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The Internet of Things is a term that refers to the connection of objects with each other and with human beings through the Internet. The applications of this technology are multiple because it is adjustable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant information about its own operation, about the performance of an activity and even about the environmental conditions that we need to monitor and control at a distance. Before going into details, first, have a look at these Top 10 IoT App Development Companies in Quebec City.

  • AppStudioAppStudio

     AppStudio is an award-winning full-service Mobile Application Development Company offering services in Native iOS App Development (Swift), Native Android app Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development, Software Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 1000 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Healthcare & Finance to On-Demand App Development Services, to create Mobile apps actively being used by millions of users across the globe. In addition, their services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, development, Quality Assurance and maintenance.

    List of Services:

  • Vooban LogoVooban

     Vooban builds custom software and web applications for the enterprise, specializing in agile methodologies and focusing on dev. Core expertise lies in insurance, financial, banking, public security, logistics, and manufacturing. We specialized in system re-engineering and smooth transition.



    Zazz is an American digital mobile agency that has been at the forefront of software design & development innovation. As an industry leader, Zazz team pride ourselves in adopting, iterating & investing in the latest technologies, seamless processes and creative talent.

    At Zazz leverage a bottom up approach to software development, whereby the user is the centre of our universe - It’s their journey, footprint and engagement metrics that define the over arching digital experience.

    List of Services:

    Be it a scaling startup looking to A/B test an MVP, an SME looking to optimize a set of processes, or an enterprise seeking a digital transformation, Zazz have the experience and resources to facilitate your project’s end to end needs.

    Zazz has architected and maintained digital solutions for hundreds of VC backed Startups, government agencies and fortune 500 companies. Visit our website for detailed case studies, or grab a coffee with one of our consultants (They’re always down to geek out on the latest tech).

  • InnovMetric Software logoInnovMetric Software

     Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec, QC, Canada, with subsidiaries worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions.

  • PetalMD logoPetalMD

     PetalMD is a Canadian company that offers innovative medico-administrative solutions to simplify daily tasks for professionals and institutions in the health sector. In 2009, PetalMD launched a groundbreaking scheduling solution that was soon adopted by hundreds and then thousands of physicians across Canada. By listening closely to physicians, the company acquired a solid understanding of the productivity issues facing healthcare institutions.

  • Conception Interal Inc. LogoConception Interal Inc.

     Conception INTERAL Inc., also known as INTERAL, was founded in Quebec City in 1989, issued from specific automation development requests from Quebec companies. As the years went by, with the experience acquired from its first contracts, INTERAL developed and launched PlanPro in 1996 and InventPro in 1997, which were two distinct applications that helped companies manage their maintenance and procurement activities.

  • Momentum technologies LogoMomentum technologies

     MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES started in 2003 as a result of a grouping of Oracle technology experts. They combined their expertise with the five (5) founders who were already knowledgeable and renowned in the area of Oracle and Java technologies. In 2008, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES expended its reach by opening an office in Montreal, answering an increasing demand for growth of Oracle and Java technology experts.

  • PG Solutions LogoPG Solutions

     Founded in 1980, PG Solutions is a leading information technology company for smart cities in Quebec. We provide municipal, government agencies and private companies state of the art software solutions. PG Solutions has more than 1,000 clients in Canada and the United States. PG Solutions is a subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems.

  • logoOVA

     OVA works with industry leaders from around the globe who are looking to transform their business with spatial and immersive computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality. Our team also works in close collaboration with the top academic ecosystems to develop cutting-edge solutions that democratize XR. StellarX, our powerful content creation tool, empowers anyone (even non-coders) to create their own immersive environments.

  • Nexapp Technologies Inc LogoNexapp Technologies Inc

     Nexapp is a Canadian custom application development firm based in Quebec City that has been helping businesses build their killer apps since 2014. We're a community of 30+ fullstack developers that are focused on inspiring the software development community by living industry best practices as part of our DNA: CI/CD, agile development, and clean code. Our core strengths include mobile and web application development, react, react native, and iOS/Android stacks. We're an AWS partner and able to help you with both your modern application and Cloud-Native app development.

Today, many companies from different sectors or sectors are adopting this technology to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes. Below, we show some of the amazing practical applications of IoT.


Virtual glasses, fitness bands for monitoring caloric expenditure and heart rate, or GPS tracking belts, are just some examples of wearable devices that we have been using for some time now. Companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and others have developed and introduced the Internet of Things application to our most practical everyday life.

These are small and energy-efficient devices, which are equipped with sensors, with the necessary hardware to perform measurements and readings, and with the software to collect and organize data and information about users.


The use of wearables or sensors connected to patients, allows doctors to monitor their conditions, outside the hospital and in real-time. By receiving metrics and automatic alerts about your vital signs, the Internet of Things helps to enhance care control and the prevention of lethal events in high-risk patients.

Another use is the integration of IoT technology to hospital beds, giving way to smart beds, equipped with special sensors to observe vital signs, blood pressure, oximeter, and body temperature, among others.

Traffic Monitoring

The Internet of things can be very useful in the management of vehicular traffic in large cities, contributing to the concept of smart cities.

When we use our mobile phones as sensors, which collect and share data from our vehicles through applications such as Waze or Google Maps, we are using the Internet of Things to inform us and at the same time contribute to traffic monitoring, showing the conditions of the different routes, and feeding and improving the information on the different routes to the same destination, distance, estimated time of arrival.

Fleet Management

The installation of sensors in fleet units helps establish an effective interconnection between vehicles and their administrators, and between vehicles and their own drivers; Both can know all kinds of details about the status, operation and needs of the unit, just by accessing the software responsible for collecting, processing and organizing the data. Even receive real-time alarms of maintenance incidents without being detected by the driver.

The application of the Internet of Things to fleet management favors geolocation (and with it the monitoring of routes and the identification of the most efficient routes), performance analysis, telemetry control, and fuel economy, the reduction of pollutant emissions to the environment and can even provide valuable information to improve the driving of vehicles.


Smart farms are a fact. The quality of the soils is decisive to produce good crops, and the Internet of Things offers farmers the possibility of accessing detailed knowledge of their conditions.

By implementing IoT sensors, a significant amount of data can be obtained on the state and stages of the soils. Information such as soil moisture, acidity level, the presence of certain nutrients, temperature and many other chemical characteristics, helps farmers control irrigation, make water use more efficient, specify the best times to start planting, and even discover the presence of diseases in plants and soil.


The application of the IoT to the hotel industry brings with it interesting improvements in the quality of the service. With the implementation of electronic keys, which are sent directly to the mobile devices of each guest, it is possible to automate various interactions.

Thus, the location of the guests, the sending of offers or information about activities of interest, the making of orders to the room or room service , the automatic charge of accounts to the room or the request for lingerie or personal hygiene supplies, are activities that can be easily managed through applications integrated to the Internet of Things technology.

With the use of electronic keys, the checkout process is automated, disabling the operation of doors, offering information on the rooms immediately available, and even assigning housekeeping tasks to the maintenance staff.

Smart Grid and Energy Saving

The progressive use of smart energy meters, or meters equipped with sensors, and the installation of sensors at different strategic points ranging from production plants to different distribution points, allows for better monitoring and control of the electricity grid.

By establishing a two-way communication between the service provider and the end user, information of great value can be obtained for fault detection, decision making and repair.

It also allows you to offer valuable information to the end user about their consumption patterns and about the best ways to reduce or adjust their energy expenditure.

Water Supply

A sensor, either incorporated or adjusted externally to water meters, connected to the Internet and accompanied by the necessary software , helps to collect, process and analyze data, which allows understanding the behavior of consumers, detecting failures in the supply service, report results and offer courses of action to the company that provides the service.

Likewise, it offers final consumers the possibility of tracking their own consumption information, through a web page and in real time, even receiving automatic alerts in case of detecting out-of-range consumption to their average consumption record, which could indicate the presence of a leak.

Maintenance Management

One of the areas where the application of IoT technology is most extensive is precisely maintenance management. By combining sensors and specialized CMMS / EAM maintenance management software, a multifunctional tool is obtained whose use can be applicable to a multitude of disciplines and practices, in order to extend the life of your physical assets, while guaranteeing its reliability and availability.

When the characteristics of the software responsible for processing and arranging the data collected by the sensors are designed to specifically address the maintenance management needs of physical assets, their application is almost unlimited.

Real-time monitoring of physical assets, allows to determine the moment when a measurement is out of range and it is necessary to perform a condition-based maintenance (CBM), or even applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning to predict the failure before it occurs.

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