Top 10 Virtual Reality Development Companies in Vancouver

Virtual Reality
VR development Companies in Vancouver

We are in an era of transformation where knowledge and constant learning is critical to evolve along with changes. In this context, more and more companies are using virtual reality as a training model for their collaborators. VR is providing businesses with risk-free training modules and setups. Moreover, for an eCommerce store, VR brings fabulous advantages and turnovers.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of VR for companies and businesses. Primarily, we will focus on the training benefits of VR for different industries. In the end, we will present a researched list of virtual reality development company.

What is Virtual Reality in Information Technology?

In recent years, virtual reality has become famous for different aspects of life, beyond the entertainment industry. Today, this technology is gaining ground at accelerated steps and is getting useful for various fields. The role of Virtual Reality in the Retail Industry is getting impactful results. Another useful benefit of VR is the training of personnel through simulations.

  • This type of training allows the creation of possible real scenarios, for which the staff is getting exercise. It helps them understand how to react physically and psychologically to a similar situation in real life.
  • The training of personnel through this technology offers innumerable possibilities and scenarios, providing the facility to train in dangerous or extreme situations without taking any type of risk.
  • Besides, these types of simulations allow the creativity of coaches and workers to continually explore new situations. They make predictions, and design new training maneuvers by interpreting their results. It is one of the salient types of VR.
  • Another significant advantage of applying virtual reality for personnel training is that it requires only a VR team and the programming of the different scenarios, thus being a practical tool and adaptable to any industry and employment situation.
  • Among the sectors that can benefit from using this technology to train personnel are emergency services—for example, police, fire, paramedics, doctors, and nurses. The industry and infrastructure sectors are getting help to prepare security measures and simulating scenarios in different areas.

In summary, the main benefits of using this technology in the field of personnel training are:

Safety and Multiplicity of Simulations:

Virtual scenarios allow training in dangerous or extreme situations without taking any real risk and allowing a variety of possible conditions.

Personalized training:

Variables are within the same scenario so that each worker can personalize their training sessions. This personalized training results in thorough professionalism, and helps tackle emergency situations.

Cost reduction:

Virtual simulations reduce the infrastructure, materials, and time and personnel expenses required by real simulations. Also taking into account that virtual training takes place at any time and from any location. We can get different types of VR applications in specific industries.

American Airlines Trains its Cabin Staff.

  • Seeking efficiency in training all new cabin staff, American Airlines decided to use virtual reality so that more personnel got training at the same time.
  • Staff had the opportunity to get to know the airline’s planes in detail through a virtual reality tour. They could interact with the different parts of the flight and take the necessary time to learn about its functions.
  • At the time of commenting on the project, many of the users who made use of the VR application stressed how real they felt the training experience. Thanks to interactive technologies that allowed them to move throughout the aircraft and interact with its parts in an incredibly realistic way.
  • A fundamental aspect of why the airline chose this type of training is due to many possibilities. More than 12 people take it at the same time with a single coach. He guides them all from a control center where they can see each one of the experiences.

In this way, the company can streamline the training of several employees at the same time. Now, as you have understood, what is virtual reality in information technology? Let’s move towards our compilation of the best VR developers in Vancouver.

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List of Virtual Reality Development Company

AppStudio | VR App Development

There is no other company in Vancouver that specialized in VR than AppStudio. The company utilizes the latest frameworks and development techniques that make them the best Virtual Reality Developers in the city. They have won numerous awards and works for the client’s satisfaction. They have a large facility in Toronto and provide all services, including support & maintenance under one roof.


Zazz is another company with strong portfolios and industry-specific experience. It is the only company in Vancouver with portfolios from every continent. They have specialized VR engineers and designers and perform extraordinarily. The company’s Android and iOS developer Vancouver integrate VR with existing mobile apps while never compromising over the quality.


Archiact is the company that provides 3D modeling and VR development for the real estate sector. The design blueprints and utilize VR technology to show prototypes efficiently. We strongly recommend this company over others for the real estate sector.

Cad Makers

Cad Makers is the prominent group of developers in Vancouver. The company’s main office is at British Columbia, but they are looking to recruit the best talent from Toronto to expand themselves. The company is famous for its testing facility.

Axiom Zen

Axiom Zen has a high tech studio where they implement modern VR techniques to craft digital products. It is a small company that can handle beginning level businesses. Their strength is cost-effective proposals.

Real Space 3D

Real Space 3D is a company having a presence all over Canada. Although the company has recruited professional developers, they lack the latest frameworks knowledge. However, the company is well suited for startups and small industries.

Idea Rebel

The main strength of Idea Rebel is that it can create custom VR mobile apps using the least amount of time. However, unlike AppStudio, the company has no strong portfolios and relevant experience.

Ensemble Systems

Ensemble Systems excels in providing simulations and VR training facilities. The company is thinking of expanding itself throughout Latin America. However, still, it is a long way to go.

BluePrint Reality

Blueprint Reality is the only company in the list that has fewer resources and tech knowledge. However, we have seen their management working on some big plans. We hope that soon the company will be among the top three VR companies.

Many Hats

Many Hats is a startup that has quickly attained many recognitions and praise over their strategies and techniques. The company has an ample amount of resources and uses their talent to innovate the final products.

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