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Custom software development is a personalized service with great customer participation. It is the client who has the knowledge of the processes, and the development phase. Custom software caters the need of specific clients with unique performance. If you are looking for best in town developers, have a look at our compilation of top 10 custom software development companies in Montreal.

  • AppStudioAppStudio

     AppStudio is an award-winning full-service Mobile Application Development Company offering services in Native iOS App Development (Swift), Native Android app Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development, Software Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 1000 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Healthcare & Finance to On-Demand App Development Services, to create Mobile apps actively being used by millions of users across the globe. In addition, their services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, development, Quality Assurance and maintenance.

    List of Services:



    Zazz is an American digital mobile agency that has been at the forefront of software design & development innovation. As an industry leader, Zazz team pride ourselves in adopting, iterating & investing in the latest technologies, seamless processes and creative talent.

    At Zazz leverage a bottom up approach to software development, whereby the user is the centre of our universe - It’s their journey, footprint and engagement metrics that define the over arching digital experience.

    List of Services:

    Be it a scaling startup looking to A/B test an MVP, an SME looking to optimize a set of processes, or an enterprise seeking a digital transformation, Zazz have the experience and resources to facilitate your project’s end to end needs.

    Zazz has architected and maintained digital solutions for hundreds of VC backed Startups, government agencies and fortune 500 companies. Visit our website for detailed case studies, or grab a coffee with one of our consultants (They’re always down to geek out on the latest tech).

  • Spiria LogoSpiria

     Powered by a passion for technology, Spiria designs and develops custom digital solutions for industry leaders who want to run better businesses, deliver more value to their customers and generate growth through digital transformation. As we grow, we stay true to what we love: quality software, technological innovation, and creative collaboration.

  • LogoCyper Canada

     OUTSOURCING 1. Web Design and Development: E-commerce integration and online shops. E-learning websites. Landing pages. 2. Mobile Development: Native iOS applications development. Native Android applications development. Prototyping. 3. Quality Assurance Services: Automated testing. Functional testing. Stress testing. Usability testing. Compatibility testing. User interface testing. Unit testing.

  • Nventive LogoNventive

     nventive is a software company committed to creating exceptional mobile applications for its clients. Using strategy, experience design, technology and analytics, nventive works with organizations to find customized solutions to their digital objectives. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, its team of 100 developers and designers, have built over 300 unique mobile apps for leading brands such as VCA, Parkland, National Geographic Learning, and many more.

  • Forgestik Inc. LogoForgestik Inc.

     Forgestik Inc- Forgestik has been helping Canadian businesses integrate technology into their operations since 1990. The Forgestik team will guide you through every step of the SAP process, from set-up to customization and after-sales service. Forgestik can help you harness the full power of SAP solutions.

  • Famic Technologies Inc. LogoFamic Technologies Inc.

     Since 1986, Famic Technologies offers a complete range of high-end products and services in the fields of software engineering and industrial automation. Based in Montreal, Canada, with branches in Germany and India, it develops trade-oriented software solutions including: Automation Studio™ for machine design and simulation, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold for hydraulic manifold design, quoting and prototyping, and Andon Studio™, for process management optimization.

  • Softvoyage Inc. LogoSoftvoyage Inc.

     Softvoyage Inc. - Softvoyage delivers value by providing travel suppliers with low-cost management and Web distribution alternatives and by empowering Travel Agents with robust shopping, comparison and booking tools.

  • Collabora pngCollabora

     We're a global consultancy, specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world. We enable our clients to develop the best solutions, whether writing a line of code, or shaping a longer-term strategic software development plan. By harnessing the potential of community-driven Open Source projects, and re-using existing components, we help our clients reduce time to market and focus on creating product differentiation.

  • RootQuotient pngRootQuotient

     RootQuotient - A firm technology partner for startups & enterprises driving towards innovation. Our award-winning team ideate, design and develop bespoke software solutions that create values to brands and its users.

Standard Software vs Custom Software

If after understanding what a custom software is and how it can benefit or negatively affect a company, there is no firm decision, we can answer one last question. Opt for a custom design or is it enough with a standard software?

It is the question that companies face at some point in their professional career. Therefore, it is a priority to know both offers and perform a detailed analysis of which will meet our requirements in the short, medium and long term.

Standard or canned software is a generic computer program that meets multiple needs, but none customized. It has a long list of options to cover as many recipients as possible with a single product. Therefore, its use is usually more complicated because it has many options, sometimes unnecessary for our sector and that we will never use.

In addition, it usually happens that we only use a very small percentage when we have really paid for 100% of its capacity. Of course, the cost is usually cheaper than custom software if we consider the final package. However, if we add to the costs the time taken to find the solution to solve the problems that arise, the custom usually has a shorter response time.

Going into detail, management is the main value between both systems. In the case of standard softwares, employees do not have a trainer to solve the doubts that may arise during their implementation. Of course, once they handle the software there is no need to have a specific developer.

On the other hand, in a personalized software we are subject to the professionals of the company that has designed it to solve certain questions. As for the evolution, the standard software as its name indicates is very little subject to the personal changes that are needed and that depend on the professional path that the company takes. On the contrary, in the custom software where it can grow at the same rate as the client.

In short, to make the right decision, the level of specialization and the evolution of the company must be taken into account. The more level, the greater the needs. Therefore, our option must be customized software. If those levels are not so high we can opt for a standard software.

Software Development Analysis

This stage begins in the negotiation. Ideally, the analysis would be a set of activities prior to the quote and paid by the client to the software development consultant or provider that could deliver a previous design before starting the development. However, it is customary in our market to skip this step in some way and quote without going deeper into this stage. This is partly because otherwise the client would have to pay additional work first and then know how much his software would cost.

We do a preliminary analysis based on previous experiences and the conversation with the client to be able to make the quotation. This analysis is deepened once an agreement is reached with the client.

Software Design

This stage consists of activities that are important to ensure the usefulness of the software for the client. In other words, it really fits your need. That is why during software design is when the client has greater participation. This is done through joint meetings and minutes of commitment. These activities do not necessarily have to be completed before continuing to the next stage since some modules may be of competence of different personnel within the organization and therefore the meetings are usually throughout the project.

Software Development

This consists of mainly programming and documentation activities by us for the solution to be delivered. The result of this stage is the source code and all deliverables.

Software Implementation

This phase is where the quality, service and delivery by the software development provider begins to contrast the most. Customer support is very important for us. During this stage the software is installed, it begins to be used and perfected.

Support for your Software

Support and guarantee in custom software development is many times more important than in generic software. By its nature the software is imperfect and tends to evolve or change to adapt to new needs. Software development, whatever it may be, requires monitoring and evolution.

Custom Software Features

The decision to order custom software is taken taking into account what each company needs and also the sector in which it works. There are professional areas where there are commercial software that with small adjustments are valid for the company. However, sometimes this standardized computer support can give more problems than solutions. That’s when, the customer chooses a custom design.

Some of the characteristics that must be taken into account when hiring the development of a customized software:

  • It is a custom made suit. All the requirements of the company must be matched by this product.
  • The optimization will be very high, since redundant processes will be avoided.
  • Its implementation may last over time, but it will be more effective since it is unique.
  • It can evolve at the same pace as the company does. We may add or remove certain parameters according to the future that is decided for the company.

As a software provider we offer scalable and maintainable solutions in the long term. The support for the doubts, for the improvements and for the correction of failures is so important for the software development service that without counting on them it is practically certain that the project fails. For this reason it is important when hiring this service to look for companies with trained and professional work teams that can provide support for your investment. We offer you all that, delivery, our corporate values ​​and the knowledge that stands out as part of the reasons to be chosen as your software development provider and strategic ally for everything related to information technology.


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