Impact of COVID-19 on The Internet of Things (IoT) Market 2020-21

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The connectivity of objects and the use of technology in the company are key to the future of companies. The crisis of COVID-19 has caused the digitization of companies to become more relevant and companies to dare to take steps that they have not taken until now. The Internet of things is helping us fight Covid 19 with efficiency while producing great results.

To begin with, IoT is the technology capable of transforming any inert object into an intelligent sensor giving it its own virtual identity. Therefore, the ability to empathize, communicate, and interact with other objects and people. For Mobile App Developer it’s a new paradigm that collects information from the everyday physical world through the Internet (machinery, cars, appliances, platforms, places, wearables). This data is accessible from any device digitally.

Amidst coronavirus IoT development companies are at their toes and busy creating sophisticated solutions to tackle this pandemic. The IoT sector is progressing thanks to its integration with other technologies like Big Data and AI. Toronto App Developer companies are at the forefront creating unique solutions to tackle the lockdown crisis and Covid-19. Here have a look at some of the solutions developed with the technology:

Connected Thermometers

Police authorities in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, capture the body temperature of passers-by using an infrared camera attached to a helmet. The information recorded in real-time is seen on the virtual reality screen of the helmet user. If the person has a body temperature greater than 37.3 ° C, an alarm sounds. These cameras are connected with the help of IoT. Find IoT app developer having the expertise of working with the healthcare sector.

IoT to Manage Quarantines

IoT can be very helpful in managing quarantines. The devices that connect and the network can display every information needed by the authorities. We have seen people leaving quarantine centers even in countries like the United States. Hire an iOS developer & android one to manage quarantines successfully.

IoT Enabled Robots in Healthcare

In Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outbreak of this pandemic started, hospitals have started working with robots to measure temperature, deliver food, and keep patient rooms disinfected. In an attempt to avoid contact between people, there are even stores operated by robotic arms, such as that of Huawei. Find IoT app developer that knows robotics.

IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Facial recognition systems using Artificial Intelligence analyze dozens of details to identify people infected with the virus. SenseTime, the leading artificial intelligence company in China, implemented its system in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen subway stations. Detecting the virus even in people wearing a mask. Hire an Android app developer expert in IoT to create amazing solutions for integrating AI in Canada.

Big Data and IoT

Autonomous Vehicles

Meituan Dianping, a home delivery company, introduced robots in some of its partners’ restaurants in Beijing to help bring food from kitchens to customers. It is done without the need for human contact. In China, there are already everything from drones that spread disinfectant to autonomous vehicles that carry medical supplies and food.

Privacy Issues

The combination of these technologies has allowed cities such as Seoul to follow the movement of potential patients, even before being diagnosed. Thanks to monitoring video surveillance images, tracking the use of bank cards and geolocation of the cell phone. Every time a new case is detected in Seoul, a warning signal is sent by text message to people who work or live nearby. So that they can take the necessary precautions to avoid contagion.

While many of these technologies have sparked controversy for their intrusion into citizens’ private lives. They have proven effective in combating the spread of the virus. Does the end justify the means? It is a long debate that, at least in such an extreme situation as this, seems to lean towards yes. Always hire best IOT app developers that have the knowledge and expertise to create secure solutions.

Impact of IoT in Future

It is indisputable that the IoT will be essential to optimize the efficiency of operations and services within cities. Benefiting people living in cities in the short and medium-term, who currently represent 55% of the world’s population. Select best IOT app developer that creates amazing urban-centric solutions.

Thanks to the growing installation of sensors in the city, we will automate an endless number of processes and activities that will facilitate people’s lives. Thus, the adoption of technologies to automatically measure energy consumption and connect to a central cloud-based control system will be accentuated. Similarly, we will see new systems to control lighting and public safety, traffic, or garbage removal. Search best IOT app developers to create applications to find parking lots or modernize traditional courier systems. 5G technology is around the corner for many cities. With the integration of 5G with IoT, we will see a new world. Pandemics like coronavirus and other infectious diseases will be better controlled in the future. If you are wondering where to find App Developers expert in IoT? Take the help of the internet and research the portfolios.

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How AppStudio is Reacting to Covid-19 using IoT

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