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We live in a world where if something can be digital, it will be. In this sense, mHealth has contributed to healthcare transformation in recent years. As a study reveals, 60% of the time we spend in the digital world uses applications.  A use that has increased 111% in the last 3 years. As if it were a chapter of ‘Black Mirror’ seen years ago, nowadays we use apps for (almost) everything. A real revolution that has not taken long to reach the health sector and become one of the key trends in 2020. And it’s here to stay.

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Benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps

The possibilities that these applications offer both to patients and to doctors and other agents involved in healthcare are many. The main one, without a doubt, is that they have proven to be a great tool to achieve the empowerment of the patient. Now patients can take an active part in healthcare & physical fitness because mobile apps are providing UX features. Do you know how is AI being used in healthcare? In our blog post, we have explained it all.

Precisely, this promotion of self-management of the disease is one of the main challenges of the health authorities, especially given the evidence of the increasing aging of the population and the increase in chronic patients expected in the coming years. Nevertheless, besides, its use & progressive implementation in most health services have other added benefits:

They Improve Adherence to Treatment:

The use of health apps results in a more informed patient and, therefore, more predisposed to follow treatment guidelines. It is one of the main benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps, providing novel ways to cater to patients.

Higher (and Better) Monitoring:

One of the significant advantages of these tools is that the data that the patient collects in their apps or wearables is available to the doctor or the health care team. It can become part of the electronic medical history, which also favors an increasingly personalized medicine. Regarding this, the heads of the Association of Researchers in eHealth point out that the mobile apps in healthcare allow a “5P” medicine. It provides preventive, personalized, predictive, participatory, and population-based solutions.

Service optimization and cost reduction: The ITD Canada report reflects how the use of these digital health applications in patient populations has reduced the use of intensive care. Prevention of diabetes, asthma, cardiac rehabilitation, and rehabilitation lungs is due to mobile apps. It could save the US health system around 7,000 million dollars (about 5,954 million euros).

This represents approximately 1.4% of the total cost generated by these patient populations. If this level of savings gets in the entire heading of North American health spending, the annual savings that will be around 46,000 million dollars. These are the salient benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps because of professional developers.

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How Do You Make a Healthcare App? Examples

In this section, we offer you information about the most popular mobile applications that you can find.

To Exercise

  • Runkeeper – Provides tracking for running, skating, skiing, cycling, etc. GPS provides statistics, progress achieved, suggestions, etc.
  • Runtastic: stimulates the achievement of goals through voice, very useful both in the gym and outdoors. GPS and virtual trainer to program routes, training, the possibility of quantifying progress, etc.
  • Sports Tracker: enables registration of marks, route maps, calculates times, routes, and distance, among other functions. It is the correct example of how do you make a healthcare app.
  • Sweat: Make exercise plans and include an agenda to write down your daily priorities. It is a free application, and we can download it through Google Play. It is compatible with Android 4.4.
  • 8 Fit: Has the same functions as Sweat, but includes data such as preferred food products and allergies. It is also free, and we can obtain it through Google Play.

To Eat Healthily and Lose Weight

  • Eat Slower: The portable nutritionist teaches how to control time to chew food slowly, gradually grinding each bite to aid digestion.
  • Diet Point: It contains 150-programmed recipes, determines the target weight to lose according to the personalized base metabolism.
  • Fooducate: Its main objective is to lose weight without dieting through individualized food reeducation according to parameters of age, sex, height, type of performance, the health status of the user, and control of carbohydrates.
  • Freeletics Nutrition: Free mobile application that offers various recipes to balance the diet, thus suggesting a series of methods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For Wellbeing

  • Skivision: Determines the possible spots that may appear on the skin and include a pulse meter. It controls the eating routines and analyzes the amount of insulin that the body must-have.
  • Social Diabetes: Mobile application that helps control types of diabetes 1 and 2. Control and monitor the administration of insulin and glucose in the body.
  • SunQuiet: It offers advice so that the user can synthesize this nutrient with sun exposure. Also, it analyzes the type of skin and gives recommendations to protect it from UV rays.

Top Healthcare App Developers in Canada


AppStudio is a renowned healthcare application development agency. They adopted the most innovative technologies, including mobile application, blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, and the Internet, to create advanced solutions in the healthcare industry. Its experienced healthcare application developers are experienced in medical application development, patient engagement applications, healthcare CRM, medical software development, and many others.


Zazz is a leading health and fitness app development company known for delivering mobile health solutions globally. They have a team of experienced designers and apps developers who create unique and easy-to-use mHealth software solutions and applications for their clients, adding value to their expertise. Zazz also provides IoT Healthcare solutions that enable people to get the best medical service at their location.

App Incubator

App Incubator is the leading healthcare app developer, aiming to impact life-saving mobile solutions positively. They strive together with healthcare leaders and providers to improve the quality of delivered results and patients through the best medical Android and iPhone app development. Its highly trained software engineers excel at troubleshooting, improving medical application functionality, and interface design.


Clearbridge creates and delivers interactive mobile applications that can be used anywhere and on any mobile device. Their process combines visual design and user experience to ensure that the product aligns well with its goals. In addition, they offer unique healthcare mobile apps, ionic and progressive web apps, mobile development first, and React Native.

Willow Tree Apps

Willow Tree Apps provides customized healthcare application platforms and solutions for all healthcare professionals, patients, health-conscious end-users, and intermediaries. As a result, they not only understand mobile health and have the skill and experience to implement it.

Final Thoughts

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