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Web Development in Calgary

The knowledge and skills linked to web application development are the most demanded and also the highest paid. It is a race with many possibilities and exits. If you are looking for expert and competent developers, have a look at these top 10 web development companies in Calgary.

Web Design vs Web Development: What’s the Difference?

In today’s technology, the terms of web development and web design are almost interchangeable. However, the services offered by the web development company in Calgary form two very different components of the website creation technique. Web designers and web developers must have unique skills to enhance the appearance and functionality of a site.

Web Design: To build website layout and usability, top web designers use various design applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc. Their primary responsibility is to develop a site that is aesthetically pleasing by focusing on button placement, finding the ideal font style and colour palette, maintaining visual and navigation consistency, etc.

Web Development: The best web developers Calgary build the two main structural components of websites – client and server-side using programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET, etc. To create a fully functional website. As per Calgary web development companies, they are also responsible for coding the UI / UX components of the site.

Web developers adopt a logical approach, whereas web designers embrace the creative concept of website building. Web development services providers in Calgary offer viable designing solutions to increase site attractiveness for an additional cost. However, to create a great site, brands must give equal significance to hiring a top web design company.

How the web works

The web is a system of distribution and recovery of documents based on hypertext that was born in a nuclear physics laboratory in the late 80’s. It is a service that allows us to navigate through the many web pages that are hosted on servers from all over the planet.

We find what interests us thanks to search engines that track links thanks to the “HTTP” protocol and the “html” hypertext markup language that is responsible for composing pages in browsers.

The fact of putting an address in our browser is comparable to dialing a telephone number, our computer as a client making a call contacts the server that is linked to that address receiving the request, this server attends it by sending us a language or code that our browser presents after interpreting it.

This process so apparently simple and with which we are so familiar implies a great complexity in its operation and the intervention of many actuators.

Client-Server Paradigm

The servers are computers that connect to the internet with the appropriate software to allow the consultation of information stored on them by other computers connected to the network. A server can be any home computer or belong to an infrastructure of small or large data centers, and is indispensable within web development.

The limitations of individual or domestic equipment make its use inappropriate to perform tasks such as serving information to a large number of requests at the same time, in addition the type of connections and bandwidth of equipment with these characteristics is usually limited. Another drawback is the fact that the information should be available permanently, and provide the possibility of making periodic backup copies of this stored or updated information, apart from offering other minimum security requirements for consultation and protection.

These reasons make it a common practice to choose a specialized web hosting provider to rent the space that the files, consultation websites or applications that we have on the servers they manage will occupy.

These professional servers do not always serve the information more quickly, but they are prepared to support a multitude of accesses continuously and have a bandwidth considerably higher than that which can be used in home or work networks. They are usually stacked or arranged in a rack and forming towers, with their location in special facilities equipped with security measures.

Users who connect to the network to request information from servers need to do so by using a web client software, this is the browser we use regularly. You can also use software that allows you to interact through different protocols, such as the FTP protocol, allowing you to fully download files from the hard disk available on the server.

When in our browser we make a request by entering a URL in the address bar, this request is collected by a domain name or DNS server, this server translates the URL into an IP address, which in turn is used by the browser to locate the web server that hosts the specific page.

Depending on the characteristics and focus on the web development of the pages of the site, different things can happen:

Static websites:

In the case of an HTML page, it is transferred to the browser along with its associated contents stored in directories through routes, such as images, video or audio, style sheets, etc. If there is any type of script in the composition of the page it will be executed on the client side thanks to the new browser.

Dynamic web sites:

In this case the initial process is similar to the previous one, but after the browser makes the request of the page and the DNS server that gives you the IP, on the server side other processes take place to search, find and return information. These are queries to databases that run through server-side languages, such as PHP, .NET, Ruby, etc. thanks to which the page is composed to send it to the browser along with the other elements described above.

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