any worker working remotely. Here in this segment, we will mention the top 5 essential apps for working from home. Take a quick look.


Asana is a task management tool and can help your team stay productive. In contrast, you are working from home, and communication will reduce compared to being in the office. Android developers say it’s easier than ever for teams to duplicate work due to these communication restrictions. With Asana, you can generate transparency across your entire group and see what everyone has planned for the coming week.

During work-from-home opportunities, it also contributes to a sense of accomplishment when tasks are marked and completed. Additionally, you can add links to important documents, tag colleagues to review assignments, add meeting notes, priority levels, etc. It means your team knows what they’re working on that day as soon as you sit down at your desk.


Zoom combines HD video with increasingly important features like screen sharing, content sharing, and local recording. Some fantastic features of Zoom make it an obvious choice for organizations that need to work from home.

For starters, Zoom makes meetings more accessible. As per the leading app development company, only one person needs to download it; everyone can click the meeting link to access their phone, desktop, or tablet. Check the AppStudio clutch review to know more about this in-depth. 

Zoom can also improve collaboration while working from home, whether switching between participants to share screens or using shared whiteboard touch screens. Moreover, Zoom offers more ways for participants to brainstorm than most video platforms.


A useful communication tool is vital when it comes to preparing your team to work from home. It’s a great way to keep your team accountable and through company updates, especially during this time of uncertainty.

According to iOS developers, Slack can create channels for different topics and is an easy alternative to email. Plus, it has built-in video calling capabilities, making it easy for your team to communicate online for meetings.


Suppose you are looking for work from home productivity apps to organize your team. Then Trello is your new friend. Trello is a collaborative task management tool that manages the daily activities of your team. Trello boards can be individual or collective and divided into panels, lists, and cards. Furthermore, it is a visual platform and allows easy prioritization of tasks while working from home jobs.


Zapier lets you automate workflows by bridging the gap between its many other tools. According to the mobile app developers, Zapier makes sure that all its clients and teams’ information synchronize between platforms. However, it makes it easy to integrate your other tools and keeps your entire team informed while saving everyone valuable time while working from home.

Work From Home Essentials and Tips

Have A Great Plan

When you work alone, you should keep a more structured daily schedule than usual. Usually, work from home, tasks, and job structure by other people. Also, other people may have a hard time handling it. So one of the things we find in our attempt to understand loneliness is that alone time is better if it is structured.

Encourage Dedicated workspaces

Many regular office workers have never required a dedicated workspace in their homes. But if they now regularly work from home, managers should encourage creating home offices separate from the shared space. In some cases, companies have even offered large stipends to help workers create suitable and productive remote workspaces.

Dedicated workspaces can help employees break free from the usual distractions of home life. Even if this office is a temporary makeshift space, this can help you mentally separate work from home politics.

Stay productive and organized during the global pandemic.

Each of these apps provides a specific service that helps you stay productive while working from home jobs. Assess your greatest needs and start working from your home desktop with the help of these fantastic apps. Therefore, great workers like you are the reason this nation will rebound more vital than ever. Also, if you still have any questions, please contact the Appstudio team without thinking twice.


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