Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies Calgary

Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies Calgary

Calgary is not only a gateway to Albertan Rockies, now the city is offering top-notch technological services in an affordable price range. Before we indulge in the benefits of custom software for a business, first check out the top 10 custom software development companies based here in Calgary.

You are looking for a tool that is not available as standard

There is a lot of online software available for various applications. Think of portals for online collaboration, financial packages, billing tools, and CRM applications; everything is available. Only sometimes you just do not find what you are looking for. You miss crucial functionalities or seamless integration with existing systems.

Look further for online growth

What are you doing then? Do you adapt yourself to the available technology or do you look beyond the rest and do you opt for an application that takes your internal organization and services to a higher level? If you choose the latter, then we are the outspoken party for you. We (re) handily build software, so that it is tailored to the wishes of your team and customers.

You have an application that you want to develop further

Your organization, department or team works with a piece of software that is perfectly adequate. Only it is outdated and to innovate – to meet the contemporary wishes of employees and customers – it is time to make a renewal. You know what you want from practice. Some existing functionalities are superfluous and you miss some functions. But unfortunately, you can no longer go to the current supplier.

Is custom software expensive?

Within North America, there is a perception that custom software is by definition expensive and the lead time long. But we prove that this is not always the case in practice. We use standard components wherever possible. We start small, often with prototypes. We test this and continue to build based on experience. Of course according to a tight schedule and in clear language.

In this way, we only build what is needed. We skip horns and bells and we are highly allergic to nonsense. Say ‘cut the crap’. We make you part of the team so that communication is fast and clear. As a result, we ultimately work faster and cheaper on custom software with a particularly high standard.

Whether it concerns more time, more pleasure or more turnover; with our software solutions, you achieve profit. Always!

Optimize Work Processes

When we build something, we do it well. Every piece of software should not only fit seamlessly with your working methods and processes. It should also measurably optimize your working method. To achieve that, we take stock of every business process step by step. We talk – with you, colleagues and customers – and analyze every activity within a work process. Where can work be done more effectively and with more simplicity?

The software must fit precisely and for that, we build around your needs. In this way, you work faster and with more pleasure within your organization. The result? A distinctive service with which you add value for your customers. Business growth? Check!

Application Custom Software

Companies that opt for customized business software outsource this to a qualified supplier or carry out the project (largely) with their own IT department. In the latter case, the IT department must be kept up to date with the latest developments in software development, methods, and technologies. This prevents the development of your standards, because ‘that’s how it was developed’ in the past.

Benefits of Custom Software

As mentioned, custom software is fully developed based on the requirements, expectations, and insights of the client, so that it fits seamlessly with the business process. Unnecessary functionalities are avoided. The business software cannot fit the business process better than a customized solution. The condition is that the business process is optimized and that the development of the custom software is in the hands of experienced IT specialists.

Combine standard software and customization

Standard business software is now available in abundance and offers everything that an organization needs. A comprehensive standard package almost always needs to be radically adjusted to the wishes of the customer. The advantage of standard software is therefore lost. Also, with standard software, you do not set a distinctive position. With custom software, you only create or renew the functionality that the organization needs based on a carefully chosen mix of best-of-breed software.

Agile Development for Control

Whereas the so-called waterfall method used to be sufficient for software development, nowadays the agile development method ‘Scrum’ is increasingly being used. This allows products to be delivered faster and at lower costs, resulting in a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Lean Startup

The Lean Startup method is widely used for business innovation. This states that when developing a new product, we work towards a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) as quickly as possible. The development then continues, but each intermediate step contributes to the operating result and provides more insight into the value that these sub-projects add to the organization. This is, of course, possible with standard software and with customization.

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