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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies Vancouver

by appstudio March 18, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

The development of custom software has become a key pillar in the digitalization of companies. The digitalization in the company and its internal processes improves the online presence and its ability to respond to market changes. With further ado, let’s have a look at top 10 custom software development companies in Vancouver.

  • AppStudio

     Appstudio is a full service Mobile App Design & Development Company offering services in Native iOS Development (Swift 5.1), Native Android Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development, Software Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Health Care & Finance to On-Demand Services, to create Mobile apps that are actively being used by Millions of users across the globe.

  • App Development companies

     Zazz is a team of creative designers and developers building great digital products in Seattle and San Francisco. Our collective experience in the technology industry includes mobile app development, IOT application development, blockchain development with a design first approach to product development.


     POWERSHiFTER - We are a digital product and service design studio that partners with leading brands & scaleups to produce digital products — applications, mobile apps, and websites  — that unlock the greatest amount of value possible for your brand’s digital touch-points.

  • DIGI117

     Digi117 is a customer-focused software company that provides MVP development and continuous product improvement services for emerging startups and enterprises from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and other countries.   With offices in Canada and Ukraine, our company delivers individual software applications for B2B and B2C projects globally, covering for the following cross-industry tech stacks:

  • Convergence

     Convergence builds, designs, deploys and consults on mobile software technologies as well as complex software systems of all shapes and sizes. We are based out of Vancouver, Canada.

  • ImageX

     Founded in 2001, ImageX is a technology & web agency with a global reach. We've help brands across the world such as Disney, Apple, YMCA, Samsung, Adidas, Adobe and Stanford University architect complex technical solutions and create meaningful digital experiences through user experience, content strategy, stunning visual design and ongoing digital strategy.

  • Developex

     Developex – team of software professionals, with 18 years old history and large variety of software development and product development experience. We provide development services by hiring and assigning qualified team to clients’ projects. With headquarters in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and a representative office in Canada, we have good clients and partners in all corners of Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

  • FreshWorks Studio

     FreshWorks Studio is an award winning, full life cycle, design and development company . They’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and have built over 85 applications to date as part of our mission to solve problems and create value through remarkable digital experiences.

    "They Create Experiences , Not Just Apps"

  • Essential Designs

     Essential Designs is a team of custom application developers in Vancouver and Calgary. They specialize in custom software and app development. Building high quality software applications is only half of the job, a creative and modern User Experience is a major part of every application they build. They are able to provide the full design process from concept, to wireframe and full graphic design for your software.

  • App-Scoop Solutions Inc

     They are a full service Vancouver based development and consulting firm hyper focused on delivering polished Web and Mobile Solutions. They are a team of highly experienced and specialized software developers and business professionals excited to help elevate your business via custom software development.

The global market in which we move demands constant computerization in companies. What has led to the development of custom software systems, much more specific and focused on the real professional needs of each sector, market or niche in which they move.

But what do we mean when we talk about custom software? We can define it as those computer programs that are designed and developed following the specific and specific needs of each business. The objective is to improve, control and manage decision making. In this way, the internal processes of the organization are improved, as well as the services provided to customers, optimizing the resources and costs allocated to it.

In general, the biggest dilemma for companies when it comes to continuing with the traditional software they have been working with so far, is the opportunity cost of the change is the learning that can bring the new tools as well as customers and providers that share the same system. Other issues that may have custom software, in most cases depends on the size of the company, available budget, specific needs, etc.

When Do You Need A Custom Development?

Although the benefits of having tailored technological solutions to facilitate the daily operations of organizations are clear, multiple options must be assessed in advance. There are different scales depending on which you can compensate for generic solutions or software based on the needs of the company. Some situations from which the business could be considered to develop and implement custom software are:

  • The existing technological solutions do not adapt perfectly to the daily tasks or operations of the organization.
  • A custom development allows a competitive advantage in the processes. That allow to optimize resources, improve products and services or offer a better customer experience.
  • You have very clear procedures that will not have major modifications over time and that can also be improved through this new development.

In recent years, the number of companies that implement their own custom software is constantly increasing, since they have a large number of advantages and benefits, and development times and costs are getting smaller.

Advantages for Companies

In the first place, having your own system will only have that information, necessary requirements and exclusive functionalities of the company. Thus avoiding unnecessary functions that are not used daily.

Generally, our own software designs are simple and intuitive and adapted to the specific case of the organization. What will allow all people in the organization to handle it intuitively? In addition to better usability, the system is flexible. Allowing to make the necessary modifications and changes with the evolution of the company over time and with smaller costs than if it were a generic software.

On the other hand, in spite of the investment necessary to implement its own and customized software in the company, it becomes more efficient with significant optimizations both in costs and in time.

Another of the main advantages is the reduction of errors. These technological solutions are designed to carry out the specific activities of the organization. In this way, when implemented, the number of failures is reduced by following the process step by step with the precise functions. In addition, it simplifies the work for employees as it is an intuitive and simple system. What can translate into an increase in productivity, quality, greater efficiency and profitability of the business itself?

However, it is important to keep in mind that custom software development should be done following a thorough preliminary study. In addition to a thorough control during its development, as well as multiple tests before its complete implementation.


These are some of the reasons why many companies are changing their generic software systems for a custom and custom made one. The reality is very clear. At this time when companies coexist with a great deal of competition, having a personalized tool is a great competitive and strategic advantage. Custom software development can be a ramp towards the success of the company that implements it. Since it will offer much more personalized services to both customers and workers, influencing its perception.

If you have convinced yourself to implement it, at AppStudio, we are specialized in custom software development. Get in touch with us, tell us what the specific needs your company needs and we will help you give the momentum you need. In AppStudio, we consider it essential that the client is informed of the process at all times of the evolution of their custom software. We carry out an exhaustive requirements analysis at the beginning of each project, so that our clients know at all times the developments that are carried out and their progress over time.


Appstudio is a full service Mobile App Design & Development Company offering services in Native iOS Development (Swift 5.1), Native Android Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Health Care & Finance to On-Demand Services, to create Mobile apps that are actively being used by Millions of users across the globe.

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