How to Find The Best App Developers During COVID-19 Lockdown?

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We are fighting this century’s worst pandemic known as Covid-19 and most of us are experiencing lockdown. Our businesses are in danger due to the worst economic conditions while most of us don’t know what to do to overcome these challenges. In our opinion, it’s high time that we start investing in mobile digital solutions like apps. These are not only the safest options but also bringing revenue and growth to companies.

Are you wondering, how to find app developers in lockdown? Yes, we are used to visiting companies’ offices and meeting them personally. However, it’s the age of information and the internet. There is no need to leave your home and you can start the initial process online. Furthermore, hopefully, this lockdown situation will end soon and you should prepare yourself for the future. When things get normal, you will be ahead in the development process and compete well with your rivals. Follow these steps to make sure that you hire an iOS developer & others according to your needs and requirements.

Key Aspects to Look while Hiring App Developer in Lockdown


The first step is to find different providers. You just need to research the companies you choose, list them, and review their previous work. Search best app developers by using sites like Google and Clutch. Checking their portfolio can help you understand how they are visualizing and how they can work creatively on your project.


This is a crucial point while you are going to select best app developer. Always consider the area of expertise of a company before choosing. Make sure that the real functionality of your concept can be implemented. It is important to consider comments from past or present customers. Each of your mobile app developer projects must be unique and the team must be able to think differently depending on the projects to be as close as possible to your initial idea.

Applicable Methodologies

Find app developer with a grip over contemporary development methods. The development of mobile applications involves the same stages as the vast majority of software developments, although to be exact it takes a shorter time due to the simplicity of many of the applications. This does not mean that the correct methodology should be set aside to organize your tasks, either in an agile way or in a more static model. Hire best app developers with expertise over different tools and libraries.

The important thing is to keep in mind that the better methodology does not matter if it does not cover the particular requirements among them:

  1. The methodology adapts to current technology
  2. It suits the user’s needs
  3. Can be easily tested
  4. Allow the client to be involved in their processes
  5. Set priorities and deadlines

Feedback Flow

Search best app developers that talk about their development process and deadlines. With some methodology, we will not only have a powerful tool for app development, but we will also have important benefits. It will ensure a higher degree of customer satisfaction, easier testing, and a product that has better usability.

QA and Testing

Another important thing to select best app developer is to ask agencies concerning their testing expertise. See, most of the apps fail due to glitches and poor compatibility. Your app must function properly on every mobile device out there. Otherwise, users will be fed up and there are chances that you miss a great opportunity.

After Sales Service

Some agencies include short maintenance times for the app once it is placed in the Google Play and Apple store. If in this period the app update is necessary to add or remove features that app users consider important, they are considered within the contracted service, this can save you a lot of headaches. Select best app developer having dedicated support staff.

It will be important to validate the app’s after-sales service, there are always things to add and maintenance service to the app that your end-users will appreciate, the first step was to get your app out of production, the second will be to keep it updated and stable. Find app developer offering you complete services under one roof.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company?

Why Is It the Best Time to Start Mobile App Development?

Like we said earlier that the world is in lockdown and people have no entertainment, not going to schools or at workplaces. There is boredom among them and they are looking for new entertaining and informative venues. Also, people are looking for digital ways to buy products and avail services that they used to get by physically visiting stores. Hire best app developers to convert your losses into profits.

Some Facts Regarding Boom in The Digital Sector

  • Of the latest figure, consumer spending on iOS accounted for $ 15 billion, growing 5 percent each year. While Google Play obtained 8.3 billion dollars.
  • 31 billion new downloads, an increase of 15 percent from the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • During the first quarter of 2020, consumers spent more than $ 23 billion on app stores. You should hire best app developers to take your share in this booming market.
  • Daily use time of gadgets like smartphones has grown to almost 10%.
  • People are installing eCommerce apps, games, social media apps, video streaming apps, among others.
  • Apps like Zoom are used by organizations, workers, students, and teachers for video calls.
  • Games are becoming popular and every age group is seen indulging in them.
  • Companies are managing their employees by having custom-made enterprise apps.

The businesses are going through digital transformation and it’s an irreversible process. Search best app developers right now to explore the digital world and possibilities. When the lockdown will be lifted, people will be demanding even more apps and digital products. So if you want to future-proof your business and remain in the competition, the only solution is to go digital and go mobile. That is possible only with the help of the best iOS App Developer & Android development agency.

Why AppStudio?

Like we said, the first step is to do research, check out our different technology-related web pages, and go through our remarkable portfolio. We are regarded as the best mobile app development company in Toronto and Canada due to our experience and talented team. We guarantee the best results and always prioritize our clients never missing any timeline. We have the leading developers and award-winning team that ensures innovative products. Contact us now!

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