Top 7 Trends in Java Technology to Watch Out in 2021 & Beyond

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7Java Trends 2021

Whether you’re an expert or just starting your journey, knowing these 7 top Java trends will help you thrive in the competitive world of digital solution development and help you achieve your business goals. Despite numerous rumours about the death of Java technology, it gave up its performance in 2020. Is Java the only technology? 

The answer is no. But it still dominates the development of corporate applications, that is, commercial ones. Despite COVID in 2020, we witnessed two updates in technology. The direct hit is making it well built. In 2021, the next Java update could be available!

Why is Java Technology Still Prominent Today?

With constant updates, Java can keep up with technology and software development trends and can support many languages on its platform. As a result, Java has become one of the most widely used programming languages in disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence app development and IoT development. 

Java additionally empowers you to build software on current application columns that are secure, adaptable, and robust. As a result, everything from scientific computers to game consoles will continue to rely on its versatility. Furthermore, through its reactive function, it provides developers with exceptional support for advanced streaming applications.

In 2021, experts are confident that Java application development trends will remain the most preferred in the future. Due to the evolution of technological changes, there will be a continuous demand for Java developer skills in the coming years. Now bear with us as we review the top 7 Java trends for 2021.

Let’s start!

1. Business Resources Mechanized by AI

Being among the scalable languages, Java offers a wide range of resources and business options to use in your operations. Do you want to create an application and use growth strategies? Well, with Java resources, you can. It is one of the best languages for developing AI-powered applications and software. With the technical community that Java has, one can use Artificial Intelligence in its organization’s strategies and deliver optimal business results.

With the right Java brain, you can connect artificial intelligence with machine learning application development, and you’ll get scalability, ease-of-use, and nifty technology that will hammer your way. Digitization accelerated dramatically in the last year, and therefore, now is the time for the Internet to rule the world!

2. Serverless Architecture

The shift to serverless architecture is another trend that is expected to become more prevalent in 2021. It is a cloud service model that allows you to focus solely on coding rather than infrastructure.

When using a serverless architecture, there is no need to upgrade operating systems, scale the application, configure machines, or configure the network. As a result, you’ll also enjoy greater flexibility and reduced operating costs leading to faster value delivery.

3. Spring

You have probably already been using the Spring Framework and are familiar with its basics. However, now is the time to update your Spring Framework skills. There have been some major releases for Spring, Spring Security, and Spring Boot in recent years. Today, it seems like everyone is obsessed with leveraging the cloud for development.

With regards to the cloud, microservices architecture has a unique spot in the Java programming equation. Also, you should expect Spring’s popularity to be even stronger throughout 2021 because it is lightweight and easy to deploy.

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4. Integration Testing

When writing code, testing is an essential procedure. It helps you reduce misprints or errors while demonstrating that you have workable code. In this way, you save time that you would have used to rewrite or search for errors. 

However, while making an unpredictable application in Java, you would need to invest a lot of energy making tests physically. For this reason, mobile app developers can now use frameworks, libraries and tools like JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, REST-Assured, and many more. 

5. Remote Access Solutions

With the world sitting at home and working, the WFH or working from home is the new norm. Remote work is now officially a location with many organizations, especially those in IT. Java is a language sworn by people who work on the Internet, and therefore the new trend that will prevail is the provision of remote solutions.

Video calls, remote work applications, management solutions, etc., are the domains developed in the last year. With Java implemented, developing all of this becomes much more comfortable and convenient. We are making both the server and client end work flawlessly. One must make sure one is well versed in Java for this!

6. Big Data 

Industry 4.0 has been around the corner and, with 2021 in hand, companies are seeking growth through smarter and more efficient methods. Java technology has several uses in the big data collection, distribution, and processing mechanism. With Java, data management in industries and associations becomes easy. Additionally, smart predictions can help an organization with predictive analytics, which, in turn, results in smarter tactics and greater growth.

While Java and robotics are not directly connected, they are both complementary to each other. If your business is not yet automating its essential functions, you waste energy and resources in the wrong direction, and someone could present you with fierce competition. With the Java support system, robotization becomes efficient and comfortable. In 2021, this will rule the industry, and this is where Java will be of significant help.

7. Java Technology Updates

Java 11 and LTS 8 are the two most usable updates till date. Two more updates were released last year despite COVID. Most likely, JDK 17 will arrive at the end of September this year. While there are several updates, each Java language must be known comprehensively to meet varied requirements. What happens in the industry with the new updates is certainly a sight to see. So if you want to jump on the train of success, you must be familiar with Java technologies at all times.

Final Thoughts

In the above context, we have examined the top 7 latest trends in JAVA technology. If you are eager for detailed information, you can contact Java development team of Appstudio. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you solve all your technical queries. Thus, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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