Utilities and Benefits of Age-Friendly Mobile Apps

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Every day more people over 65 access new technologies and benefit from their numerous utilities. For those who need personal care, they are also a powerful tool for their health.

According to the report prepared by the Economic and Social Council, published earlier this year and which collects the latest data on access to new technologies and the habits of their consumption in the population, the use of the Internet currently reaches a very large majority of the public.

The results obtained by the National Institute of Statistics, show that in 2017 79% of individuals between the ages of 16 and 74, claimed to have used the Internet in the last three months, a percentage significantly higher than the observed in previous studies.

Specifically, 31.3% of people aged 65 to 74 had surfed the Internet in the three months before the survey on equipment and use of ICT in homes. However, the percentage of older people who are not familiar with smartphones is still large. While some already dominate the WhatsApp and Facebook, others have a little more work to adapt to the use of ICT.

Next, the benefits that older people can obtain when using applications designed to improve their quality of life are detailed, and a list of the best apps for the elderly is presented.

Benefits of Using ‘Apps’ for Elders

The use of specific applications for the elderly provides, in the first place, concrete aids against cognitive impairment. The rejection of the use of smartphones is usually due to its complexity or its poor accessibility.

They offer convenience in accessing all types of content that integrate them socially and family. Having the possibility of sharing communication channels with other users can avoid the feeling of loneliness or isolation that can often occur in older people. A generational integration is created with all other users who regularly access the Internet, and the existing digital divide is reduced.

Those who need personal care can find in the applications very useful tools to receive immediate help in case of falls or accidents. There are specific apps to control and monitor your health status.

  • It helps them stay informed.
  • They offer a way to maintain greater contact with family members.
  • They help to meet new friends who are within the same age group or to find associations or forums on topics that interest them.
  • Its provide easy and convenient access to Administration services, without having to travel.
  • There is a considerable increase in their independence and personal autonomy.
  • They train the development of new cognitive skills, which result in increased self-esteem and a greater sense of satisfaction

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In short, the use of apps generates in the elderly a considerable improvement in their quality of life.

Often the older person who tries to handle a smartphone finds it too complicated: the keys are tiny, it cannot be seen clearly or the volume is insufficient.

In these cases, the first thing to do is check if the mobile phone has an accessibility interface integrated that simplifies its use. Several manufacturers include a simpler mode of their launcher designed for older people.

Also deactivating the screen lock is a simple gesture, which can be very practical to begin to facilitate quick access to the mobile phone.

List of Useful Apps For Seniors

  • SwiftKey Keyboard : This application provides ease of use thanks to a keyboard formed by oversized buttons.
  • Also with large buttons and a simplified menu to avoid getting lost on the phone.
  • Simple Senior Phone: It contains SOS buttons, which send the location and a request for help to contacts that have been saved as “caregivers”.
  • Necta Launcher : You also can send the location via SMS or make a call for help to the contact assigned for these cases.
  • Large Launcher : It is similar to the previous ones but differs in a better design in general.
  • Volume Booster: It is a volume amplifier for people with hearing problems that can be truly useful.
  • Memory Trainer: Free app for seniors with exercises that enhance the mind and agility in numerical response, language skills or logic problems.
  • This app alerts the user when a medication should be taken by sending a call, an email or a message. It also confirms to family members that the patient has taken his medication, or if he has mistakenly taken a different one than he should.
  • Accessible medicine plus. It allows you to consult updated information regarding medications through the barcode.
  • Application is available for iOS that also allows you to control the medications that the user must take daily. Also, this alarm continues to work even when the mobile phone is turned off, and it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet. There are some applications similar to this one, available for Android.
  • Auto Measure: This application controls and monitors blood pressure records, generating a report of the results. It is only available for iOS, although Blood Pressure Monitor is a very similar application for Android.
  • If urgent medical assistance is required, this application puts the patient directly in contact with the 112 emergency services, immediately.
  • App dependence. Created for elderly dependents and their caregivers and family members. It allows you to be up to date on advice, recommendations and other useful issues such as aid and benefits.
  • Urban Step. An application that reflects on the mobile the interactive route of all public transport services in each city. It favors the autonomy of the elderly and is available to several municipalities.
  • With this simple and free application, physical activity is enhanced: it allows us to calculate the number of steps, the distance traveled and the calorie consumption.
  • Smart Fall Detection : It is free and compatible with all devices. Intelligent fall detector that will immediately send a text message requesting help to emergency contacts, via SMS and always with GPS data available, including in a second message the exact location where the accident occurred.
  • This application is available for iOS and Android and is suitable for diabetics, as it is used to track sugar levels. Also, it allows monitoring and monitoring of insulin and oral medications and includes a clinical history reminder with interactive charts.
  • Instant Heart Rate. It is another very useful application that records the heartbeat.
  • The interface of this app is characterized by simple and thick design, with large buttons, which makes it easy to make calls, write, and also take photos and record videos.
  • Free games to exercise the mind. You can find many fun and entertaining games that help you exercise your mind. There is a wide variety of crosswords, puzzles, word searches or games to improve memory. Some examples are the Puzzle and Memory.
  • Senior people Mingle : Most applications to link and meet people are intended for very young people but, of course, there are also for the elderly, such as Senior people Mingle. Men and women in their sixties, seventies or more can make new friends or dates thanks to applications like this.


New technologies have profoundly transformed the way people live and interact with. Although the percentage of seniors who frequently access the Internet is increasing, some people do not.

The complexity of some devices can curb the motivation to learn how to use them and that is why it is important to know all the products designed and developed specifically for the elderly.

A large number of advantages provided by optimized systems for the elderly is evident, with an intuitive and accessible mode of use that can completely change the daily lives of the oldest, The possibility of controlling the state of health, medications, possible accidents or falls through an application with immediate response, can provide a lot of tranquility to both the elderly and their families and caregivers.

The experience of entering new technologies and benefiting from their numerous advantages is highly recommended for the elderly. It will increase your autonomy, improve your self-esteem and if you need it, you will enjoy greater peace of mind in the control of medications and health status.

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