117 New Emoticons in Final List for Android & iOS Users#2020

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117 New Emojis

Often the right emoji can get the message across better than a hundred words. What do emoticons really mean? They are a visual representation of an emotion, animal, symbol, and object. Emojis were officially invented in the ’90s, and till now emoji on Android & iOS keyboard plays an important role. 

Recently, Google and Apple have announced that their OS would soon receive 117 new & attractive emojis lists. The announcement was made to celebrate World Emoji Day, which was on July 17. The companies still have not revealed the exact date for the arrival of the new Android & iOS emojis list. 

117 New Emoticons

Moreover, the emojis are the part of the stickers, which is approved by the Unicode organization to enter Emoji 13.0. The newly updated emojis list contains a ninja, Russian doll, piñata, transgender symbol, beaver, and anatomical organs, etc.

After this mesmerizing update, almost every Android & iOS app developers are ready to enhance their developed applications in terms of upgradation. Now, let’s proceed further to the upcoming section to know more about 100+ new emoji for Android & iOS keyboard. 

What Will Be The Different Look For Each Operating System?

Despite following Unicode standards, emojis will have distinctive looks in each OS. For instance, Google adapted the emoticons so that they work superior in dark mode. This will surely help make life easier for those who send & receive messages at night. Another addition to the Android OS consists of changes in some animal figurines, such as pig, frog, and turtle.

According to 9to5Google, the company worked with zoos to provide a more authentic look to emoticons. Google is also adding a quick-access emoji bar to its Android emoji keyboard. It is necessary to use the exact word suggestion bar, but with emojis. 

User’s Reactions on New Emoji for iOS & Android Keyboard

After this update, most of the companies named AppStudio, Zazz, etc., are ready with their app upgradation facility. However, the 100+ new emojis update in Apple iPhone or Android will make a smile on a user’s face. Besides, many users write their reviews on that. Some of them are as follows:

  1. This is excellent news released by Google & Apple. I am very excited to view a new emoji update on the Android & iOS keyboard. Also, I am waiting to use it in my newly purchased iPhone. 
  1. As we know, emoticons are the best way to express feelings easily. After this fantastic news, my excitement goes higher. And I am eagerly waiting to use 100+ mesmerizing emojis which makes it easy to reply. 

You Should be Aware of Apple’s Memoji New Look

In addition to emojis in iOS, Apple revealed a set of new Memoji options for several face masks and coloured hats, which can be used as emoticons in iOS messaging apps on iPhones. Memojis are absolute to Apple, unlike emojis, that grasp all platforms.

While there is still no date announced for the new emoji update on both OS. Google is planning to add these new emoticons with Android 11 OS, whereas Apple is awaited to launch these new emojis with iOS 14 stable edition. This will probably debut in September at the iPhone 12-series event later this year.

Final Verdict

Are you an Android device user or iOS? No worries, if you use both. After the new update related to 117 new emoji in android & iOS devices, all the users looked happy. Because we all know how emoticons express our feelings without writing a single word. Once this update came out, all the app development companies prepared themselves to serve the best in terms of app upgradation. 

Thus, you need any kind of help or want these kinds of updates regularly. So, get in touch and feel free to connect with us. Our team will be happy to assist you. 


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