Apple Released iOS 14 Beta 3: What’s New in the Latest Update

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New Update of Ios 14 beta 3

The new iOS 14 Beta 3 update comes with many alluring features that are surprising to many iPhone users. The third beta version of iOS 14 comes with amazing features, such as albums, which allow the user to share Apple music songs, playlists, and Snapchat stories from the Music app.

These fantastic features have blown the minds of many beta developers. These are the new changes in the Health app for hand washing, and more. If you’re thinking about the iOS 14 Beta 3 release notes and changes, here is everything we know.

What’s New on The Way for iPhone Users?

  • For the first time, a new pop-up window appears when a user opens iOS 14 widgets. It reads press and holds a widget to rearrange them. To use it, click on the plus icon in the upper left corner to add the widget.
  • A new pop-up window also appears while you edit the iOS 14 home screen for the first time and says: Hide unorganized home screen pages by tapping the dots on the page. Also, the Clock app has new widgets, and Apple has already made fun of these new widgets. However, they were absent in beta 1 and beta 2.
  • The Music app has a new app icon. Users can now share Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists with Snapchat Stories in the latest options in iOS 14 beta 3. The other changes in the Music app contain a widget that features a colorful background, and some can also be detected. New icons in the Library interface for iOS 14 beta 3 changes in the Music app.

Don’t Jump Out You Got More Than This.

  • One of the remarkable features of the iOS 14 beta 3 update is the new health app specifications. This app sends users a notification if they haven’t washed their hands within minutes of getting home.
  • Furthermore, the design of the Memoji mask has also changed, according to reports. However, it only appears that the mask looks flat where the previous Memoji used to have creases on the mask.
  • There is a new doorbell and camera icon in the Home app after iOS 14 beta 3 changes were introduced.

How Can You Have This Amazing Beta 3 Update on Your Mac Device?

As per a leading app development company named Appstudio, Mac will now install iOS 14 onto your iPhone. This procedure can take a few minutes, and in between the update, you should not unplug your iPhone from your Mac. Here, are steps to do so:

  1. Firstly, your device is still connected to your Mac. Here, open a Finder wizard if you haven’t already.
  2. In the Finder window, you have to choose your connected device under Locations.
  3. After that, hold down the Option key and hit on Check for Updates. This will open another wizard with your recent files.
  4. Now, click on the IPSW to restore an image.
  5. Lastly, click on Open and then tap update when prompted.

What To Do Before Installing Beta 3?

Any iCloud backups generated while you were enrolled in the iOS 14 beta cannot be used on iOS 13. Therefore, some professional iOS developers suggest creating a backup. Without a substitute, you will have to start again.

So, before you start, make sure you Backup your iPhone. While the beta process is relatively straightforward. Every time you make a significant change to your device, you run the risk of problems. And with your personal data, always, always! – Better safe than sorry. Even if you back up your data every night, you’ll want to make sure it’s absolutely up to date.

Steps to Take Backup of  Your Mac Device

  1. First of all, connect your device to your Mac using the cable it came with.
  2. Then, open the Finder wizard.
  3. Now, choose your connected device under Locations in the sidebar.
  4. Hit on the Pair to connect the device to your Mac.
  5. Here, click on the Trust on the device to confirm that you require to pair it.
  6. Add your passcode on your device.
  7. If you do not already have a backup on your Mac. Then, click on the Backup Now to create a backup.
  8. Hit on the Manage Backups after you have generated a recent backup.
  9. Finally, click on Archive and OK button to end up the procedure.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading the information mentioned above related to the new release of iOS 14 beta 3 for iPhone users, which bring music icons, and clock widgets,  get in touch to obtain more updates by sitting at your couch.


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