Impact of COVID-19 on Startups: Threats and Opportunities

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Impact of Covid-19

Startups play an important role as they encourage innovation among local entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities. But, due to Covid-19 pandemic, almost every single startup suffers with financial loss. However, Startups given the vast potential established by new companies, swift action by interested regulatory authorities would be crucial in shaping the future of our country’s bio-network of new companies.

The effects of Coronavirus are having a compelling impact on the IT sector. Impact of covid-19 on business interrupts electronic value chain and raw material supplies. Besides, it causes an inflationary risk in the products.

More positively, the disruption has caused a rapid focus on evaluating and de-risking the end-to-end value chain. Today, we will explain all major and minor points related to Covid-19 impact on Startups in Canada.

Impact of Wuhan’s Lung Disease on Businesses or Startups

Wuhan’s lung disease has had a profound impact on Canada’s more than 3 million entrepreneurs. Supporting our network of entrepreneurs has never been more critical. We have been seeking input from Canada’s entrepreneurs and trying to respond to their needs.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the Startup Canada team is ready to serving Canadian companies. We understand that the Coronavirus impact on business is incredibly challenging. However, this pandemic is very different from the 2008 financial crisis. Not all companies are losing, with the value of some companies increasing in the stock market and individual companies experiencing more demand. In fact, some companies are hiring.

In contrast, Coronavirus impacts business because companies cannot use their traditional supply and distribution channels. They are facing reduced demand and temporarily closed.

Response on Covid-19 Impacts on Canadian Startups

As per a leading Canadian company named Appstudio company’s report, Coronavirus has adversely impacted the overall IT sector. While businesses across all industries can sense the repercussions of COVID-19. Startups have mainly been one of the most vulnerable. In fact, they face several formidable challenges from a business as well as an operation’s perspective. Most startups have seen a decline in services that will engaging in supply and delivery of technology, gaming, or streaming services. 

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Notwithstanding the above, glitches in the chain network have either way presented challenges for all startups. However, the startup ecosystem has been continuously striving. They adapt to the present situation as flṣexibly as possible. They focus on the need to innovate their business techniques and its operations.

How IT Companies Becomes Prominent During Global Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic affects all IT sectors of the Canadian economy. But, does anyone know how IoT became more popular during Covid-19? This can be an original query of savvy people. Canadian people depend heavily on a vast supply chain of technology companies to meet requirements in AI, cyber security, data privacy, e-commerce, and clean technology.

When the health crisis eases off, established IT companies will need innovators to navigate an uncertain world. Even COVID-19 Impact on IoT Market 2020, so, after the pandemic, companies will need to be nimble and better connected than ever. Using the tools that Canada’s fast-growing technology sectors are perfectly positioned to facilitate.

The Future of Startups After Covid- 19 

There is a high probability that fundraising for new companies will become a significant challenge in the future. Since multiple investors can choose to focus their future fund deployments only on existing portfolio companies. To ensure that they can overcome the current global crisis.

Startups are likely to witness substantial negotiations over deal valuations. New investors can now demand bargains or discounts on value. It may lead to possible delays in the execution and closing of the agreement. Investors can also take a more cautious approach to finance and insist on thorough diligence on the subject—business prospects for new companies, including all contingency plans implemented during Coronavirus disease. So, to determine the sustainability of the startup in the long term.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading the above information related to coronavirus impact on startups across Canada and other countries, you can understand that Canada cannot afford to ignore the impact of the economic crisis on the tech startups emerging. As per the report, a profound tech collapse would worsen the COVID-19 recession and impede recovery.

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Positive Outlook & Latest update on Covid-19 in Canada 

Canadian Govt introduced new regulatory measures. They temporarily assist the startups in dealing with business continuity plans and issues. It limits expenses arising on account of certain statutory breaches, stakeholders within the industry have demanded ‘support, in a sense, access to cash-flows and capital. 

Other countries which are also affected by the global pandemic, such as the USA, India, etc., have announced a relief package for startups. It includes various measures, such as establishing funds to invest in startups as well as providing loans/financial assistance to the startups. While also creating an effective monitoring system to assess the utilization of the funds.


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