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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. What we used to see in the cinema, is a reality now. AI is offering companies unrivaled benefits and is swiftly finding its place in almost all kinds of businesses; from startups to large enterprises. If you want to be ahead and plan well for the future, have a look at these top 10 AI development companies based in Winnipeg.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent teams that can learn for themselves. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is commonly applied to devices or applications capable of carrying out specific tasks in a human way, imitating cognitive functions such as the following:

  • Learning
  • Reasoning
  • Problem resolution
  • Visual perception
  • Language comprehension

What Types of Artificial Intelligence Exist?

Currently, there are two main types of AI:

AI applied.

It is the most common modality and includes systems designed to intelligently carry out a single task, for example, to guide a vehicle without a driver.

Generalized AI.

This type of artificial intelligence includes systems or devices that, in theory, can handle any task, since they have enough intelligence to find solutions to unknown problems. It is a technology in very early stages of development.

Over the years, AI research has allowed many technological advances, including some as well-known as purchase recommendations in e-commerce, those for viewing movies and series on an entertainment platform, virtual agents and chatbots, targeted advertising or autonomous driving.

Linked to the business environment, artificial intelligence allows you to enjoy advances such as pattern recognition, voice recognition, or predictive analytics. Many of which are now commonly used in organizations and offer solutions to a large number of business challenges and complex problems.

How do companies use Artificial Intelligence?

From workflow management to trend predictions, AI has many different uses in business. It also provides new opportunities for growth thanks to the innovation it fosters and the increase in efficiency in the processes.

Depending on the type of AI technology, intelligent programs can perform specific individual tasks, such as robot control; or complex cognitive tasks based on your understanding of how certain things work.

Thus, artificial intelligence can be used, for example, with any of the following objectives:

  • Improvement of customer service through the use of virtual assistant programs to provide real-time support to users.
  • Workload automation, collecting and analyzing intelligent sensor data or using machine learning algorithms to classify work or automatically route service requests.
  • Optimization of logistics, planning transport routes and adjusting inventory needs to demand.
  • Increased efficiency in manufacturing, through the integration of industrial robots in the workflow to deal with routine tasks or intensive work.
  • Online behavior prediction, which allows you to launch customized product offers, detect credit card fraud or customize ads.
  • Administration and analysis of data, to get a meaningful vision of the assets, the brand, the personnel or the clients.
  • Improving the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, by monitoring user behavior and automating routine tasks.

What are the Business Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Many companies use artificial intelligence technology to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, boost revenue and improve customer experience.

In fact, the impact of artificial intelligence in business can easily be translated into profitability. Simply make the right technological choice and implement an AI solution to obtain new capabilities such as:

  • Time and money savings by automating routine processes and tasks.
  • Boosting efficiency in operations and increasing productivity.
  • Faster business decision making based on the results of cognitive technologies.
  • Prevention of system failures and human errors.
  • Effective prediction of customer preferences, which allows to offer a better and more personalized experience.
  • Optimization of the business, workforce or products.
  • Increase revenue by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities.

The search for solutions to unexpected problems, the response to market competitiveness or customer demand may be reasons to decide to consider AI.

Winnipeg, AppStudio and AI Development

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